Statin exposure may raise diabetes risk in elderly women | Review: OTC availability of oral contraceptives may benefit teens | CDC: Boost in HIV testing linked to drop in mother-to-child transmissions
March 21, 2017
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Women's Health Update
Statin exposure may raise diabetes risk in elderly women
An Australian study in the journal Drugs & Aging found women over the age of 75 who were exposed to statins had a 33% higher risk of being treated for new-onset diabetes. The findings, based on data for 8,372 women, showed the risk increased from a hazard ratio of 1.17 for the lowest dose to 1.51 for the highest dose. (3/15),  The Australian Financial Review (free content) (3/16) 
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Review: OTC availability of oral contraceptives may benefit teens
Adolescent girls were able to make informed decisions on oral contraceptive use and had similar contraceptive failure rates as adult women, according to a review of studies published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. The findings should prompt over-the-counter availability of oral contraceptives for teens, researchers said.
The Baltimore Sun (3/15),  United Press International (3/14) 
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Duke Women's Health NP Program is Flexible and Convenient
Our Women's Health NP program combines broad foundational knowledge with specialty knowledge essential for meeting the unique health care needs of women. Full and part-time options are available, allowing students to continue to work while they earn their Duke Women's Health NP Degree. Find out more
Obstetrics Focus
CDC: Boost in HIV testing linked to drop in mother-to-child transmissions
CDC researchers found that infants born with HIV in the US declined from 216 in 2002 to 69 in 2013, due in part to increasing HIV testing rates among women. The findings in JAMA Pediatrics also showed that 38% of perinatal HIV cases were from Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and Texas. (3/20),  HealthDay News (3/20) 
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Screening tests not effective in predicting preterm birth in first pregnancies
NIH researchers found that 8% and 23.3% of pregnant women who underwent transvaginal cervical length tests at 16 to 22 weeks' and 22 to 30 weeks' gestation, respectively, had a shortened cervix and delivered prematurely. The findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association, based on data involving 9,410 pregnant women, also showed that only 7.3% and 8.1% of those tested with elevated fibronectin levels at 16 to 22 weeks and 22 to 30 weeks, respectively, had preterm births.
HealthDay News (3/14),  United Press International (3/14) 
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Spokane Hospital Offering Nitrous Oxide for Moms-To-Be
Deaconess Hospital in Spokane is the first hospital in the region to offer Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen for laboring moms. Deaconess says it gives immediate pain relief and decreases anxiety. Patients stay awake and alert while they use the gas, and still have full use of their motor and sensory functions. Watch the video.
AWHONN Spotlight on Research
Breastfeeding preterm infants at a neonatal care unit in rural Tanzania
Almost two thirds of the world's preterm births and more than 75% of neonatal deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Initiation of early and exclusive breastfeeding is even more important for preterm infants. In JOGNN, authors describe the breastfeeding experiences of mothers with preterm and low-birth-weight infants in a neonatal unit in Tanzania. Read the abstract in JOGNN.
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Finish in 16 months – No On-Site Clinical Req'd.
When choosing an RN-BSN program, choose one that recognizes your hard work and experience. Anna Maria College's online RN-BSN recognizes past coursework as well as your experience as a nurse toward your degree and in place of an on-site clinical. You can even finish in as little as 16 months! Learn More
Neonatal Health
CDC data show 15% decrease in infant mortality
The CDC said infant mortality in the US decreased 15% from 2005 to 2014, from 6.86 deaths per 1,000 live births to 5.82, and that declines were seen across most racial groups. Deaths from sudden infant death syndrome dropped by 29%, data showed.
CNN (3/21) 
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Study: Gentle touch may improve brain responses for preemies
Infants born preterm had reduced brain response to gentle touch than those born full-term, and those who underwent more painful medical procedures had the least likelihood of brain response, according to a study in Current Biology. However, the findings, based on data involving 125 babies, showed increased brain responses among those born preterm who had more gentle contact with parents and clinicians in the NICU.
United Press International (3/16),  HealthDay News (3/16) 
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AWHONN Connections: Lessening the risk of traumatic birth
Between 33%-45% of women perceive their birth experience to be traumatic. In our latest blog post, Karin Beschen, LMHC, provides tips and tools for obstetrical staff in lessening the risk of women experiencing birth to be traumatic. Read more.
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Free emerging infectious disease preparedness workshops
The CDC has collaborated with the National Ebola Training & Education Center on two free workshops that will help provide better quality patient care during an infectious disease epidemic. The workshops will cover standard operating procedures, hands-on simulation, emergency management and leadership strategies to sustain readiness. Learn more.
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