Report: U.S. hunger has fallen below early-2008 levels | RDs: Students are bullied at school not to eat lunch | RDN says getting first dietetics job can be a challenge
August 25, 2015
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Report: U.S. hunger has fallen below early-2008 levels
Hunger in the U.S. has declined to pre-recession levels, according to a Gallup survey. In the first half of 2015, 15.8% of American families had trouble affording food. In the early months of 2008, before the start of the Great Recession, it was 16.7%. The Food Research and Action Center, which conducted the report, attributed the decline to the recovering economy and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The Huffington Post (8/24)
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RDs: Students are bullied at school not to eat lunch
It is becoming more common for girls to be pressured or bullied by their peers to avoid eating lunch at school or to throw it out, said registered dietitian Dana Thompson. RD Brina Jergenson said the culture at lunch has changed to make it more acceptable that students do not eat, a trend that's especially worrisome because there is less supervision in the cafeteria as students get older. Thompson said parents should ask their children about what they had for lunch to open up a discussion about bullying and fat shaming. Yahoo/U.S. News & World Report (8/24)
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RDN says getting first dietetics job can be a challenge
Registered dietitian nutritionist Melissa Baugh found it difficult to land a job right out of college so she worked in a hospital's materials department to put herself in a better position to apply for and get a dietetics position. Baugh said networking, volunteer work and searching for jobs online also can help but RDNs should not apply for positions that do not match their interests, abilities or schedule. Food & Nutrition Magazine online (8/25)
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Science & Research
Patients with eating disorders at increased risk of type 2 diabetes
A Finnish study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders revealed an association between binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa and an increased prevalence and incidence of type 2 diabetes. Researchers found patients with an eating disorder had a 5.2% lifetime prevalence of type 2 diabetes, compared with 1.7% among those without an eating disorder. News (8/21)
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Parent, child weight status influences feeding practices, study finds
A study in Pediatrics showed that parents were significantly more likely to use the highest levels of food restriction when both parent and child were overweight and more likely to pressure their child to eat more when both parent and child were not overweight. The findings were based on survey data from two population-based studies on 3,252 parents and 2,153 adolescents. 2 Minute Medicine (8/24)
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PFASs may be passed to babies through breast milk, study shows
Children who were exclusively breast-fed had increased blood concentrations of perfluorinated alkylate substances, chemicals used in consumer products, compared to those partially breast-fed, according to a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. High blood concentrations of these chemicals may lower the effectiveness of some vaccinations, researchers said. HealthDay News (8/21)
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Other News
Study links college degree, physical activity to lower risk of diabetes
(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Adults who had a college degree and were physically active had a 2.5% chance of developing diabetes, compared with 4.4% among those who were inactive. Among adults who didn't finish high school, the rate of diabetes was 5% for those who were active and 7.2% for those who were inactive. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. HealthDay News (8/24)
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Institutional Foodservice
Ind. hospital makes good nutrition an easy choice
Rearranging beverages in the cafeteria cooler so healthier drinks are at eye level is one way Major Hospital in Shelbyville, Ind., promotes healthier choices. Major Health Partners dietitian Lisa Schnepp provides local schools with nutrition education information, and the hospital also offers diabetes education and cooking demonstrations. The Shelbyville News (Ind.) (8/24)
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Recipe of the Day
Spaghetti with tuna, tomatoes and olives
This flavorful pasta meal makes for a quick dinner. Epicurious
Food For Thought
Our bodies revolve around food, and if we can make it healthy and taste good at the same time, that’s fantastic."
-- Chef Mark Weil of Major Hospital in Shelbyville, Ind., as quoted by The Shelbyville News
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