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September 2016

Do you own or rent the aircraft you fly? (09/26/2016)

In the Sept. 12 Readback poll, more than half of respondents indicated that they would like to upgrade their avionics. When do you plan to upgrade the avionics in your aircraft? (09/19/2016)

If you could make one enhancement to your aircraft, what would it be? (09/12/2016)

For those pilots who fly in the continental US, how long are you willing to wait for a flight service briefer over the phone? (09/06/2016)

August 2016

Do you have any special general aviation travel plans for Labor Day? (08/29/2016)

Do you have a seaplane rating? (08/22/2016)

Do you plan to celebrate National Aviation Day and Orville Wright's birthday Aug. 19 with an aviation activity? (08/15/2016)

Have you ever camped out with your aircraft? (08/08/2016)

Are you interested in installing non-TSO equipment in your aircraft? (08/01/2016)

July 2016

What do you like best about EAA AirVenture? (07/25/2016)

How has your family supported your aviation endeavors? (07/18/2016)

Have you ever attended EAA AirVenture? (07/11/2016)

Have you ever watched Fourth of July fireworks from an aircraft? (07/05/2016)

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