Idaho's law makes recruitment tough for tech startups | Idaho's law makes recruitment tough for tech startups | Lawsuit accuses startup BetterWorks of sexual harassment
July 17, 2017
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Idaho's law makes recruitment tough for tech startups
Boise (Alden Skeie/Unsplash)
Idaho's law makes recruitment tough for tech startups
Boise, Idaho, has earned a reputation as something of a tech hub, but some startups are concerned by a state law that makes it difficult for employees to change jobs. Idaho's new law forces "key employees" who wish to move to a new company to prove that they have "no ability to adversely affect the employer's legitimate business interests."
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (7/14) 
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Today In Startups
Lawsuit accuses startup BetterWorks of sexual harassment
A lawsuit filed in San Francisco Superior Court by Beatrice Kim, a former employee of startup BetterWorks, accuses CEO Kris Duggan of touching her inappropriately. The complaint says the way the company manages its employees has "more in common with a boy's club or fraternity house than a professional work environment."
Bloomberg (7/14) 
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Lessons from DraftKings' failed merger with FanDuel
A planned merger between fantasy sports companies DraftKings and FanDuel has fallen apart, partly because of regulatory scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which spotted antitrust concerns. The lesson is that the "FTC apparently only likes mergers between tech startup competitors when they're tiny, when one or both companies is failing, or preferably, both," writes Erin Griffith.
Fortune (7/14) 
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Make Your Startup Better
The benefits of hiring humanities majors
People with science, technology, engineering and math backgrounds are valuable to startups, but so are people who majored in the humanities, writes Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. Many startup jobs require a broad skill set, he notes, and employees who have a background in the liberal arts can be especially useful when a company is trying to determine exactly what customers want.
Fast Company online (7/15) 
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How planning pays off for entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs who write business plans are more likely than their peers to create viable businesses, suggests an analysis of research that sought to isolate this trait. In addition, the data show that entrepreneurs are more likely to plan if they are aspiring to achieve significant growth or attract investors, write Francis Greene and Christian Hopp.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (7/14) 
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Funding, IPOs and Acquisitions
When Entrepreneurs Fail
Juice machine startup Juicero laying off 25% of workforce
Juicero, a startup that sells $399 juice machines that are connected to the internet, is cutting its staff by 25%, mostly in sales and marketing. CEO Jeff Dunn says the company hopes to cut its prices and improve distribution.
Bloomberg (7/15) 
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While tech businesses are booming, many of the jobs waiting to be filled require broader skill sets than just great engineering chops.
Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard, writing at Fast Company online
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