It's a leader's job to break down silos and build strong teams | Lessons in renewal to regain project momentum | How to fast-forward through strategic inflection
April 12, 2018
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Leading Edge
It's a leader's job to break down silos and build strong teams
Increased demands on teams sometimes move members to retreat into self-preservation mode, so consider team-building activities to improve trust and communication, writes Naphtali Hoff. Cohesive teams won't happen until leadership studies each individual's strengths and provides training where required, so they will succeed as individuals and collectively, he writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (4/11) 
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Lessons in renewal to regain project momentum
Projects often stall when internal support and interest dissipate and the focus is only on success versus what can be learned, writes Ed Batista. People should step away and read, write or converse about the project's progress to reconnect with its original purpose, he writes, quoting Karl Weick's essay, "How Projects Lose Meaning: The Dynamics of Renewal."
Ed Batista blog (3/29) 
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Equip Your Employees with the Skills to Adapt
There's a new way to improve engagement and performance — and it starts with the individual. Your employees have the power to adapt and succeed in this world of disruption and transformation. They just need the right skills. Equip them with the seven skills they need to engage and perform. Get the Guide
Strategic Management
How to fast-forward through strategic inflection
Strategic inflection points are quickly navigated when every team is on board with changes that have to happen and skills gaps in the organization are closed, writes George Bradt. This process includes accelerating changes in the way people work, including management, to meet the goals, he writes.
Forbes (4/10) 
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Does Instagram hold the key to Facebook's comeback?
Facebook may want to follow Instagram's model, where individual feeds are dominated by personal content versus unsolicited news and shares, writes Sarah Frier. Critics charge, however, that Instagram is open to the same data-privacy issues as Facebook, its parent company, she writes.
Bloomberg Businessweek (tiered subscription model) (4/10) 
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Smarter Communication
A message is memorable with a strong ending
Make the most of your speech by using its conclusion to revisit its main points and purpose, writes Deborah Grayson Riegel. Invite questions to clarify any audience misunderstandings and inspire listeners to act on what they just learned, she writes.
Inc. online (4/10) 
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
Automation will hit smaller communities harder
Machines will negatively affect smaller cities more than larger ones, according to researchers. Smaller cities don't have as many white-collar, high-skill jobs that are less vulnerable to automation, they note.
Kellogg Insight (4/10) 
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In Their Own Words
CEO: Recruit a board excited to help a young leader
Arccos Golf CEO Sal Syed says he's relied on his board to help him manage a period of rapid growth for his young company. "So getting that guidance has been really, really important, because they are people who've seen how teams have grown and how to think about org structure and the needs of the company, and anticipate them before it's too late," he says.
Chief Executive online (4/9) 
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Daily Diversion
Keep a sharp eye to learn a ship's secrets
Crew members standing guard 24/7 on ocean vessels might be dummies dressed to ward off pirates, writes Erin Van Rheenen. If you spy fortune-cookie-shaped objects along the lines while a ship's in port, they're blocking rats from scooting up from the dock.
Hakai Magazine (Canada) (4/10) 
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Invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory; nothing can come of nothing.
Joshua Reynolds,
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