Diversity is a business asset, Starbucks exec Brewer says | Small actions can keep your team motivated | How good bosses challenge their staff to learn
May 16, 2018
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Diversity is a business asset, Starbucks exec Brewer says
Diversity is a business asset, Starbucks exec Brewer says
(Karen Bleier/Getty Images)
Diversity is a key part of business success, as there is great value in having multiple perspectives at the table during the decision-making process, says Rosalind Brewer, chief operating officer of Starbucks. She advises women who want to climb the corporate ladder to stay the course as they move up the ranks.
CNBC (5/9) 
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Career Progression: Developing Leaders
Small actions can keep your team motivated
Leaders can find opportunities throughout the day to offer morale-boosting encouragement, writes Judith Humphrey, founder of The Humphrey Group. Ways to do this include voicing appreciation for an employee's idea, highlighting examples of progress or expressing appreciation for the diligence of the team.
Fast Company online (5/15) 
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How good bosses challenge their staff to learn
To be a good manager, give your team members challenges that encourage them to improve, career coach Whitney Johnson recommends. Staff members will be more motivated and engaged if they have the opportunity to advance into new roles within the company, and are always learning and developing.
Forbes (5/13) 
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Tips for adding positivity to the workplace
Bringing a dose of positivity to the workplace can go a long way, but only if it comes from a place of authenticity, writes executive coach Mary Jo Asmus. Spending time with upbeat people and engaging in activities that lift your spirits can help you get into the proper mindset, she writes.
Aspire-CS (5/15) 
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How to make your next presentation more successful
Nonverbal communication, like smiling and making eye contact, can help you engage with your presentation audience, advises Emily Murphy of Indiana University. Information on the slides should be simple and minimal, and you should avoid reading directly from them, marketing consultant Jeff Magnuson adds.
Glassdoor (5/9) 
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SmartBrief Exclusives
Healthy Dining's new platform makes nutrition info easy to digest
Healthy Dining has created the new MyMenu platform to give restaurant customers an easy-to-understand view of the nutritional information on an eatery's menu items. Restaurants including Souplantation, Rubio's and California Pizza Kitchen already use the MyMenu platform, and Healthy Dining aims to expand it beyond restaurants to other industries including workplaces and weight-loss programs, President Anita Jones-Mueller said.
SmartBrief/Food & Beverage (5/16) 
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Diversity and Inclusion
Carnival CEO: Teams should represent a diversity of experience
Carnival CEO: Teams should represent a diversity of experience
Donald (Lars Niki/Getty Images)
Carnival's market value has grown nearly 78% since Arnold Donald started as CEO five years ago, and he credits building a team with different life experiences. "Diversity of thinking is a business imperative and a powerful advantage," he says.
Forbes (5/13) 
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Managing "intersectional invisibility" at work
Black female executives, who are part of two demographic groups that are often underrepresented in the workplace, grapple with the challenge of "intersectional invisibility." Interviews with executives suggest that many have counteracted this challenge "by taking on visible, high-risk roles that helped them ascend to the upper echelons of their companies," researchers note.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (5/10) 
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3 steps to crack down on harassment in the workplace
To crack down on sexual harassment, HR professionals should educate employees about unconscious bias and implement ongoing performance management, writes Saba Software's Debbie Shotwell. Work with leaders to assess diversity levels in management roles within the organization and work to make sure women and minorities are fairly represented, she adds.
HR Technologist (5/10) 
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Women and Innovation in the Workforce
Taking a broader view of workplace diversity
Hiring managers should be proactive about sharing thoughts on workplace culture and flexibility so they can help job candidates determine whether an organization is the right fit. "We can't penalize anyone that wants to raise children, intends to pursue a personal passion, care for a loved one or be a single head of household," writes Vidhya Ravi.
Medium (5/14) 
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There are still situations that are quite complicated, but I am so encouraged when I meet young women, how much energy they have and how much they've learned growing up.
Starbucks Chief Operating Officer Rosalind Brewer, as quoted by CNBC
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