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The results from the poll questions in Aviation eBrief do not necessarily represent the views of pilots, aircraft owners, or AOPA members and therefore should not be used for research purposes.

March 2017

For aircraft owners, which are you most likely to perform as flying season approaches? (03/20/2017)

Poll: How did you earn your initial pilot certificate? (03/13/2017)

When flying VFR other than locally, how often do you use "flight following"? (03/06/2017)

February 2017

What type of aircraft ownership would you consider in 2017? (02/27/2017)

What type of airport environment do you typically fly from? (02/20/2017)

What is the highest level of achievement you have attained in the FAA Wings pilot proficiency program? (02/13/2017)

How often do you participate in an FAA Wings pilot proficiency program for continuing education? (02/06/2017)

January 2017

Have you ever performed preventive maintenance on your aircraft as an owner? (01/30/2017)

In the past three years, have you influenced or mentored any nonpilots to take flying lessons? (01/23/2017)

What is your favorite aspect of the FAA's new BasicMed rule? (01/16/2017)

What additional certificates do you plan to train for in 2017? (01/09/2017)

What is the most important issue for general aviation in 2017? (01/03/2017)

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