Copenhagen ranked as the world's top smart city | Lyft invests in Baltimore bike-share program | Madison, Wis., looks to smart tech for public transit
February 16, 2018
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City Innovations
Copenhagen ranked as the world's top smart city
Copenhagen ranked as the world's top smart city
Copenhagen (Pixabay)
Easypark's 2017 Smart Cities Index has ranked Copenhagen, Denmark, as the world's top smart city based on 19 factors, including car-sharing service availability and clean energy technologies. Boston rated as the top city in the US and fifth worldwide.
ZDNet (2/14) 
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Lyft invests in Baltimore bike-share program
Lyft invests in Baltimore bike-share program
(Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)
Lyft will invest $270,000 in a partnership with the Baltimore Bike Share to provide five transportation hubs over a three-year period. The hubs would include bike docking stations as well as drop-off and pick-up locations for Lyft services.
TechCrunch (2/15) 
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Tech Leadership
Alta Devices develops thin, super-efficient solar panels
Alta Devices, a subsidiary of Hanergy, has created a single-junction solar panel that has a 25.15 conversion efficiency rate for use in vehicles, sensors and drones. The thin panels have the highest efficiency rating of any such product and are created using gallium arsenide.
Inhabitat (2/12) 
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Policy Insights
Opinion: How smart cities can be secure cities
Approximately 70% of the world's population will live in a city by 2050, and more cities are using smart technologies, which could put data at risk. Gil Press outlines six ways cities can get smarter while also focusing on security, reminding cities to be prepared for security breaches and utilize testing and training to learn how to combat potential issues.
Forbes (2/14) 
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Emerging Technologies
Samsung expected to unveil smart TV with AI features
Samsung is expected to unveil Bixby-controlled artificial intelligence features as part of its new line of QLED TVs. This is part of the brand's ongoing strategy to create a seamless internet of things experience by turning smart TVs into content hubs.
ZDNet (2/15) 
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Facebook plans release of two smart speakers
Facebook is preparing to enter the smart speaker market with two devices tentatively named Aloha and Fiona. The devices will feature 15-inch touchscreens sourced from LG Display, and Taiwan's Pegatron will handle assembly.
DigiTimes (2/14) 
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