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June 14, 2018
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Veterinary Medicine Update
USDA funds studies of swine, cattle, poultry genomics
The USDA is funding three functional genomics projects with grants totaling $6.5 million. The work involves swine research at Iowa State University, cattle research at the University of California at Davis and poultry research at Western University of Health Sciences.
Feedstuffs (Minnetonka, Minn.) (6/13) 
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Catalog of canine genetic tests may guide consumers, veterinarians
The International Partnership for Dogs is setting up an open-access genomics database as part of the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs program. The catalog of genetic tests for dog breeds and varieties explains test vendors' expertise, quality-assurance protocols and resources; outlines the clinical and genetic information tests collect; describes the science and evidence supporting the tests; and includes guidance for consumers and veterinary professionals.
JAVMA News (6/13) 
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Veterinary dentist improvises when called to Ethiopia for special cases
Veterinary dental specialist Larry Baker recently traveled from Illinois to Ethiopia to provide care for a cane corso and a rottweiler that guard a businessman's home. Dr. Baker repaired the dogs' teeth, placed crowns and performed root canals with basic tools and equipment.
Herald & Review (Decatur, Ill.) (6/12) 
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Report downplays CWD risk
The American Cervid Alliance, which represents deer farmers and related businesses, issued a report on chronic wasting disease that questions estimates of CWD prevalence based on modeling, asserts that the prion is unlikely to affect cattle and says that efforts to prevent, control or eradicate CWD have been ineffective. Nonetheless, "research, surveillance and control efforts, including preventive regulations and biosecurity for captive cervid herds should continue," writes John Maday.
AgWeb (6/13) 
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Other News
Animal News
Prosthetist finds joy in helping animals thrive
Prosthetist Derrick Campana started out working with people but switched to animals when a veterinarian asked him to make a prosthetic leg for a chocolate Labrador retriever. Campana has since made prostheses and braces for horses, camels, sheep, gazelles and, as featured the television show "Dodo Heroes," a 5-ton, 30-year-old bull elephant.
Moneyish (6/8) 
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Orphaned joeys nestle in makeshift pouches
Kangaroos are born before the gestation process is complete and finish developing in the mother's pouch, where they stay for about six months. Rescuers of orphaned joeys suspend slings made of soft cloth or sweatshirts from their necks to make joeys feel secure.
National Geographic online (6/13) 
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Other News
Policy Watch
R.I. bills restrict sales of pets, beef up penalties for cruelty
The Rhode Island House and Senate passed bills that would strengthen criminal penalties for repeated animal cruelty and neglect, restrict pet shop sales of dogs and cats and form a Senate commission to study the state's vicious animal hearing process. Pet shop sales of dogs and cats would be limited to animals from shelters or rescues, and the sale of dogs and cats would be banned in parking lots, recreational areas, flea markets and other public places.
The Providence Journal (R.I.) (free registration) (6/12),  WPRI-TV (Providence, R.I.) (6/13) 
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Around the Office
Tips for boosting visibility on Facebook
Marketing experts from the Forbes Agency Council discuss how to regain visibility in the wake of recent algorithm changes at Facebook. Among their suggestions are to post content that encourages comments, start using Facebook Live and focus on quality over quantity.
Forbes (6/12) 
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AVMA Today
Protect your team: Learn to identify at-risk colleagues
Recognizing the signs that a peer may be considering suicide can be the first step in saving a life. The AVMA offers free "gatekeeper" training to teach AVMA and SAVMA members how to identify at-risk colleagues and guide them to seek professional help. The online program takes only about an hour to complete. Learn more and sign up.
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