Morgan Stanley professionals answer common career questions | Warning signs that your boss may become a nightmare | More companies using games for recruitment
June 23, 2017
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Getting Ahead
Morgan Stanley professionals answer common career questions
Morgan Stanley professionals answer common career questions
A group of Morgan Stanley managing directors and recruiters answered questions from the firm's interns last year, and the results can help professionals of all levels improve. For instance, the participants suggested that workers who want to differentiate themselves show that they can become self-starters, while noting that attending happy hour with co-workers can be a helpful method of building rapport, though you should avoid having too many drinks in the process.
Business Insider (6/22) 
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Warning signs that your boss may become a nightmare
Bosses who must always be in control of what everyone in the office is doing aren't going to be a good fit for most employees, writes Bryan Lufkin. In addition, Lufkin recommends that employees avoid working with a boss who often yells or treats workers unfairly.
BBC (6/21) 
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Do-it-yourself vs. Doing it right
A highly-engaged workforce drives results and employee engagement programs are key to success. But most companies still lack on-the-ground programs for employee engagement and alignment. Learn how to leverage time and resources with a social recognition program in the whitepaper "Do-it-yourself vs. Doing it right".
Making the Connection
More companies using games for recruitment
Jaguar Land Rover is one of the latest employers to use digital games and puzzles to test job applicants' skills. The apps are "very attractive in attracting candidates and keeping the short attention span of millennials," said Barbara Marder, senior partner at Mercer.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (6/19) 
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The Landscape
Mastercard gives 20 days of bereavement leave
Mastercard and Facebook offer up to 20 days of bereavement leave as more companies recognize grieving workers often become disengaged at work. "We want to ensure that you take whatever time you need … to work through the emotional aspects but also the practical aspects," said Michael Fraccaro, chief HR officer at Mastercard.
Ladders (6/16) 
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Your Next Challenge
Think about more than just salary when reviewing offers
writing, notebook
It doesn't pay to focus too much on salary considerations when your benefits package often comprises about 30% of your overall compensation. Instead, take into account the medical insurance, paid time off and retirement benefits being offered, writes Susannah Snider.
U.S. News & World Report (6/22) 
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The Water Cooler
What aspiring film critics must do to stand out
Aspiring film critics can benefit from making connections with film festival founders or art house theater operators, writes Eric Kohn. It's also important to show that you can comply with deadlines and handle interviews with film industry professionals.
IndieWire (6/22) 
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Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.
Publilius Syrus,
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