RDN: Small, frequent meals may not promote appetite control | RD offers tips for controlling sodium intake | Va. community takes systems approach to childhood hunger
July 22, 2016
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RDN: Small, frequent meals may not promote appetite control
Eating smaller but more frequent meals may not help control appetite and can cause people to miss important hunger and fullness cues that regulate when and how much to eat, said registered dietitian nutritionist Carrie Dennett. What foods are eaten may be more important that than meal frequency, and if people make healthy food choices and meet their energy needs it is less likely hunger will get out of control, Dennett said.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (7/21) 
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Dietary Health
RD offers tips for controlling sodium intake
Excess sodium is found in a variety of packaged and restaurant foods because it adds flavor and can cover up for lower quality ingredients, says registered dietitian Robin Rood. People can take control of sodium intake by understanding their health history, including weight and blood pressure, getting enough exercise, keeping a food journal and finding alternatives to flavoring foods, Rood says.
Food & Nutrition Magazine online (7/20) 
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Va. community takes systems approach to childhood hunger
A consortium of 30 local community leaders, churches, and nonprofit organizations in Alexandria, Va., works to help meet the needs of area youths. Some of the programs are delivered through schools, including a backpack-feeding program.
Connection Newspapers (Alexandria, Va.) (7/20) 
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The Basics of Encryption and Compliance
Do you know why data encryption is important for your business? Read this ebook to see how using advance encryption lets you support your compliance with multiple regulations while meeting clients' expectations, protect your data and reputation, and eliminate paperwork and other overhead. Download the free ebook now.
Science & Research
Report outlines pathway from pediatric to adult celiac disease care
An international study team that reviewed literature on transitioning from pediatric to adult celiac disease care recommended adolescents gradually take on responsibility for self-care. The report in the journal Gut said adolescents and their families should be the focus of the transition, while clinicians should help balance parental authority with adolescent autonomy.
Healio (free registration)/Gastroenterology (7/20) 
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Study: Weight gain, depression may increase back pain risk
A study that followed middle-aged women for 15 years found gaining weight was linked to a higher risk of back pain, researchers reported in Arthritis Care & Research. Data showed a depression diagnosis also increased the risk of back pain by 37%, but researchers said vigorous physical activity reduced the risk.
MedPage Today (free registration) (7/18) 
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Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce colon cancer mortality risk, study says
Colon cancer patients who had a daily omega-3 fatty acid intake of at least 0.3 grams or who increased their consumption had a lower risk of dying from the disease than those who had lower intake levels, researchers reported in the journal Gut. The study found the risk reduction was seen with consumption of either food or fish oil supplements, but most patients in the study consumed oily fish.
MedPage Today (free registration) (7/25),  HealthDay News (7/21) 
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Fitness experts want to stop body shaming, put-downs in classes
The group Link Together, Lead Together is uniting fitness instructors to help end the practice of using harsh putdowns and body-shaming during exercise classes. Northwestern University psychology professor Renee Engeln said she surveyed hundreds of women who participate in exercise classes and found about half said they dislike hearing comments about appearance.
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison)/The Associated Press (7/20) 
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Institutional Foodservice
USDA issues final Smart Snacks in School rule
The USDA on Thursday issued a final Smart Snacks in School rule that requires snacks sold either a la carte or in vending machines to meet nutrition standards that include use of whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and lean protein. The agency also finalized the Local Wellness Policy, Community Eligibility Provision and Administrative Review rules.
ABC News (7/21),  The Hill (7/21) 
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Banana berry crumble
A berry-loaded dessert with a crunchy topping! Joyful Healthy Eats
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Appetite is in the mind as well as the body.
RDN Carrie Dennett, as quoted by The Washington Post
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