Food industry powered by innovative female leaders | A look at Rosalind Brewer's career before Starbucks | Ask questions to connect with your team
September 20, 2017
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Advancing and Empowering Women Leaders
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Food industry powered by innovative female leaders
Christine Moseley founded e-commerce platform Full Harvest to connect US farmers who have imperfect but edible produce with consumers looking to save money on groceries, all while cutting down on food waste. Moseley is one of 20 who made a list of the year's most innovative women in food and beverage, a roster that includes Teatulia CEO Linda Appel Lipsius and Starbucks' top design executive, Liz Muller.
Fortune (9/14) 
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Career Progression: Developing Leaders
A look at Rosalind Brewer's career before Starbucks
Rosalind Brewer, who will serve as chief operating officer of Starbucks, has shown an understanding of the value of building relationships and a commitment to diversity during her career, Courtney Connley writes. Brewer also helped drive innovation efforts as CEO of Sam's Club, having overseen improvements in the company's e-commerce and curbside pickup services.
CNBC (9/14) 
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Ask questions to connect with your team
One of your first steps as a new manager should be to gain a better understanding of direct reports. Start by asking questions about how they have worked with previous managers and how they prefer to use one-on-one time.
Fast Company online (9/16) 
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Don't tether yourself to your daily routine
While many professionals feel that having a daily routine aids productivity, too much emphasis on a routine can throw you into a tailspin when life gets unpredictable, writes Kat Boogaard. It's smart to "think of some different ways that you can become better at adjusting to your ever-changing circumstances, whatever they may be," Boogaard writes.
The Muse (9/16) 
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SmartBrief Exclusives
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Diversity and Inclusion
Many large companies decline to offer boardroom diversity stats
More than 60% of large-cap companies say they're working to improve diversity in their boardrooms, but fewer than half offer data to show how those efforts are proceeding, an Equilar study finds. "Shareholders and other observers have only company disclosure to reference when seeking information about board diversity, and the more transparency we see on this critical topic, the more it will drive others to engage," Equilar's Belen Gomez said.
TheStreet (9/13) 
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How to include men in gender diversity programs
Men often refrain from engaging with gender diversity initiatives in the workplace because they feel it is not their place to do so, research suggests. For this reason, "organizational leaders need to explicitly communicate that all employees, regardless of their gender, have a stake in and can meaningfully contribute to gender parity programs," researchers Elad Sherf and Subra Tangirala write.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (9/13) 
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5 ways employees can build culture of inclusion
Employees can encourage diversity in the workplace by engaging other employees in nonwork-related discussions, Frans Johansson writes. His other tips to make the office more inclusive include allowing others to run meetings and asking new people for their insight on ideas.
Entrepreneur online (9/18) 
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Women and Innovation in the Workforce
Why aren't women getting more VC money?
Data show that companies with female founders can provide significant value for investors, but only 8% of venture capital partners are female. VC firms can address the issue by addressing unconscious bias and making an effort to include women in their professional networks.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (9/18) 
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The key is to learn how to support your team in the most effective way for them,
not just for you.
Ximena Vengoechea, writing at Fast Company online
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