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January 2017

To what extent do you agree or disagree that states should require high-school students to be trained in CPR before they can graduate? (01/19/2017)

Which of the following types of catalogs do you find more useful for professional development books and other resources? (01/12/2017)

Which education topic do you think will be most worthy of discussion in 2017? (01/05/2017)

December 2016

When you attend an education conference, which are you most interested in attending? (12/29/2016)

How much do you agree or disagree that increasing the number of counselors in a high school can result in more students going to college? (12/22/2016)

About which of the following special populations of students are you most interested in learning more? (12/15/2016)

Which topic would you like learn more about regarding engaging students, their families and communities? (12/08/2016)

About which of these pedagogical strategies would you most like to learn more? (12/01/2016)

November 2016

I would most like to learn more about helping students: (11/17/2016)

Which of the following issues related to educational equity are you most interested in learning about? (11/10/2016)

A recent Ed Week article outlined the potential issues with a large class size. Which do you feel is most challenging? (11/03/2016)

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