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1. Is the SAT on its way out?

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 28, 2015

More than 125 universities in the U.S. no longer require the SAT for admissions -- a trend that some say could signal the beginning of the end for the exam. This article looks at the history of the exam and the beginning of the "test-optional" movement. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (07/28)

2. Why teachers' actions speak louder than words about "high expectations"

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 29, 2015

Teachers need to have the same high expectations for all students, according to author and education expert Barbara Blackburn. In this article, she explains how teachers' actions may inadvertently run counter to their expressed desire to hold high expectations for students. MiddleWeb (07/28)

3. What teachers can do to help motivate students

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 30, 2015

Students must be motivated in order to learn, writes Chelsea Dale, founder and president of the student-run nonprofit On Giants' Shoulders. In this blog post, she offers ideas to motivate students, such as using repetitive reinforcement and making a commitment of time. (07/30)

4. How should educators prepare for the school year?

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 28, 2015

Educators should get ready for a new school year by analyzing the last one -- primarily the final third of it, writes Sam LeDeaux, a grades 6-8 administrator in a southwest Chicago suburb. In this blog post, he shares six questions that can be helpful to educators. Connected Principals blog (07/24)

5. Questions to support project-based learning

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 28, 2015

Project-based learning advocate Suzie Boss in this blog post shares 10 project ideas she has collected from summer conferences and professional-development events. Each project focuses on a question that fosters a meaningful inquiry experience, such as, "How can we, as future city planners, reimagine empty lots as places of importance in our community?" (07/27)

6. How to raise the bar of teachers' PD

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 29, 2015

Teacher professional development should be done in the same way that teachers are expected to teach their students, says Jeannette Jones, dean of education at American InterContinental University. To encourage innovation and improve teacher PD, Jones also suggests tapping a group of educators to vet products before they are presented and spending time observing teachers in the classroom. Education Dive (07/27)

7. How technology can change homework for the better

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 27, 2015

A school in the U.K. has given homework a makeover by integrating computer tablets into the process, writes Tricia Kelleher, a school principal. In this blog post, she describes how using technology has changed homework. "Homework no longer needs to be a solitary activity; it can be interactive and social," she writes. The Guardian (London) (07/26)

8. Teacher: Training for school year like a marathon can ease burden

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 27, 2015

Gearing up for the school year can be compared to training for a marathon, writes Crystal Morey, a middle-school math teacher in Washington state. In this blog post, she shares seven tips, including training with others, researching and cross-training. Teaching Channel (07/24)

9. Should creative play expand to high-school classrooms?

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 27, 2015

High-school students would benefit from creative outlets and the integration of play into classroom lessons -- just as younger students do -- educators and experts say. This article highlights several ways to use play to engage high-school students in deeper learning. (07/24)

10. Mo. district boosts awareness about how trauma affects students

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Jul 31, 2015

A Missouri school district is a leader in creating trauma-informed schools. Educators learn about triggers of students' negative behaviors and look for ways to address the root causes and factors from home, such as abandonment, divorce and violence. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (07/31)

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