Maternal mortality rises in the US, drops globally | Portable ultrasound maker's success suggests bright future for POC imaging | Evena debuts updated version of smart glasses
November 19, 2015
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Clinical Advancements in SonographyAdvertisement
Maternal mortality rises in the US, drops globally
Maternity delivery
A mother touches her newborn infant's hand. (Philippe Huguen/Getty Images)
Global maternal mortality rates are down 44%, from 532,000 deaths in 1990 to 303,000 in 2015, according to a UN and World Bank report in The Lancet. In the US, however, maternal mortality has increased from 12 to 14 deaths per 100,000 live births. Iceland, Finland, Poland and Greece have the lowest maternal mortality rates, at three deaths per 100,000 live births. Reuters (11/12), BBC (11/12)
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Portable ultrasound maker's success suggests bright future for POC imaging
KKR & Co. LP is investing $35 million in handheld ultrasound device maker Signostics Ltd., highlighting the value of the growing portable ultrasound market. The company earmarked the money for research and development. Reuters (11/16)
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Blend Content and Community to Create Truly Interactive Websites
Websites need to evolve. Visit any website today and they're much the same as those in the 1990's: entirely one-way. In this eBook, we detail six reasons for blending an online community to make your website interactive.

Technology Update
Evena debuts updated version of smart glasses
Evena launched its Eyes-On Glasses 3.0. The smart glasses offer a hands-free, cart-free, deep-tissue vasculature ultrasound imaging system. (free registration) (11/16)
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How to avoid ICD-10 coding pitfalls
ICD-10 demands precise descriptions of patients' injuries or diseases, and the seventh character, which denotes the type of encounter, can trip up billing operations, writes Janet Colwell. Tips for accurate ICD-10 coding and prompt reimbursement include limiting the use of unspecified codes, tailoring the practice's coding system, keeping open lines of communication between clinicians and coders and regularly running frequency reports. Physicians Practice magazine online (11/12)
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Practice News
Radiology residents in the dark about imaging prices
A study that used responses from 1,066 radiology residents and fellows found that nearly half did not know the Medicare-allowable fees for all of five different imaging exams they were asked about. More than 65% of guesses were too high and 17% were too low. Just 17% of responses were accurate. The survey asked about pricing for two-view chest X-ray, contrast-enhanced abdominal and pelvic CT, unenhanced lumbar spine MRI, complete abdominal ultrasound and unenhanced brain CT. Health economics training didn't help, as respondents who had training didn't know pricing any better than their colleagues with no training. Radiology Business (11/9)
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Survey: Fewer physicians plan to sell, merge practice
A survey of physicians who owned their practice found 59% were not planning to sell or merge, compared with 54% last year. The CareCloud Practice Profitability Index found that 25% of physicians did plan to sell or merge their practice, and cited increased administrative burden as the main concern. Healthcare Finance News (11/12)
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Credentialing battle leads to new alternative for physicians
San Diego cardiologist Paul Teirstein has led the effort to get the American Board of Internal Medicine to suspend unpopular rules for physician board certification. He and other practitioners created an alternative, the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons, which has issued board certifications to more than 2,700 practitioners and is accepted at 18 hospitals. A major difference between the groups is that the ABIM has a 10-year test requirement while the NBPS allows physicians to keep certifications by getting at least 50 hours of approved continuing education in their specialty annually. The San Diego Union-Tribune (11/14)
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Patient Care in MedicineAdvertisement
AMA seeks regulations to implement warnings about pot use in pregnancy
The American Medical Association issued a new policy urging warning signs be posted about the dangers of using marijuana during pregnancy at dispensaries that sell the substance and on packages of marijuana used for medical and recreational purposes. Oregon, one of four states that allow recreational use of marijuana, is the only state that requires a point of sale warning about its use among pregnant and breast-feeding women, the group said. Associated Press (11/16)
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Interested in Starting Your Own Mobile Ultrasound Business?
Many sonographers dream of providing patient care on their own terms, but don't know where to start. With the AIC Consulting Program, our clients enjoy the perks of business ownership with the confidence only one-on-one coaching and exclusive training can bring. Want to learn what it takes? Click HERE to register for our FREE webinar this Saturday. 877-702-2084
Legislative & Regulatory Update
Government finalizes interim ACA rules
After five years of interim rules governing implementation of the Affordable Care Act, along with repeated modifications through guidance and clarification documents, HHS and the Labor and Treasury departments have finalized the regulations. The final rules cement existing policy related to coverage of adult children up to age 26, pre-existing conditions and other central tenets of the ACA. Health Affairs Blog (11/14)
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What to know about recertification
Recertification is a measurable way to ensure that ARDMS Registrants continue to demonstrate the knowledge and core clinical skills in present-day practice. During the first seven years of your original certification, you do not need to take any action. During the last three years, you will need to complete the recertification assessment. To check your 10-year period, log on to MY ARDMS and click the "Maintain Certification" tab.
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Grow with ARDMS: Volunteer now!
Write questions for ARDMS examinations and enhance your career while helping to ensure that candidates are assessed accurately on the most current and relevant standards in sonography. Training and coaching will be provided. Learn more.
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