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October 2016

Guidelines for student learning from the earliest grades to graduation were just issued for computer science. How important is such a framework? (10/20/2016)

Currently, Common Core and other state standards do not require teaching students to write in cursive. How much do you agree or disagree that cursive is less important? (10/13/2016)

Which statement best describes your opinion about the effectiveness of single-gender schools? (10/06/2016)

September 2016

How interested are you in multicultural competency training, that is, training on how to interact effectively with people of different cultures, for the classroom? (09/29/2016)

Teachers, how interested are you in trying virtual reality technology (such as Microsoft's HoloLens and Google Glass) in the classroom? (09/22/2016)

Some kindergartens are rotating students between teachers the first week, so teachers know the students well enough to create effective class assignments and build positive communities. How much do you agree or disagree with this strategy? (09/15/2016)

Some educators have shared that extensive student choice in the classroom can lead to some negative effects. Do you agree or disagree? (09/08/2016)

Eight states have agreed to create social-emotional learning standards and plans to build students' social and relational skills. How important do you feel it is to teach social-emotional and non-cognitive skills alongside academic skills? (09/01/2016)

August 2016

Some have proposed that states should require periodic recertification to keep teachers current on their subject areas, child/adolescent development and effective teaching strategies. How much do you agree or disagree with this proposal? (08/25/2016)

In your experience, are high levels of student mobility, that is, students changing schools during a school year, related to lower achievement, lower school engagement and higher dropout rates? (08/18/2016)

Teachers, do you see the potential for educational applications for "Pokemon Go" and do you plan on incorporating it into the learning day next fall? (08/11/2016)

In the spirit of the upcoming Olympics and friendly global competition, what types of global engagement activities would you like to do this upcoming school year? (08/04/2016)

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