Concentrate on your passion, not just advancement | Sales reps should avoid outdated techniques | Is it time to reboot your buyer insights?
March 15, 2017
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Concentrate on your passion, not just advancement
Your desire to find work that interests you should be stronger than your desire to advance, writes Kim Castelda, chief people officer at Bullhorn. Focus on being authentic over avoiding mistakes.
Fortune (3/12) 
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Sales Strategies
Sales reps should avoid outdated techniques
Sales representatives who lean heavily on persuasion and start with product pitches right away are likely to have less success than those who actively listen to customers, writes Marc Wayshak. Teach sales reps not to dramatically change their personalities or talk too much during sales meetings, Wayshak writes.
Entrepreneur online (3/14) 
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Is it time to reboot your buyer insights?
Outdated buyer personas and incorrect views of hierarchical buying teams are hurting results for many business-to-business sales teams, writes Tony Zambito. If your analytics only provide information on past sales histories and your sales team's efforts aren't in alignment with buyers, it's time to reboot your buyer insights.
CustomerThink (3/14) 
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Honesty can lead to better sales results
The context of sales messages should be made clear immediately to buyers to avoid confusion and allow them to make informed decisions. "In my view, the key to any successful direct sales dialogue starts with clearly communicating what it is you are selling and why it beats the competition," writes Helen Westgate.
The Huffington Post (3/14) 
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Daily Data Points
Q1 GDP will be hampered by winter storm
Q1 GDP will be hampered by winter storm
(Scott Eisen/Getty Images)
US GDP in the first quarter could be reduced by up to 0.2% due to this week's winter storm in the Northeast, according to Oxford Economics. "If storms hit in the middle of the week, their [economic] impact tends to be bigger, especially if one hits in the early morning," said Gregory Daco, head of US economics for Oxford Economics.
CBS News (3/14) 
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US CEOs more optimistic about economy
US CEOs became more optimistic about the nation's economy during the first quarter, according to the Business Roundtable's CEO Economic Outlook Index. The index increased by 19.1 points to 93.3 during the first quarter.
Bloomberg (3/14) 
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Featured Content
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How to Create a Successful Email Campaign
In theory, building a successful email marketing campaign is simple. You just write your text, sprinkle in some images, and hit send. In reality, a successful email campaign requires a more thorough approach to increase sales and grow your business. Here's how to customize your email header, body, and footer to create a winning campaign.
How to Brand Your Emails Like a Pro
First impressions matter — especially in the inbox. And when your emails look good, your business looks good too. Luckily, email marketing services like Constant Contact make it easy to create eye-catching messages that get read and acted on. Check out these six email branding tips that make you look like a pro in the inbox.
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On the Road
United Airlines extends Gold status to elite Marriott Rewards members
Marriott International loyalty program members who have achieved Platinum Premier Elite status or Platinum Elite status are now able to receive benefits from United Airlines, including free upgrades and expedited check-in.
Frequent Business Traveler (3/13) 
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App Update
CafeX debuts Microsoft Dynamics Live Assist
CafeX's Live Assist tool has debuted for Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing users to resolve customer problems more efficiently. The tool lets agents co-browse, chat and share images or videos through Dynamics 365. (3/14) 
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Microsoft Teams has room for improvement
Microsoft Teams provides cross-platform functionality and integration with other Microsoft services, but falls short in team notifications and other messaging features, writes Galen Gruman. Messaging platforms like Slack provide better tools for companies looking for an instant messaging and communications option, Gruman writes. (3/14) 
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Making Small Talk
Study fails to discover Nepalese mountain porters' secrets
Study fails to discover Nepalese mountain porters' secrets
(Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
Nepalese porters don't have any secrets for how they carry their body weight -- or more -- on mountain climbs, according to a study. "In Western society, we no longer have a real handle on what humans can do physically because we're so far removed from this level of daily work that we physically can't do it anymore," says comparative biomechanist David Carrier, who was not part of the study.
National Public Radio (3/12) 
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If your buyer personas are rooted in outdated sales and product marketing paradigms pertaining to role-based perceptions and the feeding of the perpetual content machine -- it is time for a reboot.
--Tony Zambito, writing for Customer Think
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