Most managers don't know what motivates employees | Keep the big picture in mind when being critical | Cage-free eggs come at a cost
March 23, 2017
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Leading Edge
Most managers don't know what motivates employees
There is a disconnect between what managers believe motivates employees and what actually motivates them, writes Susan Fowler. Managers will often ascribe their motivations and beliefs to others, she notes, and oftentimes organizational constructs prevent managers from directly affecting pay, title or bonuses.
SmartBrief/Leadership (3/22) 
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Keep the big picture in mind when being critical
Perfectionists can be demoralizing, especially when they overlook a strong performance to highlight some detail that wasn't exactly right. "While you should maintain high standards, realize that great work is great work, and it's not necessary for employees to do everything exactly the way you would," Jaimy Ford writes.
Bud to Boss (3/17) 
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Strategic Management
Cage-free eggs come at a cost
Cage-free eggs come at a cost
(David Silverman/Getty Images)
Regulation and pressure from companies and consumers is pushing egg farms to go cage-free, but that transition means millions in upfront costs and a less efficient production process. Notably, cage-free eggs are more expensive, making them a tough sell when side by side with a cheaper competitor.
BuzzFeed (3/21) 
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Smarter Communication
Sometimes you aren't ready for feedback
It's important to recognize when feedback can be valuable and when you should ignore it, writes Elizabeth Grace Saunders. Before seeking feedback, consider how experienced you are, how complex the task is, and whether you're ready to hear potentially negative reactions.
Fast Company online (3/22) 
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A great speech doesn't require hours of prep
Give speeches about topics you know about and are comfortable with, Jim Anderson writes. With a familiar topic, you don't need to write out and memorize every word in your presentation, and all of that saves you time in preparation.
The Accidental Communicator (3/21) 
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
Poor health is keeping US men out of the workforce
The US has one of the lowest labor-participation rates for prime working-age men among developed countries, and poor health could help explain why, writes Alana Semuels. Recent studies have found that obesity, diabetes, alcoholism and widespread use of pain medications all lead to unhealthy people who cannot work, especially among people who didn't go to college.
The Atlantic online (3/22),  The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (3/23) 
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In Their Own Words
CEO: Bigger companies become less imaginative by design
Growing companies necessarily become more complicated, says Nancy Southern, president, CEO and chairwoman of Atco. "But sometimes that process takes away from entrepreneurship, imagination and situational leadership," she says. (Canada) (3/17) 
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Daily Diversion
You can't just name a planet whatever you want
The naming of asteroids, planets and other smaller celestial bodies is governed by the International Astronomical Union, which has numerous rules and a detailed process for naming objects. The organization, however, did hold a public contest in 2015 to name new exoplanets and chose 17 entries. (3/17) 
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Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.
Charles de Gaulle,
military leader and statesman
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