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May 15, 2015
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Study finds vitamin D levels correlate with cat survival
Hospitalized cats with low vitamin D levels when admitted are more likely to die within 30 days than cats with higher vitamin D levels, according to research from the University of Edinburgh's veterinary school. The authors reached their conclusions after testing blood from ill cats for a vitamin D metabolite. Commercial cat food typically contains adequate levels of vitamin D, the authors note, so owners should not give cats a vitamin D supplement, which could be harmful. However, veterinarians can use vitamin D levels to help determine prognosis, and more research may help determine whether ill cats would benefit from adding vitamin D to their treatment. (5/13)
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Rodents eyed as possible vectors of avian influenza
Research shows that rodents can be mechanical vectors of influenza, said Department of Agriculture epidemiologist and veterinarian Brian McCluskey. Even if the small mammals aren't becoming infected, they might be carrying the virus on paws and fur into poultry operations, he said. USDA scientists are testing rodents and birds for avian influenza to determine if they're contributing to the outbreak in the Midwest. (5/14)
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Iowa stable reports neurological form of EHV
Iowa animal health officials have confirmed equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy at a Warren County stable. Four horses at the facility were euthanized due to the infection, which is highly contagious and begins as a fever with a runny nose but may progress to debilitating neurological disease. Veterinarian Alan Raun cares for the horses at Reedannland, his stable where the affected horses lived, and said a number of others became ill but may recover. KCAU-TV (Sioux City, Iowa) (5/13)
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Protect pets from heatstroke
Veterinarian Gavin Ganzer says owners can prevent heatstroke, also called hyperthermia, in pets by following some common-sense tips. Dogs can't release body heat the way humans do, so excessive exercise in warm weather, being left outdoors without protection from the heat and being closed in a car can lead to rapid elevations in a dog's body temperature. Consequences may be deadly. Ill, older and obese animals are more at risk. An overheated dog may benefit from cool but not cold water and circulating air, but signs of heatstroke warrant a trip to the veterinarian. KHON-TV (Honolulu) (5/12)
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Cat sets new Guinness record for loudest purr
Somewhere between a vacuum cleaner and an air conditioner -- that's where Guinness World Records officials documented Merlin the cat's purr volume. A 13-year-old rescue, Merlin just set a new record, topping the previous champ's 67.68-decibel purr with his 67.8 decibels. USA Today (5/14)
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Fear Free is the way to be!
In the latest edition of the SmartBrief Spotlight, you can learn more about the Fear Free Initiative and how this refreshing new approach to veterinary visits can encourage better healthcare for your patients. Additionally, we'll discuss easy ways to incorporate Fear Free methods into your clinic. Find out more about the Fear Free Initiative
Around the Office
Why banks might turn down your loan application
Banks may reject a business loan application if you had bad credit, poor cash flow or insufficient collateral, experts say. In addition, some banks may be wary of taking on the risk or uninterested in making small loans, they say. NerdWallet (5/13)
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Want to Be a Better Salesperson? Build Relationships
Today's knowledge-hungry consumers often know as much about a product as the people trying to sell it. So what's your sales edge? Learning to build stronger relationships with your clients. Read the featured article.

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Next week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week
Over half of the 4.5 million people who suffer dog bites annually are children, according to AVMA board member and veterinarian Jose Arce. Postal workers are another top target for dog bites because deliveries bring them close to dogs. National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which starts Sunday, focuses on steps to minimize bites. Teaching children to ask owners before petting a dog, let the dog sniff before contact and stay still if a dog runs toward them are some ways of minimizing risk, according to the AVMA. San Antonio Express-News/The Associated Press (5/14)
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Fill Your Empty Appointment Slots
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Association News
Nominate your vet to be America's Favorite Veterinarian today!
The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is once again running its America's Favorite Veterinarian contest. If you would like to nominate your veterinarian and recognize his or her work, visit and fill out the nomination form. Nominations for America's Favorite Veterinarian will be accepted until May 17.
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It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance."
-- Thomas Huxley,
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