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October 13, 2014
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Texas nurse hospitalized with Ebola; dog will not be euthanized
A hospital worker who treated the Dallas Ebola patient who died last week has tested positive for the disease, marking the first known Ebola transmission in the U.S. The worker owns a dog who will not be euthanized, according to authorities, who are working with the local SPCA and animal control officials to secure care for the animal. The nurse was wearing full protective gear while treating Duncan, but experts say removing the gear without being exposed to the pathogen is difficult. CDC Director Thomas Frieden said additional cases could surface in the coming days. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (10/12), USA Today (10/13), Reuters (10/12), The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (10/13)
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Dakotas guard against spread of swine disease
South Dakota state veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven said the state has additional confirmed sites of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection. He notes that nearby states have been hit harder, but the disease remains a concern in his state. North Dakota state veterinarian Susan Keller said that the new cases in South Dakota could mean new cases in her state, too, where the most recently affected farm was identified in February. Both veterinarians emphasize the need for vigilance with biosecurity practices. The Rapid City Journal (S.D.)/The Associated Press (10/10)
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Puppy bites 4 people, later tests positive for rabies
Four people were bitten by a puppy that later died and tested positive for rabies. The family fed the stray, and after several days, they noticed the animal was behaving strangely. It bit the four, and all are undergoing rabies prophylaxis. The Times (Shreveport, La.) (tiered subscription model) (10/9)
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Animal News
What to do when your dog is no fan of grooming
A single negative grooming experience could mean a lifetime of problems during grooming for an otherwise well-adjusted dog, according to veterinarian Lisa Radosta, but she says there is hope. Dr. Radosta suggests finding a groomer who will spend time getting the dog comfortable, then beginning with visits for a treat and then progressing gradually until grooming can be done. Other topics, including a cat that urinates in the sink and a discussion of outdoor vs. indoor dogs, are also addressed in this Q&A. The Buffalo News (N.Y.) (10/10)
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Mapping animal movements holds value for all, experts say
Many migrating animals are on the move with the change in seasons, driven by the relentless search for food. Animals may be moving along elevation gradients or changing latitude in search of more hospitable climates, and as they move vast distances, they may be carrying disease as well as serving as indicators of ecosystem change. "I kind of like to think of migrations as inhalations and exhalations of a healthy ecosystem," says zoologist Grant Hopcraft. The Guardian (London) (10/13)
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Around the Office
The best books for small-business owners
Reading can be a valuable supplement to experience in learning how to run a small business. Josh Patrick of Stage 2 Planning Partners offers a list of favorite books, including selections with advice on the importance of systems, the value of strategic activities and the right way to plan your exit. The New York Times (tiered subscription model)/You're the Boss blog (10/10)
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AVMA in the News
What dog owners need to know about Ebola
Veterinarian John de Jong reassures pet owners that there are no data that suggest dogs can transmit Ebola to people. Some research has found antibodies to the virus in exposed dogs, but the animals did not exhibit symptoms. Dr. de Jong says the AVMA is working closely with the CDC to ensure public health is protected. Meanwhile, other zoonotic diseases are known to be transmitted between dogs and humans, including leptospirosis and rabies. Boston Herald (10/12)
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Pet food safety: Recalls and alerts
The AVMA helps keep you up to date on recalls and alerts issued regarding pet food and treats, animal feed and medications. The information is based on reports and alerts received and confirmed through the FDA and manufacturers. In addition, AVMA members can download website widgets to help keep their clients informed of the latest recalls and alerts. View AVMA's pet food and product recall and alerts page and receive recall alerts via Twitter by following @AVMARecallWatch.
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If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself."
-- Paulo Coelho,
Brazilian novelist
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