Backgrounds come to the fore | Report: Why data quality is critical | Google moves into TV advertising with ad streaming deals
October 18, 2017
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Backgrounds come to the fore
The rise of high-definition and 4K displays has led to an increase in visually appealing background styles that utilize more than a simple photo or texture, Eric Karkovack notes. He explores several creative background techniques, including the use of scrolling animation, skewing and moving pictures.
Speckyboy (10/17) 
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Report: Why data quality is critical
SmartBrief has released a report on data-driven marketing that highlights the reliability of first-party data compared to data provided by external sources and offers advice on how to gauge data quality. The report recommends that marketers question how their data is collected, identify the data owner and measure whether data is contributing to desired business results.
SmartBrief/Marketing (10/18) 
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Google moves into TV advertising with ad streaming deals
Google moves into TV advertising with ad streaming deals
(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)
Google has partnered with CBS to deliver ads during the streaming of "Star Trek: Discovery," and has signed similar deals with other networks including Disney, Turner and NBCUniversal. The company has updated DoubleClick for Publishers to improve viewing forecasts and content management, and is developing more flexible ad units for video streaming.
Business Insider (10/16),  Broadcasting & Cable (10/16) 
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Survey: Marketers pitching holiday season too early
Survey: Marketers pitching holiday season too early
(Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)
Sixty-eight percent of marketers are getting out way ahead of their customers in holiday marketing with campaigns starting earlier than consumers like to see, a survey of smartphone owners and marketers has found. The YouAppi study also found marketers failing to respond to consumer desires, with only 20% offering rewarded videos for holiday perks, while a majority of consumers say they are receptive to such appeals.
VentureBeat (10/17) 
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Getting the Word Out
Twitter reveals Video Website Card ad format
Twitter reveals Video Website Card ad format
(Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Twitter has released a new ad unit called Video Website Card, which the company explains is "a creative format that combines the power of video with the ability to drive users back to a site to learn more or take action in the moment." The new format boosts user retention by 60% and has double the click-thru rate of mobile video industry averages, Twitter says, based on beta testing.
TechCrunch (10/17),  Adweek (10/17),  Marketing Land (10/17) 
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Developer Update
Tools that will help automate the development process
Tools that will help automate the development process
Building a website from scratch can take as little as a day if you have the right tools, Jake Rocheleau writes. He highlights 15 free tools to help with your next development project.
1st Web Designer (10/17) 
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Design Corner
Want to win potential clients over? Say this
The web design industry is highly saturated and full of options -- including do-it-yourself templates -- so designers need to know how to sell their services and secure a deal. When speaking to prospective clients, make sure to explain the increased functionality custom designs afford, as well as the importance of using an expert who can provide ongoing advice and support.
Speckyboy (10/18) 
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Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Consider these card readers for accepting payments
Consider these card readers for accepting payments
(Fox Photos/Getty Images)
As customers increasingly move away from cash payments, card readers are essential, writes Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead. She lists options available from Square, Freshbooks, PayPal and other companies.
Small Business Trends (10/18) 
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Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood. ... Make big plans; aim high in hope and work.
Daniel Burnham,
architect and urban designer
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