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Dutch scientist proposes plan for circular airplane runways

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 28, 2017

The Netherlands Aerospace Center is supporting a plan to consider circular airplane runways at different airports. Circular runways could reduce the amount of fuel planes burn on takeoff or landings, since they would not have to fight against cross winds, according to Dutch scientist Henk Hesselink, who conceived the idea. (03/23) TreeHugger (03/24)

Team uncovers flaw in quantum dot solar cells

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 27, 2017

German coal mine could be the answer for renewable energy storage

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 27, 2017

Your word choices can help establish trust

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 29, 2017

Rare advance made in specialty metals production

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 29, 2017

3D printing used to explore the world of death masks

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 23, 2017

Report: North Sea transmission hub could produce power for 100M people

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 28, 2017

Lockheed's tanker drone promises to maintain US edge in air, sea conflicts

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 29, 2017

How certification will affect use of 3D printing

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 24, 2017

Cinema screen requires no projector

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 29, 2017

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E-Fests feature engineering and entrepreneurial innovators

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 07, 2017

ISHOW winner represents ASME at Global Marathon

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 06, 2017

Papers sought for special journal issue

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 03, 2017

ISHOW registration closes March 15

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2017

ASME enters into agreement with Turkish standards organization

ASME SmartBrief | Mar 01, 2017

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