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Tesla's new battery helps solar-powered homes get off the grid

ASME SmartBrief | May 01, 2015

Electric car manufacturer Tesla revealed a new battery for the home that can store power from solar panels at night, be used in case of a power outage and transition solar-powered homes to be completely off the grid. "The goal is complete transformation of the entire energy infrastructure of the world, to completely sustainable zero carbon," says the company's founder, Elon Musk. Japan Times, The (05/01) Reuters (05/01)

Shape-shifting wing promises fuel savings

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 30, 2015

Video: NASA tries another approach to vertical-takeoff aircraft

ASME SmartBrief | May 04, 2015

57-story modular skyscraper is erected in 19 days

ASME SmartBrief | May 01, 2015

Clean diesel produced out of thin air plus water

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 29, 2015

Siting turbines out of sight in deep water

ASME SmartBrief | May 04, 2015

Construction exoskeleton employs counterweights instead of batteries

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 30, 2015

Rubber membranes could make airline cabin noise almost nonexistent

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 29, 2015

Defense secretary pushes for "GPS of things"

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 28, 2015

NASA's Messenger mission ends with crash landing on Mercury

ASME SmartBrief | May 01, 2015

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Turbo Expo celebrates 60th anniversary

ASME SmartBrief | May 04, 2015

Register for the 2015 Verification and Validation Symposium

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

2 ASME members selected as New Faces of Engineering

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

E4C webinar focuses on women in global development

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

2 new volumes in ASME's robotics book series now available

ASME SmartBrief | Apr 17, 2015

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