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February 2, 2016
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Patients with HIV at increased risk of COPD exacerbation, study finds
Researchers followed more than 130,000 patients for more than 234,000 person-years and found that the rate of acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among individuals infected with HIV was 18.8 per 1,000 person-years, compared with 13.3 among patients not infected with the virus. The increased risk was strongest in patients with HIV who had more severe immune suppression, according to the study published in the journal AIDS. Family Practice News (1/29)
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Zika virus a global health emergency, WHO says
Mosquito control in the Dominican Republic.
Mosquito control in the Dominican Republic. (Erika Santelices/AFP/Getty Images)
Although Zika virus infections in pregnant women haven't been scientifically connected to birth defects in infants, anecdotal evidence was enough to prompt the World Health Organization to declare the virus and the birth defects associated with Zika a public health emergency. The move paves the way for a coordinated response to the outbreak and should advance work on diagnostics and vaccines. Researchers already are working on a vaccine based on progress toward a West Nile vaccine. The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (2/1), USA Today (2/1)
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Study links tendinopathy and diabetes
A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that patients who suffer from tendon pain are 1.3 times more likely to have diabetes than those without tendinopathy. The study also found that patients with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have thickened tendons and face over 3.67 times the risk of developing tendinopathy compared with patients who do not have diabetes. Researchers, who analyzed 31 previous studies, said the findings are problematic because exercise is an important aspect of diabetes management. Reuters (1/29)
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Specialized diet may slow kidney disease progression, study says
A study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found the progression of chronic kidney disease may be slowed by a ketoanalogue-supplemented vegetarian very low-protein diet, compared with a conventional low-protein diet. The diet "seems nutritionally safe and could defer dialysis initiation in some patients with CKD," the authors wrote. News (1/29)
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Young men who have trouble handling stress face risk of hypertension later
A study published in the journal Heart found that 18-year-old men who have the most trouble coping with stress are 40% more prone to high blood pressure as they grow older than those who are best able to handle stress. Findings were based on 1.5 million Swedish army recruits. Weight also played a role in hypertension risk, with those who had low stress-resilience scores and high BMI facing three times the risk of developing hypertension, compared with those with high stress-resilience scores and normal BMI. HealthDay News (2/2)
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Drug shortages affect clinical care
Shortages of drugs from antibiotics to cancer treatments have become a new norm in medicine, and physicians and government and hospital officials say it has led to ad hoc policies, contradictory conclusions, and questionable ethical decisions and medical practices. Cutting back drug dosages or making drug substitutions has effects, but the health sector is not tracking outcomes for patients getting substitute medications or delayed treatment. The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (1/29)
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Study links bankruptcy to higher mortality rates for cancer patients
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researchers said Washington state data showed cancer patients who filed for bankruptcy because of medical costs had an 80% higher risk of death, compared with those who did not file for bankruptcy. The study found the risk of mortality was nearly 2.5 times higher for colorectal cancer patients who filed for bankruptcy. Medscape (free registration) (1/28)
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Work-Life Balance
Resilience training gains traction in employee wellness plans
Business groups say increased emphasis on employee stress is helping make resilience training one of the fastest-growing wellness programs in the US. A meQuilibrium survey of 2,000 employees who participated in a resilience assessment found highly resilient workers reported 46% less perceived stress and had fewer absences than colleagues with low resilience, who were more likely to be overweight and to report a hospital stay in the past year. Employee Benefit News (2/1)
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Legislative Policy & Regulatory News
Comment period for EHR certification, quality reporting programs expanded by CMS, ONC
The deadline for sending feedback regarding quality reporting and EHR certification measures has been moved to Feb. 16 by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the CMS. Comments from stakeholders will help the agencies determine the frequency for recertifying EHRs, methods to enhance health IT products testing and the number of clinical quality standards needed for health IT certification. Healthcare IT News (2/1)
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CMS clarifies rules for relocation exemption under the ACA
People who move to another state with the intention of living there may be able to apply for a health insurance plan outside the open enrollment period without a waiting period, but traveling out of state for business, pleasure or to obtain health care does not open a special enrollment opportunity under the Affordable Care Act, the CMS says. People with homes in more than one state who spend significant periods of time in those homes may qualify for more than one health plan through an ACA exchange, according to the CMS guidance. Kaiser Health News (1/29)
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Pediatric Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition Identifies the key standards of practice for evaluating the practice outcomes and goals for which pediatric nurses are held accountable. Learn more.
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