Lesser-known cosmetic surgeries can make a big difference | Hand transplant recipient applauds his favorite rugby team | What to do when a business associate gets hacked
April 18, 2017
In the News
Lesser-known cosmetic surgeries can make a big difference
Buccal fat removal is a little-known procedure that removes fat pads from the cheeks to make cheekbones look more defined, and one website reports growing interest in the procedure among 18- to 35-year-olds. Other little-known plastic surgeries include hair transplants to fill in eyebrows that have been plucked too aggressively; dimpleplasty; otoplasty; so-called vampire face-lifts; and lip lifts, which plastic surgeon Ricardo Rodriguez says can make the entire face appear younger.
RD.com (4/14) 
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Hand transplant recipient applauds his favorite rugby team
The UK's first double hand transplant recipient was the guest of honor and applauded as his beloved Leeds Rhinos rugby team played against the Widnes Vikings. Consultant plastic surgeon Simon Kay led the surgery last July to replace the 57-year-old's hands, which he lost except for the thumbs in an industrial accident.
ITV (U.K.) (4/17),  Yorkshire Evening Post (Leeds, England) (4/17) 
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Dr. Kenneth Smith on VECTRA and VISIA
"An informed patient is the best patient. VECTRA and VISIA are great educational tools. They can get patients excited but also manage their expectations." - Kenneth A. Smith, MD FRSCS, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Practice Management
What to do when a business associate gets hacked
Small medical practices are particularly reliant on third-party resources and thus are especially vulnerable to business associate data breaches. Experts say small practices should determine what data were compromised and get as much technical information about the breach as possible, notify affected patients as well as state and local authorities as required, and secure their own networks.
Modern Medicine/Medical Economics (4/10) 
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Increase Revenue from Existing Patients
Attracting new patients is expensive and time consuming. Marketing to existing patients is the most effective and efficient way to generate more revenue for your practice! Learn how San Francisco based Blackhawk Plastic Surgery owner, Dr. Ronan, created over 350 leads for procedures in 90 days from existing patients. Get the case study.
Health Quality & Advocacy
Survey highlights importance of discussing surgical options with patients
Surgeons may fear provoking patient dissatisfaction if they advise against contralateral prophylactic mastectomy when requested by patients even in cases where CPM is not likely to confer survival benefits, researchers reported in JAMA Surgery. Recommending against CPM did not encourage patients to seek a second opinion or treatment from another surgeon, but patient dissatisfaction was much higher among patients whose surgeons advised against CPM without substantively discussing why, the study found.
Medscape (free registration)/Reuters (4/14) 
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Survey suggests women should follow their instincts about reconstructive surgery
Women are generally happy with their breasts after post-mastectomy reconstruction, regardless of whether the reconstruction involves implants or autologous tissue, according to a multi-center survey led by Neil Fine, a clinical associate professor in Northwestern University's plastic surgery department. He advises women to start with a smaller operation and to follow their own instincts about whether and what type of reconstruction to undergo.
WFLD-TV (Chicago) (4/16) 
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Research & Technology
LD transfer restores upper-extremity function
A literature review revealed that nearly all patients who had pedicled functional latissimus dorsi transfer for upper-extremity reconstruction regained motion against gravity and most regained motion against resistance. Patient positioning, muscle tensioning, inset, polarity, management of nearby joints and patient education are significant factors to consider, the researchers write.
Medscape (free registration)/ePlasty (4/17) 
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