UK awards $100K grant to fund low-cost prosthetic knee | Young girl tries out new functional, cosmetic arm | Exoskeleton, wound-healing bandage debut at European conference
July 20, 2017
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UK awards $100K grant to fund low-cost prosthetic knee
San Francisco-based D-Rev received a grant worth approximately $100,000 from the UK government to develop an inexpensive, polycentric, four-bar prosthetic knee to help users navigate uneven surfaces. The knees are intended to help young people in developing countries continue living active lives, according to product manager Rob Weiss, who added that the next phase of research will focus on incorporating hydraulics or microprocessors into the device.
The Guardian (London) (7/18) 
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The Truth About Cloud Security
Protecting your clients' sensitive data is not optional. Data security is so important in finance that suspicion alone leaves many firms to reject modern cloud software as new or unproven. However, the facts tell a different story. Read this revealing e-book for 13 security facts your organization needs to make the best decision for your clients.
Science and Technology
Young girl tries out new functional, cosmetic arm
Microsoft engineer Easton LaChappelle used 3D scanners and computers to map the residual limb and full arm of a 9-year-old girl who was born missing her right hand and forearm. LaChappelle developed a lightweight, battery-powered robotic arm with individual finger movement and muscle control that works and looks like a human hand, down to the paintable fingernails.
BrandChannel (7/18) 
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Exoskeleton, wound-healing bandage debut at European conference
Innovations introduced at the European MedFIT conference included Japet Medical Devices' Atlas exoskeleton, which decompresses the spine during physical therapy exercises to relieve lower-back pain, and Linksium's Grapheal bandage, which uses graphene to encourage cell growth and healing in advanced wounds.
Medtech Insight (free registration) (7/19) 
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Medical News
Double hand transplant gives boy independence
Two years after undergoing the country's first pediatric double hand transplant, Zion Harvey, now 10, can write, hold food, zip his pants, make his lunch and grip a baseball bat, his doctors report in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. "He really has gained tremendous independence, which is what we all strive for in our personal lives," said his surgeon, L. Scott Levin, surgical director of the hand transplantation program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
CNN (7/19) 
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CDC releases diabetes, prediabetes statistics in US
CDC releases diabetes, prediabetes statistics in US
(Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images)
As of 2015, 9.4% of the US population, or 30.3 million people, have diabetes, while 84.1 million have prediabetes, according to the CDC's 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report. Researchers also found increased rates of diagnosed diabetes with age, with 25.5% of adults ages at least 65 having diabetes, compared with 4% of those ages 18 to 44.
Healio (free registration)/Endocrine Today (7/18) 
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Register for the AOPA World Congress Sept. 6-9, 2017
The 2017 AOPA World Congress is anticipated to be the largest O&P collaboration in history. Come for the largest exhibit hall, best clinical, business, and technical education, and enjoy the fun events celebrating AOPA's 100 years! Register now.
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Legislative and Regulatory
CBO: 32M Americans would lose insurance under repeal without replacement
CBO: 32M Americans would lose insurance under repeal without replacement
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)
The Congressional Budget Office estimated that repealing the Affordable Care Act without replacing it would cause 32 million Americans to lose insurance coverage within 10 years, compared with 23 million under the House-passed American Health Care Act and 22 million under the Senate-proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act. Simple repeal would also cause insurance premiums to nearly double by 2026 and compel insurers to exit individual markets as soon as next year, the CBO found.
Reuters (7/19),  The Hill (7/19),  HuffPost (7/20) 
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Trend Watch
Ga. amputee becomes competitive racer
John Pulliam of Georgia was not a competitive athlete before losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, but he has since competed in road races, marathons and a triathlon with a running blade. "Hopefully, I can encourage someone else to get up and get out and to keep moving forward," he said.
WAGA-TV (Atlanta) (7/19) 
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Business and Finance
Regulations address new statutory due dates for many tax returns
Legislation enacted in 2015 changed due dates and extended due dates for many tax and information returns. The Internal Revenue Service has issued regulations governing those due dates.
Journal of Accountancy online (7/19) 
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Time to trade in the conventional employee handbook
Small-business owners can use the same technology Wikipedia uses to create a collaborative employee handbook, writes Andreas Rivera, who describes two ways to create a "wiki" handbook. "The collaborative nature can bring the team together, and save you time training new employees on company policies, new employee guides, document templates and anything else you require," Rivera writes.
Business News Daily (7/18) 
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Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,
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