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November 14, 2014
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Dozens of cats to be euthanized after one tests positive for rabies
Over 50 cats living in a Delaware woman's home must be euthanized because one of her kittens tested positive for rabies and she lacked clear evidence the others had been vaccinated. The cats were in poor condition, and others had already died, possibly due to rabies infection. Officials are using the case as an opportunity to remind pet owners of the importance of vaccination and having pets spayed or neutered. The News Journal (Wilmington, Del.) (tiered subscription model) (11/14)
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Researchers take aim at EHV-1
The incidence of equine herpesvirus-1 has risen over the past 15 years, but rising awareness among horse owners and improved protocols for handling diagnoses -- including case reporting in many states -- have improved surveillance, according to veterinarian Gillian Perkins. Researchers are attacking the disease from numerous angles, looking at immunity, differences among EHV strains and vaccines that target the neurologic form. The Horse (11/12)
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Man recounts his experience with chikungunya
The emerging zoonotic chikungunya virus has rapidly spread through the Americas, including the U.S. Some 900,000 people in the region have been infected by the virus so far, including Adam Chandler, who recounts his experience in this article. He was infected with the insect-borne virus during a visit to Haiti and initially believed his symptoms, including pain and listlessness, were caused by dengue fever. The Atlantic online (11/12)
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ULTRA™ Duramune® is the first and only 0.5 mL canine vaccine line designed to offer a more comfortable vaccination experience with 50% less volume. Plus, this innovative vaccine line is made with PureFil Technology, which is designed to help decrease vaccine reactions by reducing extraneous proteins and cellular debris. Get more details
Animal News
Horse owners should watch foals' eyes carefully
Foals are susceptible to various eye problems, according to veterinarians Steve Roberts and Dennis Brooks. Signs of eye problems include drooping or otherwise malfunctioning eyelids and copious discharge. It's possible for infections present in the mare during pregnancy to affect the foal's eyes or for trauma during and after delivery to cause damage. Prompt veterinary attention can help determine the problem and the best course of action. The Horse (11/12)
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Keep pets warm and cozy as cold sets in
Plummeting temperatures in parts of the country mean pets could be at risk. It's best to bring companion animals indoors to protect them from the cold. Animals that stay outside must have access to warm, dry shelter that protects them from wind and rain or snow. Keep thick bedding dry, and be sure food and water sources don't freeze. All animals need extra care to weather the cold, but young, elderly, ill and small animals are especially at risk. KLFY-TV (Lafayette, La.) (11/13)
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How animals make life better
Man and dog.
(Getty Images)
Most animal owners know that their pets make them happy, and scientific research agrees. Exposure to pets has been shown to reduce the incidence of allergies, increase activity levels and lower blood pressure. Pets also make us feel less lonely, more positive and less stressed. The Huffington Post (11/13)
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Teen connects pets and owners via cyberspace
Fourteen-year-old Brooke Martin created iCPooch, a tablet holder connected to a treat dispenser that lets owners and pets video chat. "I felt so guilty that I had to leave her alone all day depressed by herself," Martin said of her dog, who suffers separation anxiety. "I thought it would be great to connect with her while I was gone." The system sells for $150 and can be adapted for cat treats. KPIX-TV (San Francisco) (11/13)
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Pet health insurance industry growth outpaces other sectors
At $600 million and counting, the domestic pet health insurance industry is growing faster than U.S. accident-and-health coverage and isn't showing any signs of stopping. "It's a nascent industry, and demographically it has legs, especially with the adoption of pets as family members," said Fairfax Financial Holdings President Paul Rivett. His company agreed to buy Pethealth, the second-largest pet insurer in North America. Bloomberg Businessweek (11/13)
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Other News
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Employees want regular recognition for their work
A study from LinkedIn says 58% of workers would have a better attitude if the boss appreciated their everyday contribution and success. One-third of respondents said they have quit a job because their everyday contributions were not appreciated. Forbes (11/11)
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Personal Financial Planning Tool - Track, Plan, Succeed!
Reach your financial goals with the easy-to-use AVMA Personal Financial Planning Tool for veterinarians. This tool will help you build a personalized estimate of your budget needs so you can plan how to repay debt over time, while also saving for the future. Get started today!
Association News
Who's in charge of your animals' care while you're away?
The reservations are made, the bags are packed and you're ready for your trip. If you're not taking your animals with you, who's in charge of health care decisions while you're away? Cellphones and computers have made it much easier to stay in touch and be contacted, but what if you can't be reached in case of an emergency? To help people prepare for such scenarios, the AVMA has compiled a list of questions to consider and actions to take to ensure their animals are well taken care of while they're away. View AVMA's emergency decisions resources.
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In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us."
-- Flora Edwards,
American author
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