Ind. initiative boosts college credit completion | How important is college for child-care workers? | Strategies to improve college affordability
May 23, 2017
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Student Affairs and Academics
Ind. initiative boosts college credit completion
Ind. initiative boosts college credit completion
Indiana's 15 to Finish initiative, which requires students to take 15 credit hours per semester to maintain state aid, has boosted the likelihood that students will earn 30 credit hours a year by 5.2%. Among students receiving the highest amount of aid, such growth nearly doubled to 10.1%, the data show.
Inside Higher Ed (5/23) 
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How important is college for child-care workers?
Child-care providers prefer applicants with some college experience, but holding a four-year degree made a candidate no more likely to be hired than holding a two-year degree, according to a study. Researchers say their results point to the need for improvements in early-childhood training programs.
Education Dive (5/19) 
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Admissions and Enrollment
Texts aimed at "nudging" incoming college students
The Minnesota Office of Higher Education sends text messages to students over the summer to answer admissions questions, point out campus resources and offer other information to boost the number of students who show up to attend the state's public colleges in the fall. The "Summer Nudging" program reportedly reached 1,800 students in 2016.
NBC News (5/22) 
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Where Science & Policy Change the World.
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships are an influential network of scientists & social scientists applying their expertise to policy-making. Join more than 3,300 current & alumni fellows impacting policy and transforming careers.
Leadership and Management
Survey considers views of academic librarians
Many academic library leaders feel their role is to support student success, but only half say they have a clearly articulated policy on fostering such success, a recent survey shows. In addition, the data indicate many librarians don't feel valued by supervisors such as chief academic officers.
Campus Technology (5/22) 
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How to make IoT safe on college campuses
Colleges and universities are using the internet of things to improve facilities' costs and streamline services for students, but the technology does not come without risks, writes Kelly Walsh, chief information officer of The College of Westchester in New York. In this commentary, Walsh suggests that IT departments consider both security and privacy when implementing IoT solutions.
University Business (5/2017) 
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Funding and Grants
Trump's budget would reduce medical research funding
Money for medical research could take a hit if Congress approves President Donald Trump's budget plan. The proposal calls for a $5.8 billion cut to the National Institutes of Health and $1 billion less for the National Cancer Institute compared to its 2017 budget.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (5/23),  Politico (5/22) 
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