Poor health keeps men out of workforce | Maine recruiters look to Boston applicants | Who is leading the LGBT policy changes in the workforce?
March 24, 2017
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Poor health keeps men out of workforce
Poor health is keeping US men out of the workforce
The US has one of the lowest labor-participation rates for prime working-age men among developed countries, and poor health could help explain why, writes Alana Semuels. Recent studies have found that obesity, diabetes, alcoholism and widespread use of pain medications all lead to unhealthy people who cannot work, especially among people who didn't go to college.
The Atlantic online (3/22),  The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (3/23) 
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Recruiting & Retention
Maine recruiters look to Boston applicants
Fifty recruiters have boarded a bus to Boston to promote all Maine has to offer, including culture and a healthy lifestyle. Maine's low unemployment rate makes finding skilled applicants locally difficult, the recruiters say.
Portland Press Herald (Maine) (3/24) 
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Leadership & Development
Who is leading the LGBT policy changes in the workforce?
Many business leaders are unsure of which groups at their firms are steering corporate LGBT diversity and inclusion policies, a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit found. Some 40% of junior employees couldn't identify their companies' LGBT policy leaders, while just 16% of those surveyed identified the C-suite as the top source of LGBT support.
Business Review Canada (3/2017) 
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Benefits & Compensation
Study: Demand for paid paternity leave rises
A study from the Pew Research Center finds 69% of Americans think men should have paid paternity leave, while 82% think women should have paid maternity leave. The survey also says most people think employers should pay for this benefit.
USA Today (3/23) 
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The HR Leader
Could HR have prevented problems at Thinx?
The turmoil and allegations of bad working conditions at Thinx are a reminder of the value of HR. "You've got to get the organization to meld and the CEO to start operating it as a company, as opposed to a project that they incubated at their house, in their garage," said Jon Decoteau of the Society for Human Resource Management.
Bloomberg (3/20) 
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Workplace Chatter
In which types of jobs are people happiest?
Blue-collar workers tend to report being less happy than white-collar workers around the world, according to a survey of job satisfaction. High pay and good work-life balance are also correlated with job satisfaction, a separate study found.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (3/20) 
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We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: We have the power to imagine better.
J.K. Rowling,
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