Study: 46% of colorectal cancer survivors report pain | Gastroenterologist dispels some constipation myths | Gluten-free label rules should make shopping easier, physician says
April 10, 2015
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From Stanley K. Fergus and the American College of Gastroenterology

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Study: 46% of colorectal cancer survivors report pain
Survey data from almost 3,000 colorectal cancer patients showed 46% of those who had pain in early phases of care continued to report pain interference after treatment. The incidence of pain interference was linked to heart failure and pulmonary disease comorbidities, as well as loss of employment, according to the report in Pain Medicine. News (4/6)
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Gastroenterologist dispels some constipation myths
Gastroenterologist Charlene Prather says people have misconceptions about constipation, from dietary causes and cures to lifestyle changes, and many define it as straining or having hard stools and bloating rather than infrequent bowel movements. She says while people may believe constipation is inevitable as they get older, healthy aging is not linked to increased risks. U.S. News & World Report (4/8)
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Gluten-free label rules should make shopping easier, physician says
FDA guidelines for labeling gluten-free foods should make grocery shopping easier for people with celiac disease who were spending a lot of time checking product ingredient lists, says pediatric gastroenterologist Ritu Verma. Celiac patients who find that products they use do not have gluten-free labels can continue to consume them if they are comfortable doing so, or they can call manufacturers to ensure the products are still free of gluten. Medscape (free registration) (4/6)
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Doctor's recommendation may help overweight people lose more weight
Getting advice to lose weight from a doctor was linked to a 10-pound and 12-pound weight loss in overweight women and men, respectively, according to study data. Weight loss counsel also appeared to reduce odds of weight gain, researchers found. "A good physician can help us understand what kind of health trajectory we are on and how we can improve it," said study author Joshua Berning. HealthDay News (4/3)
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2 tests show efficacy in predicting UC mucosal healing
A Japanese study in The American Journal of Gastroenterology found fecal immunochemical tests and fecal calprotectin results can accurately predict mucosal healing in ulcerative colitis. For predicting only Mayo endoscopic subscores, however, FIT appeared to have better sensitivity than Fcal, researchers said. Read the abstract. Healio (free registration)/Gastroenterology (4/7)
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Noninvasive test for gastroparesis gets FDA approval
The FDA approved a noninvasive test for gastroparesis. The Gastric Emptying Breath Test can be used in multiple clinical settings, and clinicians do not need special training to use it. Healio (free registration)/Gastroenterology (4/7)
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Policy Watch
FDA to study how consumers interpret price comparisons in drug ads
The FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion is launching a study to determine whether drug ads comparing prices affect how consumers understand a drug's risks and benefits. More than 1,400 general practitioners and 1,500 patients with diabetes will be included in the main study. Regulatory Focus (4/3)
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CMS withdraws plan to change Medicare Advantage star rating system
The CMS will not follow through on a proposal to modify its ratings system for Medicare Advantage plans after receiving numerous comments opposing the changes, Center for Medicare Director Sean Cavanaugh said. MedPage Today (free registration) (4/7)
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Patient's Perspective
Keeping a routine to maintain a sense of control
"Routine is consistent, it feels stable and dependable to me. Missing school, having to drop semesters or quit school, losing jobs, being forced to move home, hospitalizations, etc. Life has felt so chaotic and ever changing for a long time. IBD forced me to cling to things I can control even though sometimes my coping has not been healthy. When I have routine, even if it's simple, I feel better. Things don't feel so out of control when something in life seems consistent." -- blog post from Sara on
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The Last Word
News and information from the American College of Gastroenterology
Obesity: Do you know your GI risks?
Do you weigh more than you should? Losing weight is more than about looking good, it is about being healthy. If your goal is to shed excess pounds, you're not alone. Millions of people suffer from obesity, which, if left untreated, could potentially lead to serious health problems. From ACG, Obesity: Do You Know Your GI Risks?, will provide you information about obesity, its dangers, what you can do to improve your health, and tools and tips to help you succeed.
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Indecision and delay are the parents of failure."
-- George Canning,
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