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1. How to design chips with USB 3.1 links

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 23, 2015

The USB 3.1 specification presents certain challenges in IC design, writes Tri Nguyen of Synopsys. "The promise for those who work through the challenges is a USB 3.1 link that attains 10 Gbit/s maximum data rates, increases interoperability and reduces integration risk in storage, digital office, and mobile applications," Nguyen writes. EE Times (01/22)

2. Qualcomm chips help trash cans communicate

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

The same Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that are found in many smartphones are also finding applications in trash cans and street lights. Trash cans made by Bigbelly use the Qualcomm chips to signal when they are ready for emptying, while street lights with light-emitting diode lighting systems can also listen for gunshots in their vicinity. Digital Trends (01/24)

3. Sources: Samsung to supply A9 processor for iPhone 7

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

Samsung Electronics has been tapped to supply 75% of the A9 application processors that will go into Apple's next-generation iPhone 7 handset, sources say. The company will also put its own Exynos app processor into the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, displacing Qualcomm's Snapdragon AP, according to reports. Reuters (01/26) (South Korea) (01/26)

4. Silicon Image to be purchased by Lattice in $600M deal

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 27, 2015

Lattice Semiconductor has agreed to acquire Silicon Image for about $600 million in cash, expanding its product portfolio of wired and wireless connectivity chips. Bloomberg (01/27)

5. Experiment yields quantum entanglement with a silicon chip

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 27, 2015

Scientists in Italy report they created a condition of quantum entanglement with a standard silicon-based semiconductor device. The experiment could improve the performance of computer chips and provide better IC encryption, the team says. GigaOm (01/26)

6. Samsung may sub own chips into future Galaxy S phones

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 21, 2015

Samsung Electronics reportedly may substitute its own processors for "a new version of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip," the 810, in future Galaxy S smartphones because of heat issues with Qualcomm chips. "Samsung may release the next Galaxy S as early as March, and it can't dare to take the risk to use any of the chips in question for its most important model," said Song Myung Sup of HI Investment & Securities. Bloomberg Businessweek (01/21)

7. Scientists create GeSn laser that can work with silicon chips

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 23, 2015

Scientists in Switzerland have developed a semiconductor laser made with germanium and tin that they say will be compatible with silicon-based components. "[W]e were able to demonstrate that the germanium-tin compound can amplify optical signals, as well as generate laser light," said Hans Sigg. Gizmag (01/22)

8. Broadcom CEO tips top tech trends

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 22, 2015

Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor is a fan of the iGrill, a meat thermometer with a Bluetooth radio, and other consumer gadgets that were exhibited at the 2015 International CES. "Two things at the show have struck me. One is that 4K is becoming real," he says in this interview, adding, "The Internet of Things is becoming more real. The number of devices has gone up tremendously in the last year." VentureBeat (01/21)

9. SK Hynix plans $5.3B in capex to overtake Micron in memory chips

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 22, 2015

Maeil Business Newspaper (South Korea) (01/22)

10. Experts: Multi-patterning lithography presents challenges

JEDEC SmartBrief | Jan 27, 2015

Industry experts from Mentor Graphics, ASML Brion and Nikon Research Corp. of America discuss the technical issues involved in multi-patterning lithography technology. "Multi-patterning affects almost all aspects of design and manufacturing," Mentor's David Abercrombie said. (01/26)

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