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1. Free apps that enable screen sharing

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

Screen-sharing applications can be a powerful tool for collaboration, whether delivering a presentation or troubleshooting a technical issue. Fifteen tools are available to get the job done for free. (06/22)

2. Password-storage company cites breach

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015 (06/16)

3. Internet of Things might be full of vulnerable devices

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

Many Internet-enabled devices that people increasingly depend on might be vulnerable to attack. Weak spots have been found in all sorts of devices, which might suffer from vulnerabilities such as default passwords and exposed ports. Vendors might not be adequately vetting security features in devices, and the potential for damage is exacerbated if one device is widely used in a particular area. Dark Reading (06/17)

4. Is industrial spying the next cyberthreat?

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

Reports of countries spying on one another and hackers accessing retailers' data are not rare. But a recent breach of the Houston Astros baseball team could be a wake-up call about the potential for industrial cyberespionage. It's also a reminder about a need to create strong passwords that contain numbers and symbols and to avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. CBS News (06/24) Dark Reading (06/18)

5. 2 free mobile apps for CPAs

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

Mobile applications can be valuable for busy CPAs, especially when the apps are free. Greg LaFollette, CPA/CITP, CGMA, reviews two options: Coinbase, which stores and sends bitcoin, and IRS2Go, which tracks tax refunds. Both are available for Apple iOS and Google Android. Journal of Accountancy online (06/01)

6. Be wary of these common cybersecurity threats

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

The truth is that even a small organization, or one that is protected by a strong IT department, might be vulnerable to cyberattacks, writes Lisa Traina, CPA/CITP, CGMA. She lists common risks, including weak passwords, malware and phishing attacks. CPA Insider (06/15)

7. SwiftKey software creates vulnerability in Samsung smartphones

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

InformationWeek (06/17)

8. Did you register for the free (with CPE) "Current Cybersecurity Hot Topics CPAs Need to Know" webcast?

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

The webcast is scheduled July 15 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. ET. Presenters will help accounting professionals stay abreast of cybersecurity threats and will assist CPAs in understanding and presenting cybersecurity hot topics to their organizations or their clients' senior management and board members. IMTA Section members (including CITP credential holders) can register for free (with CPE) for this webcast.

9. Small businesses are investing more in mobile, study finds

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

The smaller the business, the bigger the percentage increase in budgeting for mobile solutions last year, SMB Group's "2014 SMB Mobile Solutions Study" has found. Nearly half of very small businesses plan to boost their spending on mobile this year, as do 70% of small businesses, the study has found. The VAR Guy (06/09)

10. What the "robo disruption" means for financial advisers

InfoTech Update | Jul 02, 2015

Robo-advisers are here to stay, but clients like to talk to human advisers as well, HighTower CEO Elliot Weissbluth writes. The "robo disruption" might make life hard for below-average advisers, but sophisticated advisers who embrace technology will succeed. Meanwhile, startups will continue to battle established companies to see which robo-advisers come out on top. LinkedIn (06/12)

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