How to make your voice heard at work | Focus on development, not just end goals | Turn to your professional network for career support
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April 18, 2017
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Getting Ahead
How to make your voice heard at work
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Even if you're in a meeting with a lot of experts, you can make your voice heard simply by asking questions for clarification or soliciting input from the quieter experts in the room, writes Judith Humphrey. Meanwhile, if you have a suggestion for fixing a problem that your boss isn't acknowledging, try to voice it without blaming anyone.
Fast Company online (4/17) 
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Focus on development, not just end goals
Professionals should focus on developing themselves to improve their performance instead of working to attain a specific long-term career goal, says Sarah Robb O'Hagan. Be wary of taking advice from those who say a move or idea is too risky.
NBC News (4/12) 
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Why Portfolio Diversification Is Important
By investing in stocks, bonds, and other asset classes, you can help spread your risk around.
Making the Connection
Turn to your professional network for career support
While friends and family can provide you support in a number of areas, it's important to rely on other professionals when you need career support, writes Karin Davies. Mentors and career organizations can be valuable resources, as can former colleagues.
Fortune (4/13) 
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The Landscape
Experts weigh in on Trump's impact on EEOC, NLRB
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission might see a "change in approach" under the Trump administration, but the agency remains committed to its mission, Acting Chair Victoria Lipnic recently told members of the American Bar Association. Harvard Law School's Sharon Block said she expected it would be some time before changes occurred at the National Labor Relations Board.
Bloomberg BNA (free content) (4/14) 
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Your Next Challenge
Do you need to work with a recruiter?
If you're looking to work for a specific company, it may be helpful to contact a company-specific recruiter who can help you get on board. However, candidates generally don't need to work with recruiters to succeed and can often benefit from consulting a career coach instead.
Forbes (4/17) 
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Balancing Yourself
Set down devices for better work-life balance
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
It's hard to achieve a healthy work-life balance if you don't set aside your devices at certain times each day, writes Charlotte Lieberman. In particular, avoid using your phone in bed or at meals, and try to take regular walks or engage in other activities without checking your phone, Lieberman writes.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (4/13) 
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The Water Cooler
Why does the French Foreign Legion endure?
The French Foreign Legion has changed structure several times in its nearly 200-year history, but it has been curiously both part of and apart from France, filled with mostly foreign recruits seeking a home away from home, as Robert Twigger writes. Today's Legion is an elite fighting force that continues to offer the thrill of combat -- and French citizenship to those who survive.
Aeon Magazine (U.K.) (4/10) 
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There are no limitations to what you can do, have, or be except the limitations you place on yourself by your own thinking.
Brian Tracy,
writer and motivational speaker
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