Tools to optimize your email marketing | Report: Young consumers wouldn't pay for ad-free experience | Why blending CRM with social IDs is imperative
June 23, 2017
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Tools to optimize your email marketing
Email marketing remains a cost-effective tactic, but low open rates can be frustrating. Christopher Benitez recommends seven tools to get better results by helping you create appealing landing pages, optimize conversion rates and run lead-generation campaigns.
Business 2 Community (6/21) 
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Break The Prisoner's Dilemma in Mobile Ad Fraud
Unfortunately, in the mobile marketing ecosystem, fighting fraud is widely talked about, but when it comes to actions rather than words, no one has a real incentive to truly fight back. Read More to find out what needs to be done to make a change.
Report: Young consumers wouldn't pay for ad-free experience
Consumers ages 13 to 25 get annoyed by interruptive ads, with 66% using ad blockers, but 80% say that digital ads are a "regular part of life," and 84% wouldn't pay to get rid of them, per Defy Media's Acumen Research and TMI Strategy. About 62% say they follow a brand on social sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Adweek (6/22) 
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Why blending CRM with social IDs is imperative
Marketers should link customer-relationship-management data to social media IDs to enable seamless personalization across channels and continuity of messaging and to prove return on investment, writes Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. "Couple this added customer insight with automation and suddenly marketers have the power to deliver on recognition, personalization and a true value exchange that drives meaningful business impact," he writes.
SmartBrief/Marketing (6/22) 
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Getting the Word Out
IronSource brings "playable ads" to mobile
IronSource has extended its "playable ads" to mobile, and it says the interactive spots have a 300% higher performance rate than standard video ads and a 1,100% higher rate than display ads. The format allows users to experience gameplay via the ads, select preferences within the spots and include end cards that mobile users can interact with to remain engaged.
VentureBeat (6/21) 
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How the big brands achieve success with influencer marketing
As more brands get involved in influencer marketing, there are a number of best practices to follow, writes Kristina Libby, founder of SoCu. Kate Hartman of Coca-Cola says to get influencers involved early, while Melissa O'Malley of PayPal recommends creating content that is good for both the influencer and the brand.
Entrepreneur online (6/22) 
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Developer Update
CheerpJ converts Java bytecode to bypass plug-ins, installations
The CheerpJ compiler platform converts Java bytecode to JavaScript without the need for plug-ins or Java installations. A restricted release is planned for next month, while a commercial version will be made available this fall.
InfoWorld (6/21) 
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Design Corner
What's new in web design this year?
What's new in web design this year?
There aren't any big changes in web design trends, but there are a few to keep an eye on, Jason Davis writes. Large type fonts, using CSS3 programming for moving backgrounds and animations, bright colors and gradients, and large areas that put the spotlight on content are what's trending this year, he writes.
Business 2 Community (6/21) 
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Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Relationship management is key to successful outreach
Instead of marketing to potential customers, build value-added relationships with the individuals your customers already trust, advises Jon Ferrara, founder of Nimble. A number of techniques to achieve this are covered, from giving away real value to "aligning the promises that you make to the experience that you deliver," he says.
Advertising Age (6/22) 
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Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.
Publilius Syrus,
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