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1. Johnnie Walker uses NFC to smarten up whisky bottles

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 25, 2015

Johnnie Walker and Thinfilm are previewing an anti-counterfeiting tag for its Blue Label whisky at the Mobile World Congress next week that can assist with stock control and seal monitoring via smartphone. The technology based on near-field communications would also allow consumers to tap the label for customized messages and promotions. GigaOm (02/25)

2. App-install ads prove profitable

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 27, 2015

Half of Facebook's $2.5 billion in mobile revenue in Q4 is estimated to come from application-install ads, which are proving to be profitable in the mobile ecosystem. The ads' rising popularity comes on the heels of successes such as app SeatGeek, which saw 1.5 million downloads as a result of them. MIT Technology Review online (02/27)

3. Report: Google has third-party payments platform in the works

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 26, 2015

Google is reportedly preparing a new payments platform, called Android Pay, that will power in-store and in-application payments for third-party apps. Separately, Softcard, which has been acquired by Google, is said to be winding down its wallet app on the heels of Google's deal to pre-install Google Wallet on devices offered by major U.S. carriers. Ars Technica (02/25) VentureBeat (02/25)

4. Major carriers agree to distribute Google Wallet

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 24, 2015

Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T have agreed to pre-install Google Wallet on Android smartphones sold in the U.S. Google has also acquired technology from Softcard, the mobile payments application backed by the three wireless carriers, in a bid to improve Wallet. Re/code (02/23) Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (02/23)

5. Zuckerberg: Ads are not a priority for

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 23, 2015

Getting more people online in the developing world right now is Facebook's only priority with its campaign, with advertising not an immediate focus, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. "What we need to do is work out a model with operators and governments and local partners that is profitable for them so we can continue growing the Internet," Zuckerberg said of the initiative, which includes Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson. Guardian (London), The (02/23)

6. Google sets April 21 date for mobile-friendly algorithm tweak

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 27, 2015

Google is updating its search features for the mobile consumer with two changes set to roll out April 21. One will give rank mobile-friendly sites higher, while the other will give preference to content from indexed applications that users have installed and activated. VentureBeat (02/26) eWeek (02/26)

7. Apple diversifies its emojis

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 24, 2015

A yearlong effort by Apple to represent a greater number of nationalities, cultures and races in emojis has produced flags from 32 countries and faces that allow users to select from a variety of skin tones. The additions come after complaints that Apple's emoji lineup was lacking in diversity. Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model), The (02/24)

8. Google Call-Only option shortens conversion funnel

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 23, 2015

Google's new Call-Only Campaigns encourage consumers to call the advertiser above other options. The feature bypasses ad clicks and website visits, "effectively removing the leakiest part of the conversion funnel for advertisers," writes Larry Kim. B2C Marketing Insider (02/22)

9. Infographic explains mobile-ad viewability

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 27, 2015

The Mobile Majority has created an infographic that explains mobile-ad viewability and why the issue is becoming so important. "A main challenge with viewability is that no one party can solve it alone," it notes. Adweek (02/26)

10. Report: Mobile devices command more attention than TV

MMA SmartBrief North America | Feb 26, 2015

Digital media hold attention longer than television, which consumers actively watch just 39% of the time, according to a Nielsen and YuMe report. Consumers pay attention to smartphones the most, at a rate of 77%, followed by tablets at 76% and laptops at 70%. MediaPost Communications (02/25)

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