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1. Should history be taught thematically or chronologically?

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

Schools nationwide differ in the teaching of history, with some taking a thematic approach and others choosing a chronological one. In this blog post, educator Sarah Cooper writes that she isn't sure which is better, but she explains why she chooses a thematic approach, though the method results in some critical points in history being missed. MiddleWeb (04/19)

2. Teacher: Give students time, choice as writers, readers

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 17, 2015

The most powerful classroom innovation of her 40-year career is not about technology, teacher Nancie Atwell writes in this commentary. Instead, Atwell -- who won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize given last month -- said giving her students time and choice as writers and readers is motivating and has a difference in her classroom. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (04/16)

3. How to handle conferences with parents of struggling students

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

There are times when teachers must have tough conversations with parents of students who are struggling in class. In this blog post, kindergarten teacher Brian Smith offers suggestions to help educators with this process. (04/17)

4. Educator offers tips to balance teaching, end-of-the-year duties

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

This time of year involves squeezing a lot of teaching, testing, grading, paperwork and other responsibilities into a short time, educator Mary Tarashuk writes. In this blog post, she shares tools that she plans to use to keep students engaged and working on their skills before testing begins, including the Walking Classroom and On-Demand Writing. MiddleWeb (04/20)

5. Why reflection is an important part of students' learning

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

Reflection and growth are key parts of learning, writes Kriscia Cabral, a second- and third-grade teacher in California. In this blog post, she shares her idea for a "reflection report card," in which students reflect on how they think they've performed in class and offer feedback to their teacher. (04/23)

6. Teacher's effort to get to know students goes viral

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

Colorado elementary-school teacher Kyle Schwartz gave her students a writing assignment to get to know them. She asked them to complete the sentence "I wish my teacher knew...," an assignment that has gone viral. The responses have given Schwartz a look inside the lives of her students, most from families with low incomes. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (04/17)

7. How to work writing into Mother's Day-themed project

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

Alabama first-grade teacher Meghan Everette had her students write essays about why they love their mothers as part of a Mother's Day project. In this blog post, she describes how she set up the assignment and how it promoted excitement and engagement in writing that can be gifts for moms. (04/21)

8. Why teachers need to consider messages they convey to students

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

In this blog post, Jim Dillon, director of the Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention, describes how students' identities can be shaped by the messages they receive from educators. He details one instance in which a student's identity was changed by a new role he was given working in the school store. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Education (04/22)

9. Unanimous approval from Senate education committee on NCLB rewrite

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 17, 2015

A bill to rewrite No Child Left Behind was unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate's education committee on Thursday. The full Senate is expected to debate the bill later this spring. "We've never been able to get it to the floor, because we've not really agreed on anything. This time it's different," said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (04/16)

10. Ideas on creating classroom guides for substitute teachers

Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief | Apr 17, 2015

Educators should create plans for substitute teachers by looking at their classroom from the perspective of someone unfamiliar with the students, sixth-grade literacy teacher Rhonda Stewart writes in this blog post. She describes how she structures her substitute-teacher folder, and provides links and photographs to some of the documents she includes. (04/17)

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