Why aren't more black execs entering the C-suite? | Consider simulation to train, engage younger employees | Leaders must be taught global skills
August 10, 2016
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5 things you should never say to millennials
Want to engage your best and brightest young talent? You can't do that if you push them away with poorly chosen words. This article provides a guide to some thoughts best left unsaid.
CPA Insider (8/1) 
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Leadership & Trends
Why aren't more black execs entering the C-suite?
Black executives lead only five companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 index, down from a peak of seven in 2007, and that number could fall further after Ursula Burns leaves as CEO of Xerox. Between 2010 and 2015, the percentage of black directors on company boards fell to 8.6% from 9.6%, according to recruiter Spencer Stuart.
Bloomberg (7/29) 
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Consider simulation to train, engage younger employees
Simulation training takes many forms and often is a quick way to transfer knowledge from older to younger employees. The real-world aspect of such training might appeal especially to millennials.
Chief Learning Officer online (7/14) 
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Leaders must be taught global skills
Success in the modern world requires developing leaders who are able to understand and navigate the challenges of a global economy. Among other things, these leaders should have overseas experience, sensitivity to cultural diversity and understanding of how their company fits into a broader context, experts say.
Chief Learning Officer online (7/27) 
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The threat of subtle discrimination at work
Overt discrimination is more visible but less frequent and arguably less emotionally and cognitively draining than subtle discrimination, according to research. Organizations are encouraged to use empathy-related techniques and to set pro-diversity goals in hiring and promotion.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (7/13) 
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US businesses seek to better accommodate Muslim employees
Employers in the US are increasingly taking such steps as adding prayer rooms and organizing alcohol-free parties to help ensure that Muslims feel welcome in the workplace. Muslims are expected to become the second-biggest non-Christian religious group in the US by 2035.
Bloomberg (7/19) 
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Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
4 tips for providing jobs for people with disabilities
In this article, an entrepreneur who owns a wine business describes his approach to providing jobs for workers with disabilities. He cautions about the damaging effects of unconscious bias and advises other business owners to create onboarding programs to help people with disabilities get up to speed.
Fast Company online (7/21) 
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Building an effective corporate women's network
Companies that want to build effective women's networks should make sure that the networks' goals align with the company's broader objectives, experts say. It's also important for business leaders to get involved in the networks and create a sense of accountability around diversity objectives.
The Huffington Post (7/27) 
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Gender diversity comes to iOS emojis
Devices that use Apple iOS 10 will gain access to emojis portraying women in a broader array of professional and athletic activities. The emojis include women as construction workers, private investigators and basketball players.
The Verge (8/1) 
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Recruitment & Retention
Recruit millennials through corporate social responsibility
One way to recruit and retain millennials is to offer an opportunity to serve the community. Here are eight tips for creating a corporate social responsibility program to attract young workers, as well as customers and other stakeholders.
CPA Insider (7/18) 
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What it takes to fight unconscious bias
HR professionals have a key role to play in combating unconscious bias that affects hiring and compensation decisions, experts say. HR managers need to gain support from senior leaders and to help employees learn from their biases.
Bloomberg BNA (free content) (7/26) 
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Policy & Regulatory
Mass. enacts sweeping equal-pay law
Massachusetts has passed an equal-pay law that bars companies from asking job candidates about their salary histories. The law also requires that men and women receive equal compensation for performing comparable work.
Fortune (8/2) 
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