Breast milk protein may curb odds of necrotizing enterocolitis | Greener neighborhoods during pregnancy linked to better birth outcomes | Respiratory virus sends hundreds of children to EDs across U.S.
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September 11, 2014
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Breast milk protein may curb odds of necrotizing enterocolitis
Researchers analyzed samples of human breast milk and infant intestinal tissue, along with a series of animal studies, and found that the protein neuregulin-4 in breast milk could protect babies from developing necrotizing enterocolitis. The findings were published in the American Journal of Pathology. HealthDay News (9/9)
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Greener neighborhoods during pregnancy linked to better birth outcomes
Pregnant women living in green spaces were less likely to give birth prematurely than those who resided in less green neighborhoods, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Greener neighborhoods during pregnancy were also linked to substantially lower odds of having an underweight baby. Science World Report (9/5)
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Other News
Breast Milk Testing For Drugs of Abuse
Research has demonstrated that drugs and illicit substances can pass from mother to baby through breast milk, potentially resulting in adverse effects on newborn health. Forensic toxicology testing can identify illicit substances in breast milk. Read more.
Health Policy & Practice
Pulmonary ultrasound may be best for determining need for NICU intubation
Pulmonary ultrasound predicted the need for intubation of newborn infants with moderate respiratory distress more accurately than chest X-ray, according to an article reported in the journal Pediatrics. The bilateral lung ultrasounds took about 2.5 minutes to complete and were well tolerated by the infants. Healio (free registration)/Infectious Diseases in Children (9/3)
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300 experts collaborate on fetal and newborn size and growth guidelines
A universal set of guidelines outlining optimal fetal and newborn growth and development has been developed by an Oxford University-led team of experts. The project, which involved 60,000 women and 300 clinical experts and researchers, was designed to set a standard to guide assessments and interventions addressing the health of underweight and overweight babies. The guidelines establish ultrasound measurement curves for prenatal growth and for weight, length and circumference of the head at birth. (9/4)
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Trends & Technology
Neonatal caffeine therapy for apnea doesn't affect long-term sleep
Premature infants who were treated with caffeine for apnea were no more likely to have sleep problems between ages 5 and 12 than those who did not receive such treatment, a study showed. However, researchers found high rates of sleep disorders in both caffeine and placebo groups, indicating that prematurity itself is a risk factor. The findings appear in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The Philadelphia Inquirer (9/8)
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Children's hospital uses traffic-light monitoring system
Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint, Mich., uses a traffic-light system to help nurses monitor patients based on the risk that their condition will deteriorate. Pediatrics and NICU nurse Stephanie Allen said it is a tool to improve patient safety and can bring "more caregivers to the bedside so they can pool their experiences." (Michigan) (free registration) (9/2)
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NANN celebrates you, on Monday, Sept. 15!
Your patients' future is bright because of you. In honor, we celebrate you and all you do on National Neonatal Nurses Day, Monday, Sept. 15. Established in 2000 by NANN, National Neonatal Nurses Day is celebrated every Sept. 15. Neonatal Nurses Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of neonatal nurses. On this day and week, we celebrate YOU! Raise awareness of National Neonatal Nurses Day in your unit by hanging NANN's official poster and change your Facebook profile picture to celebrate. You can also visit NANN's Café Press site to order your 2014 National Neonatal Nurses Day memorabilia! More information can be found on NANN's website. Learn more.
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Now available: Baby Steps to Home
Prepare parents for the transition to home with Baby Steps to Home, the first standardized, evidence-based discharge pathway designed for nurses! This online resource is available to all hospitals across the country. With ten easy steps, nurses will find evidence-based PDFs for their own education and easy-to-understand, editable documents that can be printed and handed to parents following a discussion about their baby's condition. Baby Steps to Home includes 10 steps of discharge covering 25 topics from common diagnoses to follow-up appointments; downloadable evidence-based PDFs for nurses; and modifiable parent handouts that explain the condition, suggest questions for parents to ask their baby's providers and provide practical information and tips in English and Spanish! Learn more.
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