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1. The top-performing hedge funds last year

IMCA Insight | Jan 08, 2015

Bill Ackman's Pershing Square International was the top-performing U.S. hedge fund for the past year, Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in its February issue. Although Pershing Square has an activist approach, many other top-performing funds specialize in debt or take a quantitative approach. Bloomberg (01/04)

2. From San Fran to New York, mark your calendar to attend an IMCA conference this year!

IMCA Insight | Jan 22, 2015

IMCA conferences offer the best education available to investment advisors and wealth managers today -- 100 percent peer-reviewed content presented without any bias. With more than 12 events slated in 2015, mark your calendar to join us! View a complete list of IMCA's 2015 conferences. Blank (01/21)

3. Rebalancing can be a powerful portfolio-management strategy

IMCA Insight | Jan 08, 2015

A simple rebalancing strategy can make a big, positive impact on the management of a retirement portfolio, according to financial blogger Michael Kitces. In fact, a decision-rules strategy, when paired with rebalancing, is no more effective than rebalancing by itself, he writes. (12/29)

4. Bill Gross foresees decline for many asset classes

IMCA Insight | Jan 22, 2015

Now with Janus Capital, former Pacific Investment Management bond guru Bill Gross predicts a decline in the price of many asset classes. "The good times are over," he wrote in an investment outlook. Bloomberg (01/05) Bloomberg (01/06)

5. Updated fee structure gives advisors younger clients

IMCA Insight | Jan 08, 2015

More financial advisors are adopting hourly, monthly or subscription-style fees to attract younger investors, who might not have enough assets to be profitable clients based on fees tied to assets under management. Alternative fees help advisors fight online competition. Financial Advisor online (12/30)

6. Fewer portfolio updates are better, research suggests

IMCA Insight | Jan 22, 2015

Monitoring portfolios too frequently can result in lower investment returns, a Columbia Business School study has found. The takeaway for advisors is to "encourage [clients] to be inattentive so that they don't make wrong decisions," said Michaela Pagel, assistant professor. Ideally, clients should look at their portfolios once a year, Pagel said. ThinkAdvisor (01/15)

7. Choice of retirement strategies affects risk allocation

IMCA Insight | Jan 22, 2015

Retirement income strategies are sometimes split between safety-first approaches and probability-based tactics, writes Michael Kitces. These strategies may be more similar than they initially appear, and either one can include risk. The real difference is whether risk is retained or transferred to another entity, Kitces writes. Nerd's Eye View blog (01/14)

8. Interest rate hikes probably won't come before April

IMCA Insight | Jan 22, 2015

The Federal Reserve says it doesn't plan to raise interest rates before April. Minutes from a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee suggest that officials generally support Fed chief Janet Yellen's timing for rate hikes and are somewhat concerned about low inflation. In addition, some officials expressed concerns about the global economy while noting positive developments in terms of consumer and business optimism. Bloomberg (01/07)

9. How to keep affluent clients from choosing robo-advisors

IMCA Insight | Jan 22, 2015

Matt Oechsli writes that "the best offense is a good defense" when it comes to combating robo-advisors. He offers a five-point approach. Among his tips: Make sure you're providing comprehensive wealth-management services and that your clients are aware of it. (U.S.) (01/14)

10. Kahneman, Krawcheck to headline IMCA 2015 New York Consultants Conference

IMCA Insight | Jan 08, 2015

Start 2015 by spending some time with today's legends of finance and economics and picking up a complimentary copy of one of Daniel Kahneman's best books, Thinking, Fast and Slow. The 2015 New York Consultants Conference, February 9-10 in Times Square, features timely and relevant topics that directly impact your business. Speakers include:

  • Daniel Kahneman, PhD, widely regarded as the world's most influential living psychologist and winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in behavioral economics.
  • Richard Bernstein, chief executive and investment officer of Richard Bernstein Advisors, LLC, and one of only 49 analysts inducted into the Institutional Investor "Hall of Fame."
  • Former Bank of America Global Wealth Management president Sallie Krawcheck, MBA, owner of Ellevate -- a professional women's networking organization committed to economic empowerment.
Last year's conference sold out, so register now. Blank (12/23)

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