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1. What teachers need to know about the brain and homework

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 23, 2015

Understanding how students' brains work can help teachers assign engaging homework assignments, writes Judy Willis, a neurologist and former teacher. Willis writes in this blog post that after about 15 minutes of learning, students need a break in class and when doing homework. Guardian (London), The (02/23)

2. Is there an alternative to the 100-point grading system?

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

The 100-point grading system in place in most schools is flawed, teacher Brianna Crowley suggests. In this blog post -- the first of a series -- she writes about her school's efforts to alter grading and shares some insight into how to make grading work for both teachers and students. Center for Teaching Quality (02/25)

3. Educator shares 20 top teaching ideas from Pinterest

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2015

Pinterest can be a powerful tool to use in schools and classrooms, according to Vicki Davis, an educator in Georgia. In this blog post, she offers 20 tips to help teachers make the most of the site, including making group and private boards, organizing videos, and sharing boards through other media. (02/23)

4. Teacher explains why he resists banning cellphones in class

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 25, 2015

Banning cellphones from the classroom is tempting but doing so would have been costly, educator Robert Sterner writes in this blog post. Sterner writes that he would have missed four educational opportunities, including conversations with students about proper use of the devices and use of the phone as a carrot to encourage positive student behavior. Center for Teaching Quality (02/24)

5. Why computers won't replace teachers

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

Technology is changing the role of teachers and the teaching profession, but educators and experts cited in this article say it's unlikely that computers will replace teachers in the classroom. One assistant principal says teachers with technology skills will replace educators without the skills. Guardian (London), The (02/24)

6. Website allows teachers to share free, supplemental reading texts

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 25, 2015 helps educators find and exchange free supplemental reading texts sorted by themes and Lexile scores that are helpful for differentiating instruction or finding appropriate texts for cross-curricular lessons, CommonLit founder Michelle Brown writes. In this article, she explains how the nonprofit's website works and shares how teachers used the free materials in classes. MiddleWeb (02/22)

7. Study examines how teachers' opinions of students influence grades

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 23, 2015

Teachers with similar personalities to their students are more likely to think favorably about their academic abilities, according to a recent study of 93 teachers and 294 eighth-grade students in Germany. In this article, researchers assert that more training may be needed to help teachers analyze and overcome such biases. National Public Radio (02/22)

8. Anchor charts help Fla. district's students with Common Core math

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 23, 2015

A Florida school district is using student-produced anchor charts in its implementation of the Common Core State Standards in math. The charts, which have replaced traditional posters, diagrams and other classroom aides, include step-by-step instructions used to complete math problems. StateImpact (02/20)

9. How to cultivate personal connections with students

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

Teaching through relationships means fostering a learning environment in which teachers and students "converse, share experiences, and participate in activities that, together, make for engaged learning," educator Stacey Goodman explains in this blog post. By getting to know students and their interests, backgrounds and learning styles, teachers can create opportunities for deeper connections, Goodman writes. (02/25)

10. "Dear Cathy, I quit"

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2015

As the deadline to register for National Board Certification draws near (Feb. 28), are you wondering whether or not you should hit the "submit" button? Don't worry, we've been there. Before you give up, read this blog post from Cathy McAlister, an NBCT who has words of encouragement on starting the path to Board certification.

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