If you're resilient, you're already a step ahead | Vulnerability can be a strength | Finding tomorrow's best practices, not just today's
August 18, 2016
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Leading Edge
If you're resilient, you're already a step ahead
Resilience is a key indicator of success, argues former FBI agent LaRae Quy, and building up yours involves learning from others, managing stress, finding a support group and staying positive. "More than talent, more than education, more than experience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks determines who will succeed and who will fail," she writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (8/17) 
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Vulnerability can be a strength
Not being afraid to show your vulnerabilities shows confidence and authenticity, which encourages respect and openness in your team, Joel Garfinkle says. This attitude creates a culture of learning from mistakes and using everyone's strengths to best move forward.
Career Advancement Blog (8/15) 
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Get with the flow. How payment processing affects cash flow.
Cash flow is the lubricant of business. Without a healthy cash flow, business dries up. It stops. It can't function. Which is why it is vital to keep the revenues coming in as the expenses go out. But there's one aspect of cash flow that many of us are not aware of. It is how managing credit cards and other such non-cash payments affect cash flow. Turns out it has a huge affect. Download the free guide today.
Strategic Management
Finding tomorrow's best practices, not just today's
Consider trading best practices for ideas and strategies that will prepare your company for what's next, James Kerr writes. He offers a framework by creating a culture that deliberately looks to attack opportunities and deliver on expectations while aligning employees with the goals at hand.
Inc. online (free registration) (8/15) 
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Patagonia finds on-site child care pays for itself
Patagonia finds on-site child care pays for itself
Marcario (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)
Patagonia shows it cares about the families and well-being of its employees by offering on-site child care and other health and financial benefits, writes CEO Rose Marcario. Tax benefits alone cover half the cost, with measurable gains in employee retention and engagement covering 41% of the remaining 50%.
Fast Company online (8/15) 
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Negotiation and Decision-Making Strategies
Taught by Chicago Booth faculty, this 5-day program provides techniques used by professional negotiators to help you recognize intuitive biases while making decisions. Participants also receive frameworks that will sharpen their personal negotiation skills. Learn more and enroll. October 10-14, 2016
Smarter Communication
Pinpoint the value in what you offer
Liz Wainger describes ways to best communicate value to your customers and employees. "When stating what you do, always frame your communications in terms that specifically answer the needs and/or aspirations of your target audiences," she writes.
Inpower Coaching (8/17) 
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
Macy's says closing stores is a sign of strength
Macy's said it will close 100 stores with weakening profit and sales, even though each is cash-flow positive. Other retailers seem reluctant to admit that fewer stores are needed because of online shopping and the strain that such a footprint puts on corporate productivity and profit, Shelly Banjo argues.
Bloomberg (8/15) 
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In Their Own Words
Mark Zuckerberg on taking risks
Mark Zuckerberg on taking risks
(YouTube/Y Combinator)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses his company's beginnings and future in this interview, including his view on risk-taking. "For any given decision that you're going to make, there's upside and downside, but in aggregate if you are stagnant and you don't make those changes, then I think you're guaranteed to fail and not catch up," said Zuckerberg.
Business Insider (8/16),  CNN (8/16) 
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Daily Diversion
How psychological testing has evolved
The 20th century is when psychological tests took off, many of which have been discredited. Still, the simple Rorschach Test, which uses abstract inkblots, remains in use nearly a century after its creation.
Wired.com (8/17) 
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This week's question: How effective are you at pitching your ideas for approval? View the poll and cast your vote here. You can follow the voting trends here. We'll post the results and an analysis on Tuesday.
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I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear.
Rosa Parks,
civil rights activist
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