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December 1, 2016
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The Lead
What HP can teach today's startups
Despite recent turbulence, Hewlett-Packard has managed to stay relevant decades after its founding. The company's successes and failures illustrate the need to create a strong board, groom successors capable of stepping into leadership positions and build a culture that focuses on values.
MIT Technology Review online (free registration) (11/28) 
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Guide: How to Save $273 an Hour by Outsourcing Your Marketing
67% of small businesses don't have time to do it all, according to a recent Constant Contact survey. Are you one of them? Download this guide to learn how outsourcing can help you save time and grow your business.
Today In Startups
What 700+ founders say about the startup scene
Founders are less likely to say that there is a bubble in the tech industry than they were last year, according to a survey of more than 700 founders by First Round Review. The survey also covered a range of other startup topics, including the state of diversity in the industry and the most sought-after acquisition partners.
First Round Review (12/1) 
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Startups launched in boom hit hard by disappearing capital
The startups most vulnerable to the slowdown in venture capital investing are those launched one or two years ago, when money was pouring into new companies. Many have burned through nearly all their cash and will struggle to find more.
Bloomberg (11/30) 
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IRS can summon Coinbase customer data, court rules
The IRS can seek data on customers of bitcoin startup Coinbase by serving the company with a "John Doe summons" in a tax-evasion investigation, a federal court has ruled. Coinbase says it will oppose the demand in court as soon as it is served with a subpoena.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (12/1) 
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Embrace Disruptive Innovation
Traditional business is constantly being impacted by overwhelming and sudden shifts in the marketplace. This new normal is "disruptive innovation". Read this white paper to learn what disruptive innovation is and how your company can use cloud ERP to stay in the game.
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Make Your Startup Better
Fight customer churn with your compensation plan
After customer churn surged at HubSpot, leaders realized that sales reps were targeting prospective clients who were not a good fit. The situation illustrates the need to create a sales-compensation plan that incentivizes reps to minimize churn.
Mattermark (11/30) 
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Build credibility by admitting mistakes
Many leaders are worried that admitting mistakes will make them appear vulnerable, but this is the wrong approach, writes Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst. Being open and transparent about a mistake can help you develop credibility, he notes.
Fortune (11/30) 
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Get with the flow. How payment processing affects cash flow.
Cash flow is the lubricant of business. Without a healthy cash flow, business dries up. It stops. It can't function. Which is why it is vital to keep the revenues coming in as the expenses go out. But there's one aspect of cash flow that many of us are not aware of. It is how managing credit cards and other such non-cash payments affect cash flow. Turns out it has a huge affect. Download the free guide today.
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When Entrepreneurs Fail
LinkedIn's secret? No major mistakes
One of the keys to LinkedIn's success was that, unlike its rivals, it didn't make any major blunders early in its history, said venture capitalist Konstantin Guericke. "I can't point to one thing we did that made us successful and others fail, but ... I can tell you what each of [LinkedIn's competitors] did wrong," he said.
IT PRO (London) (12/1) 
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I cannot stress enough the importance of taking ownership for your mistake and actually saying the words, 'I'm sorry.'
Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, writing at Fortune
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