Facebook's Zuckerberg talks AI | Verizon to offer smartwatch that connects to network by itself | AI system could be key to fighting cyberthreats
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April 19, 2017
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Facebook's Zuckerberg talks AI
Facebook sees AI in its future
Zuckerberg (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the company's annual F8 conference that Facebook is the perfect place for experimenting with augmented reality. "Even if we were a little slow to add cameras to all our apps, I'm confident that now we're going to push this augmented reality platform forward," Zuckerberg said.
Reuters (4/19) 
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Technology & Trends
Verizon to offer smartwatch that connects to network by itself
Verizon's Wear24 smartwatch, due for release next month, can connect to the company's 4G LTE network without a smartphone. The device uses an eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) -- something like a SIM card -- for direct network connectivity.
MediaPost Communications (4/18) 
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AI system could be key to fighting cyberthreats
Darktrace is utilizing Antigena artificial-intelligence technology to monitor, slow down and stop compromised connections or devices without disrupting business operations. Once a cyberthreat is identified, Antigena attempts to neutralize it, allowing security professionals time to fight it.
CNBC (4/17) 
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IT Channel
Oracle buys developer-tools startup Wercker
Wercker, a Dutch startup that creates software that helps developers quickly test and deploy their code, has been acquired by Oracle. The acquisition supports Oracle's infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service work.
TechCrunch (4/17) 
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How companies can boost cybersecurity affordably
Businesses can boost their cybersecurity efforts without spending a fortune with the three B's, writes Scott Shackelford. Companies should be aware, be organized and be proactive to protect themselves effectively against cyberattacks.
The Conversation (U.S.) (4/17) 
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IT Workforce
Trump orders agencies to "Buy American, Hire American"
(Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump has signed an executive order tightening limits on H-1B tech-worker visas and instructing government agencies to purchase more products and services from US companies and hire more US workers. The order is written in broad terms and leaves details of how to implement it to Cabinet secretaries.
CNN (4/18),  USA Today (4/18) 
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Cybersecurity positions remain unfilled worldwide
Cybersecurity positions remain unfilled worldwide
(AFP/Getty Images)
More than 1 million cybersecurity positions are unfilled around the world, Cisco reports. The talent shortage could get worse as cybercrime increases while finding experienced data-crime-fighting personnel becomes more difficult.
Entrepreneur online (4/17) 
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Policy Watch
Google's accord in Russia may set precedent
Google, in a settlement with Russian authorities, has agreed to stop requiring phone-makers to assign priority to Google apps on Android-based devices. The deal is seen as a tech precedent that could have global ramifications, Reuters reports.
Reuters (4/17),  CNET (4/17) 
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Doing business in the UAE
CompTIA member Burhani Managed IT, a managed services provider based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, shares some insights on what it's like to do business in the Middle East and the trends impacting the region in this CompTIA Blog story.
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Data as currency
It's not uncommon to see data described as the currency of the digital economy. Data volumes that were measured in terabytes in the not-too-distant past are now measured in zettabytes (one billion terabytes). Taken together, these factors have ushered in the era of data. The CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Easing into Big Data examines the data market. Your free copy is available at CompTIA Insight & Tools.
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