Osteomyelitis is serious, but surgeons have time to weigh treatment options | Provider uses wearable sensor to help prevent pressure ulcers | Technique to treat PAD could prevent amputations
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December 10, 2014
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Wound Care Update
Osteomyelitis is serious, but surgeons have time to weigh treatment options
A recent study in Diabetes Care found that a six-week course of antibiotics worked as well as a 12-week course in patients with osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot, and patients in the six-week group experienced fewer gastrointestinal side effects. One takeaway point is that osteomyelitis is serious, but unlike acute soft tissue infections, is rarely an emergency, podiatrist David Armstrong writes. Podiatry Today magazine online (12/5)
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Provider uses wearable sensor to help prevent pressure ulcers
Chino Valley Medical Center in California is using a remote monitoring system from Leaf Healthcare to track patient movement in bed. The sensor helps determine when patients need to be turned to avoid pressure ulcers. In a study, use of the sensor was associated with increased compliance with turn procedures. MobiHealthNews.com (12/3)
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Technique to treat PAD could prevent amputations
A procedure developed in Minnesota uses a drug-coated balloon to open narrow arteries in patients with peripheral artery disease, which could help prevent amputations. The Lutonix procedure is similar to traditional balloon angioplasty but delivers a chemotherapy drug directly to the wall of the blood vessel to prevent scar tissue from building up. The procedure can be repeated as needed. KARE-TV (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (12/2)
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Research, Technology & Innovation
Scientists study light as means of relaxing blood vessels to treat vascular disorders
Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have found a receptor on blood vessels that relaxes the vessels when they are exposed to light and have determined the exact wavelength that provides maximum relaxation. The research could be used to develop treatments for vascular disorders, such as socks for diabetic patients equipped with high-intensity, light-emitting diodes to improve blood flow and heal chronic ulcers. Domain-B.com (India) (12/3)
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Health Policy & Regulation
Hospital groups ask congressional leaders to push ICD-10 implementation in 2015
The American Hospital Association is one of eight groups asking Congress to hold firm to the ICD-10 transition that is set for Oct. 1, 2015. In a letter sent Friday to congressional leaders, the groups said previous delays in the ICD-10 conversion have not only been expensive and disruptive to physicians but also have affected health care payment, payment reform, public health and health care delivery. AHA News Now (12/5)
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CMS implements changes to curb Medicare fraud
The CMS on Wednesday released new rules that aim to deter Medicare fraud and abuse. The agency will remove providers or suppliers if any of their managers are convicted of a felony considered harmful to beneficiaries of Medicare and will not allow providers affiliated with entities with unpaid Medicare debt to enroll. The CMS could also revoke the enrollment of providers and suppliers who have a history of billing Medicare for services the program does not cover. The Hill (12/3)
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Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people."
-- Carl Jung,
Swiss psychiatrist
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