Microsoft struggles to create an equitable culture for women | How PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand keep employees | How to establish a digital business agenda
April 17, 2018
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Microsoft struggles to create an equitable culture for women
Microsoft has made progress in gender equity on pay but has a legacy culture of a male-dominated workforce fueled by internal competition and a slow response to concerns about diversity, according to interviews and documents. "Microsoft has kind of a traditional culture of being very comfortable with bullying and loud voices," says Barbara Gordon, a former Microsoft executive.
The Seattle Times (tiered subscription model) (4/13) 
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How PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand keep employees
PepsiCo retains employees by offering educational, volunteering and leadership programs, says Shiona Watson, senior HR director at PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand. "The health and safety of our people is our top priority -- we are committed to providing the systems, training and coaching necessary for employees to carry out their work safely and with due regard to the environment," she says.
Human Resources Director (New Zealand) (4/16) 
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Navigating the Sea of Recognition Companies
As you search for an employee recognition provider, it's easy to get lost in the many types of vendors. Download our Vendor Guide to learn more about the main types of recognition vendors, what they do best, and the impact of their solutions.
Aligning HR to the Business
How to establish a digital business agenda
A cross-functional team is necessary for any digital business strategy, writes Dave Ulrich, director of the University of Michigan's Human Resource Executive Program. "By asking the questions about vision, goals, actions and follow up, an HR professional can work with the digital business team to prepare a plan that gives a company confidence in achieving their digital business outcomes," he writes.
Employee Benefit News (4/11) 
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Expert: AI requires HR's guidance
To ensure artificial intelligence is used as intended, HR should understand how the technology learns and adapts, monitor its performance for bias and ensure data privacy internally and with vendors, says Daneal Charney of MaRS Discovery District.
Human Resources Director (Canada) (4/11) 
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Compliance Considerations for 2018
Changes in legislation can cause cascading issues. Understanding how to comply with new legislation and implementing the required changes can be overwhelming. Download the white paper for key topics to help you stay compliant this year.
Developing Leaders and Organizations
The race to hire for organization effectiveness
To find talent for organization effectiveness positions, expand your search to fields such as finance and engineering or consider contracting out such services, writes Reed Deshler, principal at AlignOrg Solutions. "Another solution to consider is a hybrid delivery model, in which an organization uses a mix of full time internal OE staff and scalable external support," Deshler writes.
HR People + Strategy Blog (4/12) 
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Tough decisions are the job of a leader
Executives put off difficult decisions because they're afraid to make a mistake, don't want to be perceived as being unfair or fear the possible emotional toll on employees, writes Ron Carucci, managing partner at Navalent. "As an executive, you should model taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes," Carucci writes.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (4/13) 
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Managers can learn to impart meaning
The idea of "meaning" at work can be thought of as purpose that extends beyond the work itself, and it may be the most important part of employee engagement, writes David Long of DecisionWise. Teaching and instilling meaning is a learned skill, so managers can be trained in the task, he writes.
TLNT (4/13) 
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Making the Most of Talent
How employees access financial wellness help is important
Behavioral economist Sarah Newcomb says financial wellness is important but how people access it, and not being shamed for doing so, also are important. Newcomb says context can be a problem in financial wellness programs when people who have always had money, security and privilege are offering financial advice to those who have never had it.
Workforce online (4/10) 
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Solidarity among men has one of its strongest foundations in the experience of sharing one's own suffering with the suffering of all.
Erich Fromm,
social psychologist
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