Dutch study supports guidelines for post-term labor induction | Study examines how bariatric surgery affects pregnancy outcomes | Study: Radiant warmth and sucrose may reduce vaccination pain
March 2, 2015
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Dutch study supports guidelines for post-term labor induction
Guidelines on proactive labor induction supported by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists were associated with reductions in risk of neonatal death and birth weight greater than 4.5 kilograms, according to a study from Denmark published in BJOG. Researchers analyzed data for 770,926 births before and after Denmark adopted the guidelines in 2009. Medscape (free registration) (2/20)
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Patient Safety & Clinical Update
Study examines how bariatric surgery affects pregnancy outcomes
Swedish researchers found obese women who underwent bariatric surgery had a lower risk of gestational diabetes and delivering large babies, but had a higher risk of shorter pregnancies and lower birth weight babies compared with obese women who didn't have surgery. Data also showed babies born to mothers who had surgery were at an increased risk of stillbirth and neonatal death. The findings appear in The New England Journal of Medicine. Reuters (2/25)
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Study: Radiant warmth and sucrose may reduce vaccination pain
Crying and grimacing decreased by half when newborns were given a few drops of 24% sucrose solution and radiant warmth before vaccinations, compared with using sucrose alone, according to a study in Pediatrics. The warmth may mimic the effects of breast-feeding, which is associated with less newborn pain during procedures. Medscape (free registration) (2/16)
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Study: Adalimumab, infliximab do not raise pregnancy, developmental risks
Research presented at the 10th Congress of the European Crohn's and Colitis Organization in Barcelona, Spain, showed that adalimumab or infliximab given to pregnant women with inflammatory bowel disease did not raise risks for adverse outcomes in the pregnancy or the baby's development. Stopping treatment before 30 weeks of gestation significantly lowered drug exposure to the fetus without exacerbating the disease. Researchers suggested avoiding live vaccinations before 1 year except in cases where there is documentation of drug clearance. Healio (free registration) (2/19)
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Menopausal symptoms linger for years, study says
A study from Wake Forest School of Medicine found women reported hot flashes and night sweats linked to menopause for an average of 7.4 years, and symptoms spanned almost 12 years for some. The study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine. HealthDay News (2/16)
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Professional Practice
Survey gauges quality of end-of-life care in NICU
Survey data showed most NICU neonatologists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses felt comfortable providing end-of-life care for infants, researchers reported in the American Journal of Perinatology. Most practitioners gave themselves high scores for ensuring dying infants were comfortable, but only 57% of parents surveyed said they felt their child was comfortable around the time of death. Medscape (free registration) (2/23)
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Online nurse-midwife-NP program draws working nurses
Georgetown University offers its nurse-midwife/women's health nurse practitioner program online. Program director Julia Lange Kessler said there is no waiting list because Georgetown has plenty of faculty. She said many types of nurses are a good fit for the program, including those working in emergency departments, pediatrics and NICUs. Nurse.com (2/11)
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Policy, Ethics & Legal Update
W.Va. lawmakers debate bill to allow APRNs to practice independently
West Virginia lawmakers are debating a bill that would remove a requirement that advanced-practice registered nurses practice under the supervision of a physician. Certified nurse-midwife Angelita Nixon told a state Senate committee that most midwives would continue to work with obstetricians and gynecologists if the bill becomes law. Charleston Daily Mail (W.Va.) (2/26)
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Technology & Trends
New tool allows contact-free monitoring of infants' breathing, heartbeat
A camera-based monitor called Oxecam was developed by Oxehealth to enable caregivers to monitor the breathing rate and heartbeat of patients in the neonatal intensive care and pediatrics units without any attached sensors. The monitor is designed to determine movements in the upper thorax and face to measure respiration, as well as identify differences in the absorption of light wavelengths to measure blood oxygenation. mHealth News (2/13)
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Google grant to help parents bond with their babies in ICU
Google has provided a $100,000 grant to enable parents of chronically ill patients at the Medical University of South Carolina's neonatal intensive care unit to check on the status of their babies using iPads. The devices will be equipped with the Google Hangouts application to allow families to see the NICU patients and also communicate with the NICU staff. Health Data Management (2/23)
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News from NCC
NCC celebrates Certified Nurses Day -- March 19
NCC recognizes the commitment and demonstrated expertise of the certified nurse. "Nurses are probably the foremost providers of care throughout the health care system. ... Nurses certified in their clinical specialties serve as agents of change and advocates of best practice for the patients they serve." ‒ Robin L. Bissinger, PhD, APRN, NNP-BC, FAAN, Executive Director of NCC. Read more.
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Results for the 2014 NNP Workforce Survey
NCC Workforce Survey
Access the NNP Workforce executive summary to see demographic and practice statistics on the nation's NNPs. This is the largest completed NNP workforce summary. Read more.
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Remember to take the specialty assessment -- before earning CE!
The maintenance requirements for NCC Certified Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are determined by a specialty assessment. The specialty assessment creates a personalized education plan that directs the continuing education activities needed in order to maintain a NCC certification. Read more.
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New CE modules available from NCC!
Continuing education from NCC is affordable and convenient. Modules are available in 5, 10 & 15 hours of CE with prices starting at $19. Plan your continuing education around YOUR schedule. Purchase and access NCC CE modules from NCCwebsite.org at any time, 24/7. Six new ones added last week! Read more.
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Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them."
-- Rabindranath Tagore,
writer, artist and philosopher
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