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November 15, 2017
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Lead with intention and mindfulness
Without realizing it, leaders can damage employee morale when stress levels are high, writes Randy Conley. Mindfully avoiding unintentional actions like micromanaging and playing favorites can go a long way to ensure employees feel appreciated.
Lead Change (11/13) 
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Sales Strategies
Maintain flexibility in strategy execution
It can be tempting to focus on the results you can measure, but the overall target of your sales strategy should be the objective, write Martin Reeves and Rodolphe Charme di Carlo. Also, if your industry is one of constant change, expecting total compliance with a rigid plan can prevent necessary adaptations.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (11/14) 
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How to sell better during the holiday season
Don't forget to keep your employees motivated and armed with the resources they need to provide personalized customer experiences during the holiday shopping season, writes Jaya Pandrangi. Remember that you can make changes as the season progresses by collecting information regarding customer journeys and promotional successes.
Forbes (11/14) 
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What your sales team can learn from Don Corleone
There are times when the only way to grow your businesses is to emulate Don Vito Corleone and make your customers an offer they can't refuse, writes Jim Schleckser. When doing so, consider whether your customers prioritize advanced features, lower risk or a more affordable price.
Inc. online (11/14) 
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Daily Data Points
Higher service prices cause inflation growth
An unexpected rise in producer prices led to a year-over-year increase of 2.8% in the producer price index in October, according to the Labor Department. "It won't be long before producers will be faced with having to raise the prices of consumer goods if inflation continues to percolate here," said MUFG Chief Economist Chris Rupkey.
Reuters (11/14) 
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On the Road
Upgrades at Chicago's Midway to include new security checkpoint
Chicago Midway International Airport has begun construction on a new 80,000-square-foot security hall that will feature the latest Transportation Security Administration technology and speed up passenger screenings. The current checkpoint will be converted to a concessions area.
Curbed/Chicago (11/13) 
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American Airlines releases updated smartphone app
American Airlines has rolled out version 5.4 of its smartphone app. The new iteration allows select passengers to make same-day flight changes.
Frequent Business Traveler (11/13) 
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App Update
Speech analytics can be a valuable sales tool
Speech analytics can be used to understand trends in shifting customer priorities so key processes can be adjusted accordingly, writes Dennis Fois. The feature can also help identify upselling opportunities and improve first call resolution rates.
Unified Communications Strategies (11/14) 
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Qualtrics Text iQ adds new functionality
Qualtrics Text iQ now has features that will help companies learn more from customer-generated data. Users will be able to analyze customer responses and information in additional languages without added difficulty, according to Qualtrics Product Manager Jamie Morningstar.
DestinationCRM (11/14) 
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Making Small Talk
The mystery of the upright fish
It may seem strange for an animal that can float, but most fish are wired to swim right side up, writes Harrison Tasoff. Scientists theorize it's because gravity helps move blood to the heart, and it's beneficial to have their eyes above their mouth where they can better see predators.
Hakai Magazine (Canada) (11/10) 
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A mafia offer serves as a powerful barrier to losing customers to new competitors. It takes much of the risk out of the equation for them -- which is needed to help make things as painful and expensive switch as possible to keep them switching from you to someone else.
Jim Schleckser, CEO of the Inc. CEO Project, writing for Inc.
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