Women still need bone mineral density tests after osteoporosis therapy | 90% of strokes are preventable, research shows | Study: Genetic changes in tumors lead to immunotherapy resistance
July 19, 2016
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Women still need bone mineral density tests after osteoporosis therapy
Canadian researchers followed over 6,600 women who were prescribed drugs for osteoporosis and found that 19% experienced decreases in hip bone mineral density after starting medication, while about 30% had increases in density. The study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which also found a higher fracture risk among women who had a decrease in hip bone mineral density, suggests the need for women to undergo bone density screenings even if they are on osteoporosis therapy.
Reuters (7/18) 
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90% of strokes are preventable, research shows
More than 90% of the world's strokes could be prevented by targeting 10 modifiable risk factors, according to a study published in The Lancet. Eliminating high blood pressure alone would decrease stroke impact by almost 48%, while eliminating physical inactivity and poor diet would cut impact by 36% and 23%, respectively, although effects would vary by region.
HealthDay News (7/15) 
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Study: Genetic changes in tumors lead to immunotherapy resistance
A University of California at Los Angeles study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that some melanoma tumors developed resistance to the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab as a result of genetic changes. The 78-patient study found the changes made the immune system less able to detect the cancer cells or less effective in killing them.
Reuters (7/13),  The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (7/13) 
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Losing weight may reduce levels of cancer-promoting proteins, study says
A study in the journal Cancer Research found decreases in cancer risk attributed to weight loss may be linked in part to lower levels of several proteins associated with tumor growth. Researchers who studied overweight and obese postmenopausal women found decreases in weight corresponded with decreases in levels of the proteins.
HealthDay News (7/14) 
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Case of female-to-male Zika transmission suspected in N.Y.
A New York woman who traveled to an area with active Zika transmission and her male partner have been diagnosed with Zika virus infection, according to a report from the CDC. "This case represents the first reported occurrence of female-to-male sexual transmission of Zika virus," the agency said.
CNBC (7/15) 
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Pharmaceutical News
Direct-acting antivirals may boost liver function in some HCV patients
Researchers found direct-acting antivirals may result in long-term liver function improvements for patients with hepatitis C virus infection and decompensated cirrhosis. Study data showed there was no significant difference in hepatocellular carcinoma rates among patients treated for up to six months or from six to 15 months, compared with untreated patients.
Healio (free registration)/HCV Next (7/18) 
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General anesthesia tied to lower intraocular pressure in children
Researchers found that intraocular pressure in children who underwent general anesthesia induced with sevoflurane or propofol and maintained with sevoflurane with remifentanil or propofol with remifentanil declined to its lowest level immediately after induction and rose during deep anesthesia and after extubation. The findings in Pediatric Anesthesia, based on data involving 100 youths without a history of glaucoma, also showed significantly lower IOP during reversal among those induced with sevoflurane and given subsequent sevoflurane with remifentanil.
PhysiciansBriefing.com/HealthDay News (7/14) 
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The Basics of Encryption and Compliance
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Emerging Trends, Products and Technologies
Survey shows consumers aren't aware of health-related smartphone apps
Thirty-five percent of respondents to an Adobe Digital Insights survey said they had used a smartphone-based fitness tracker, but 63% said they would like their smartphone to be the only way they track their fitness. Likewise, 26% had used a smartphone to refill a prescription, but 62% said they would like to use a smartphone for every refill, and 17% had used a smartphone to email their doctor, but 59% would like to use a smartphone for all physician emails.
MobiHealthNews.com (7/14) 
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Report shows increase in patients' access to online medical records
Ninety-two percent of hospitals offered access for patients to view medical records online in 2015, compared with 43% in 2013, according to a report from the American Hospital Association. The report also found an increase in the percentage of hospitals that allowed patients to download data from medical records and request changes to their medical records, and that hospitals are offering more options to pay bills, schedule appointments and complete other routine medical tasks online.
BeckersHospitalReview.com (7/15) 
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Health Policy and Legislative News
HHS secretary upholds Iowa ACO as model for success
HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said health care systems across the US can learn from the example set by UnityPoint Health System, which in 2012 became one of the first accountable care organizations in the US. Health care providers work with community agencies to improve patients' health and prevent diseases, Burwell said.
The Des Moines Register (Iowa) (tiered subscription model) (7/14) 
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Nurse practitioner role to be highlighted during national political conventions
The role of the nurse practitioner will be spotlighted in the host cities of Cleveland and Philadelphia during Republican and Democratic conventions over the next two weeks. AANP has created an awareness campaign that will draw attention to the care provided by NPs. Components of the campaign for Cleveland include a mega ad in the walkway from Tower City Center to Quicken Loans Arena, Redline train interior ads, trolley interior ads, baggage claim digital airport advertising, and television spots airing on "Fox and Friends," "New Day" (CNN) and "Morning Joe" (MSNBC). TV spots will air only during the convention while other advertising opportunities will be visible for the entire month of July. In Philadelphia, campaign elements include two-sided taxi top advertisements, digital advertising at baggage claim in Philadelphia International Airport, and cable television spots airing on CNN's "New Day" and "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. The taxi tops and airport ads will be in place for the month of July while the television spots will air during the convention only. Stay tuned for updates.
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How to learn more and become involved in the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI)
Visit the AANP website to learn about the free services and resources available through a federally funded initiative. Nurse practitioners (NPs) were consciously chosen as founding partners in this initiative to affect the design of the program. This is an opportunity for NPs to continue to shape the TCPI program by sharing their knowledge of patient-centered care. Become involved today!
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