How firms can close the gender gap | Diversity as a catalyst for creativity | Why companies should empower millennials
October 12, 2016
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How firms can close the gender gap
Women have accounted for more than half of accounting graduates for 20 years but still hold fewer than a quarter of partnership positions in firms. CPA Insider columnist Jennifer Wilson outlines the six major roadblocks to women achieving equal upward mobility and the steps organizations can take to address each issue.
CPA Insider (9/26) 
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Leadership & Trends
Diversity as a catalyst for creativity
Studies have suggested that diverse groups report more difficulty in working together but also do a better job reaching correct conclusions quickly. Such diverse teams may also overestimate the amount of conflict, and they are more likely to succeed if they highlight multiculturalism rather than pretend it's not present.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (9/22) 
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Why companies should empower millennials
Companies that find common ground with millennials can benefit from their unique attitudes and beliefs. Millennials embrace relationship-driven leadership, seek opportunities to innovate and prioritize corporate social responsibility.
Forbes (10/4) 
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Study: Racial pay gap has widened
Disparity in pay between black and white workers has grown in recent decades, even as wages have stagnated, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute. Discrimination plays a major role, according to the report, which notes that disparity persists even after accounting for education, geography and experience.
CBS MoneyWatch/The Associated Press (9/20) 
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Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
The leading companies for diversity and inclusion
Thomson Reuters has indexed companies with good diversity and inclusion by tracking factors such as internal promotion and board composition. Separate research has found that diversity might be tied to enhanced productivity and profitability.
Business Insider (9/26) 
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Diversity helps companies beat competition
Organizations in the service industry must recognize diversity as a way to better serve clientele and as critical to survival. Homogeneity not only makes representing diverse groups difficult but also engenders bad decision-making, according to research from Columbia University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other institutions.
TechCrunch (9/16) 
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Using employee resource groups to promote equality
Diversity and inclusion need support from senior leaders, and employee resource groups increase the transparency of diversity issues, according to attendees of a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute conference. Holding focus groups helps when establishing employee resource groups.
SHRM Online (9/20) 
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5 ways to overcome cultural tension in the workplace
While diversity of thought and experience is critical to the workplace, forced diversity can cause tension that organizations must address. Policy serves an important purpose, but successful leaders focus on relationships within diverse teams as a gateway to understanding.
Workforce online (9/29) 
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Recruitment & Retention
Can blind auditions take bias out of hiring?
Some companies use blind auditions to prevent unconscious bias and to ensure hiring managers evaluate job candidates based on qualification and performance. Recruiting platforms are available that hide candidates' names, pictures and other personal data during the selection process.
Workforce online (9/30) 
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How Deloitte's family leave could normalize caregiving
Deloitte's 16-week paid family leave applies to anyone with caregiving responsibilities, not only new parents. This policy could normalize caregiving and eliminate bias that young women face in the workforce.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (9/12) 
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