Plastic surgeon says rapper could have died from buttocks injections | Actress has no regrets about breast augmentation | How to improve patient engagement and revenue
April 17, 2018
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Plastic surgeon says rapper could have died from buttocks injections
Plastic surgeon says rapper could have died from  buttocks injections
Cardi B (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
Rapper Cardi B said she got buttocks injections for $800 in a basement in Queens, N.Y., without anesthetics, and the injection sites leaked for days. Plastic surgeon Wright Jones said the experience is indicative of black-market silicone injections that can enter the bloodstream and lead to infection; stroke; kidney, heart or respiratory failure; and death.
The Hollywood Reporter (4/9) 
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Actress has no regrets about breast augmentation
Actress and comedian Anna Faris said she got breast augmentation at age 30 after being unhappy with her small bustline. Faris said she is a feminist and was afraid she was betraying her values, but she is happy with her decision and wishes that people were more supportive of each other's choices.
Women's Health (4/10) 
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Practice Management
How to improve patient engagement and revenue
Marketing to existing cosmetic surgery patients through multiple communication channels can boost engagement as well as revenue, says plastic surgeon Michael Fiorillo. Ensure messages display well on mobile devices, follow up on leads promptly and don't overspend on marketing consultants or overburden staff, Fiorillo suggests.
Modern Medicine/The Aesthetic Channel (4/9) 
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Health Quality & Advocacy
Plastic surgeons talk procedure recovery time
Plastic surgeons talk procedure recovery time
(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Typical recovery time after plastic surgery varies depending on the procedure and the individual patient's susceptibility to bruising and swelling and tolerance for pain. Women who undergo implant-based breast augmentation should plan to take three to five days to heal, while those who undergo abdominoplasty should plan to take about 10 days off, say plastic surgeons Adam Kolker and Stephen Greenberg and aesthetic surgeon Rian Maercks, who review recovery times for 10 popular procedures.
Refinery29 (4/12) 
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Research & Technology
Spread of debilitating skin disease in Australia puzzles researchers
A worsening outbreak of Buruli ulcer in Australia has reached an epidemic level and requires an "urgent scientific response," according to a paper published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Doctors do not know how the bacterium, which is in the same family of organisms that cause leprosy and tuberculosis, is transmitted or why cases are increasingly severe, and the researchers suspect mosquitoes and possums might be vectors.
CNN (4/16) 
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Advances in burn treatment reduce mortality rate
Mortality after burn injury has declined by 2% annually since 1989 as standardized burn treatment protocols have been implemented and burn treatments have improved, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Age, extent of full-thickness and total body-surface area burned, and the presence of inhalation injury were associated with mortality, and the team plans to study the effects of resuscitation fluid, weight and comorbidities, researcher Karel Capek said.
Medscape (free registration)/Reuters (4/13) 
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