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January 2017

How comfortable are you being vulnerable with your team members? (01/17/2017)

What's your perspective going into 2017? (01/03/2017)

December 2016

How often do you find business lessons in unconventional places? (12/20/2016)

How many great leaders or influential bosses have you worked for? (12/13/2016)

How do you deal with making difficult decisions? (12/06/2016)

November 2016

How prepared are you for the end-of-year review process? (11/22/2016)

How much disturbance is the election causing at your office? (11/15/2016)

How well do you communicate major organizational changes? (11/08/2016)

Does your team function more as a collection of individuals or as a true team? (11/01/2016)

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