Business ownership among women climbs, but challenges remain | Commentary: Women entrepreneurs poised for explosive growth in tech | Organizations help boost women entrepreneurs through PR, awards

April 22, 2015
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Business ownership among women climbs, but challenges remain
The number of women-owned businesses has increased in recent years, from 26% in 1997 to 29%, and progress has been particularly swift for minority women, who have seen a 265% jump in business ownership since 1997, according to a report from the Institute of Women's Policy Research. However, most business owners are still men, and women who are entrepreneurs generally make less money than their male peers. The Atlantic online (4/17)
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Business Trends
Commentary: Women entrepreneurs poised for explosive growth in tech
About 6.5% of privately held technology companies have a woman CEO, and only 1.3% have a woman founder, but for the first time in history, women are earning half of all bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, writes Zoe Barry, founder and CEO of ZappRx. Women are getting more capital and getting higher returns from it, and there's a noticeable change in attitude, she writes. "I've experienced a positive shift in how I'm treated as a woman in tech compared to the horror stories of women who came before me. This leads me to believe that now is the perfect time to make the leap into entrepreneurship as a women." TechCrunch (4/16)
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Organizations help boost women entrepreneurs through PR, awards
The Audience Awards, which offers three methods to help expand women's influence in filmmaking; the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, which is working to ensure that more than half of its service beneficiaries are led by women; and Savor the Success, which helps connect women entrepreneurs with media outlets looking for quotes and interviews, are among businesses working to eliminate the gender gap in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur online (4/21)
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FEATURED VIDEO: The Traits of Very Successful Leaders
Someone who is a good leader knows how to get work done, but a great leader is someone who inspires employees to do their best all the time. Linda Rottenberg, the co-founder and CEO of Endeavor, tells us about some common traits among successful leaders. Watch the video now.

Small Business Spotlight
N.Y. entrepreneur puts her bridesmaid expertise to work
Jen Glantz says she realized she could sell her expertise after multiple stints as a bridesmaid, so she founded Bridesmaid For Hire. She says she has made more than $10,000 so far, offering services such as writing speeches and accompanying brides at the altar. Glantz kept her job as a copywriter and dedicated her free time on nights and weekends to building the business. CNNMoney (4/20)
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Social Media Buzz
How small companies keep fans engaged on Facebook
Small businesses have many resources at their disposal to engage their fans on Facebook. Andrea Vahl reviews how a number of businesses have driven engagement by holding events, offering discounts and even encouraging followers to participate in a "tattoo chain." (4/20)
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NAWBO (R) News
NAWBO's No Small Thing Video Contest Returns
The No Small Thing video contest has returned for a second year! Members and non-members are invited to submit a two-minute video sharing the one thing that's contributed most to your success as a small-business owner. Have fun! Be creative! You could win a free registration to the National Women's Business Conference 2015 hosted by NAWBO or $40 off a new membership or membership renewal! The deadline is April 30 and winners will be announced May 4-8 during Small Business Week. Participate now.
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Change Your World in Just 3 Days!
The National Women's Business Conference "Inspire the Change" hosted by NAWBO will be held Sept. 28-29 in San Antonio, Texas. The 2015 conference comes during NAWBO's 40th anniversary and will feature a 40-Year Anniversary Bash celebrating the organization's decades of impact and the women leaders who made it all possible. Bank of America is serving as the conference presenting sponsor as well as NAWBO's 40th anniversary sponsor.

Learn more about and register for the National Women's Business Conference hosted by NAWBO. View the 2015 conference promotional video.
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Small businesses threatened by "ransomware" attacks
Small businesses with less sophisticated security systems are being targeted by cybercriminals who use malware to block access to their data until a ransom is paid. This so-called "ransomware" is often delivered via e-mail, and Tom Kellermann of Texas-based Trend Micro says about 30% of victims end up paying off the criminals. The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (4/15)
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Best Practices
4 tips for cutting down on e-mail overload
Clear out your e-mail inbox by deleting or archiving messages that don't require a response and forwarding messages that should be handled by a colleague. Write responses to messages that can be answered quickly, and make time in your schedule for dealing with e-mails that require a little more thought. Managing your inbox will be easier if there are clear expectations about response times at your firm. The Ultimate Estate Planner newsletter/Blog for Estate Planning Professionals (4/2015)
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The forgotten costs of doing business
Making the decision to close up shop is tough for a small-business owner, and Kathryn Tuggle covers the three costs that often lead to this stage. Overhead and infrastructure, hiring and training employees and enticing and keeping customers are factors that entrepreneurs often forget to budget for. (4/20)
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Let go of guilt to achieve better work-life balance
Finding a balance between work and your personal life might seem impossible, but business owners say it can be done. It's important to schedule time for yourself and your family and to let go of guilt. "[G]uilt is a waste of energy because it stops you from being a great parent when you're with your kids and from really focusing on your work when you're in the office," says Alice Weightman, CEO of Hanson Search. Management Today (U.K.) (4/17)
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Whatever balance you decide on, when you have that time, make sure it's proper time rather than doing half a job. When your children need your attention, make you sure you give them your attention, rather than being on your BlackBerry and answering e-mails."
-- Alice Weightman, CEO of Hanson Search, as quoted in Management Today
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