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February 13, 2018
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Report raises concern about euthanasia drug in pet food
The euthanasia drug pentobarbital is showing up in certain pet foods with grave and even lethal consequences, according to a TV news investigative report. The FDA responded with a pledge to look into the matter.
WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) (2/9) 
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2 captive deer farms in Pa. quarantined due to CWD
Captive deer farms in Pennsylvania's Bedford and Lancaster counties were placed under quarantine after the state Department of Agriculture confirmed chronic wasting disease was found in one deer at each facility. The deer were born and raised at the facilities.
The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pa.) (2/12) 
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Ambulance service gets pets to the veterinarian fast
Yalanda Medina founded a pet ambulance service in 2016 in Cleveland after racing at close to 90 mph one night to get her own dog to an emergency veterinarian. Medina earned pet first aid and rescue certifications, retrofitted two vans and an ambulance to handle pets, and responds to about 35 calls each week.
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) (2/12) 
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New Copiparvovirus found in equine tetanus antitoxin
A study published in Emerging Infectious Diseases found that two horses developed equine serum hepatitis after receiving equine-derived tetanus antitoxin that was contaminated with a Copiparvovirus that is more closely related to the form that affects swine and cattle than to the virus that affects horses. Evidence of the new virus, which is being called equine parvovirus-hepatitis, was detected in the blood of 13 of 100 clinically normal adult horses, suggesting that the virus is endemic but not always evident.
Horse Talk (New Zealand) (2/9) 
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Animal News
UK veterinarians want no more brachycephalic pets on greeting cards
The British Veterinary Association urged greeting card manufacturers to stop featuring brachycephalic pets on cards. The group says advertisements and cards featuring animals with the dangerous morphology -- which compromises their ability to breathe and eat -- contributes to their popularity.
The Guardian (London) (2/12) 
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Other News
Policy Watch
UN leader: More work needed to prevent pandemics
More must be done to prevent pandemic outbreaks of viruses, said Robert Glasser, outgoing head of the United Nations' Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Viruses with the potential to jump from animals to humans are a serious public health threat, he said, and avian influenza is a particularly potent concern at the moment.
Reuters (2/10) 
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Other News
AVMA in the News
High stress means many veterinarians wouldn't recommend profession to others
An AVMA survey conducted with Merck Animal Health showed that only 27% of veterinarians younger than 46 and only 41% overall would recommend that a friend or family member enter the profession. Veterinary medicine is a physically and emotionally demanding occupation that is increasingly competitive while clients' ability to pay declines, and many veterinarians struggle to sustain a healthy balance in life, says Jen Brandt, AVMA director of well-being and diversity initiatives.
Feedstuffs (Minnetonka, Minn.) (2/12) 
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Around the Office
Equifax hack exposed more data than initially thought
The Equifax data breach last year exposed more consumer information than was initially reported, including tax identification numbers, phone numbers, credit card expiration dates and email addresses, according to documents given to a Senate committee.
USA Today/The Associated Press (2/12),  United Press International (2/10) 
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AVMA Today
Comments sought on proposed changes to AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act
The AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act is currently under review, and commenting is open until March 25. This AVMA policy is used as a primary resource during the writing and review of veterinary practice acts across the United States, which means your comments will help inform a policy that directly affects the daily practice of veterinary medicine. Visit the AVMA@Work blog to learn more and submit your comments on the proposed changes to the Model Veterinary Practice Act.
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Learn more about the AVMA: | AVMA@Work | AVMA on YouTube |
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