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1. Study: In-app messaging greatly boosts user retention

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jul 01, 2015

In-application messaging yields a 3.5 times higher retention rate than achieved by apps without it, according to a study by Localytics. Only one-third of app marketers currently take advantage of messaging. VentureBeat (06/30)

2. Google Now may get offline capabilities

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jun 30, 2015

The Google Now voice command option on Android phones may soon be usable without an Internet connection. A code in the application's latest update suggests the "OK, Google" command could make calls, send text messages, toggle Wi-Fi connections and play music while offline. Tech Times (06/30)

3. MoPub is quiet but potent moneymaker for Twitter

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jun 29, 2015

Twitter may have a major revenue stream in MoPub, the mobile-application ad server, ad network and real-time bidding exchange. The network acquired by Twitter for $350 million in stock two years ago is projected to produce $500 million in revenue two years from now with its highly engaging ad formats. Business Insider (06/26)

4. Millennials turn to mobile devices for recipes

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jun 29, 2015

Mobile devices are a key kitchen companion for nearly six in 10 millennials, according to a study by Think With Google, mcgarrybowen and Kraft Foods. The study notes three phases of recipe planning in which young adults refer to their smartphones. BizReport (06/29)

5. Brands need to catch up to consumers on mobile

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jun 29, 2015

Consumers are spending more time using mobile than watching TV screens, yet there is still a mobile-ad spending shortfall of $25 billion, according to Mary Meeker's annual trend report. VB Insight research shows that 49% of Americans will engage with an ad that is personalized and well-timed. VentureBeat (06/27)

6. Tech giants press harder for mobile payments

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jun 29, 2015

Mobile payment systems are quietly making headway against initial skepticism among both retailers and consumers. The push is driven by leading tech companies' desire to "become a crucial part of your life every day," said Osama Bedier, who ran Google Wallet and now operates a mobile-payment terminal company. San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (free registration) (06/13)

7. Study: Transparency is an advantage for brands

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jul 01, 2015

Consumers are concerned about privacy in the connected world, and 45% of them worry that companies gathering their data may not use, share and secure it properly, according to a study by Altimeter Group. The study concludes that brands making an effort to be open about their data usage can gain a significant advantage by earning consumers' trust. Advertising Age (free access for SmartBrief readers) (06/30)

8. Study: Push notifications boost app retention

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jul 02, 2015

Push notifications can greatly improve application retention rates 90 days after the date of installation, a Kahuna study states. Retention was up at the 30- and 60-day intervals as well, while opt-in rates for notifications averaged 78% on Android devices and 46% on iOS. Marketing Land (07/01)

9. Facebook offers a slightly more mobile-friendly face

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jul 02, 2015

Facebook has subtly altered its logo with mobile in mind. The changes involve more spacing and a simpler "a" to provide an updated look and make the logo more visible in lower resolutions. Forbes (07/01)

10. Facebook upgrades iOS app with Snapchat-like features

MMA SmartBrief North America | Jun 29, 2015

Facebook has added Snapchat-like features to its iOS application that allow users to add photos customized with text, filters and stickers to their Facebook profiles. The move comes after Facebook failed to acquire Snapchat and its efforts at duplicating the service outright proved less than popular. TechCrunch (06/28) The Verge (06/29)

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