Purpose is key factor in employee motivation | Why B2B is really human-to-human marketing | A customer-centric email strategy
August 18, 2017
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Purpose is key factor in employee motivation
An inner sense of purpose is the key element that allows employees to remain engaged with the work they do. Leaders can help foster this sense of purpose through conversational techniques and by asking the right questions, writes Kristi Hedges.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (8/17) 
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Why B2B is really human-to-human marketing
Human-to-human marketing is replacing business-to-business and consumer marketing, as digital and social media continue opening opportunities for marketers to engage with prospects as human beings. A generic approach is no longer sufficient, as customers demand that brands know who they are and understand their problems.
CustomerThink (8/17) 
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A customer-centric email strategy
Make your emails more relevant and engaging by incorporating social media posts into messaging and by telling a story rather than being promotional. Customize email send times to make sure messages are received when each individual is most receptive, and include personalized content that addresses specific problems.
MarketingSherpa (8/16) 
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Recognition Culture: MVP of Employee Experience
Employees will consistently go the extra mile for a company if recognized for a job well done. After all, what gets recognized, gets repeated. If you're looking to understand more about the importance of recognition to company culture and discover techniques to help your company leverage recognition to deepen employee engagement, check out the "Recognition Culture: The MVP of Employee Experience" eBook to learn more.
Cultivate self-awareness to improve performance
Self-awareness is "the meta-skill of the 21st century," says psychologist Tasha Eurich, who has a new book on the subject. This article offers pointers on how to become more self-aware, including engaging in brief daily periods of reflection.
99U (8/17) 
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Using a business sale to fund retirement
The proceeds from a small-business sale can boost retirement savings, but the sale itself can be a challenging and emotional process, Abby Hayes writes. In addition to getting a valuation for your business and putting a succession plan in place, it's important to ensure employees have the necessary training, she notes.
U.S. News & World Report (8/16) 
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Tips & Tools
How to kick business growth back into gear
Four principle factors -- including boredom and a lack of opportunity -- can contribute to poor business growth, writes Shaun Buck. Asking yourself a series of questions about your hiring needs, internal challenges and other topics can help you get your company back on track.
Entrepreneur online (8/17) 
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A guide to boosting your social audience
Kent Lewis advises how to increase your social media audience by creating a compelling profile, by utilizing a content calendar for consistency across social channels, and by employing hashtags where appropriate. Cross-post content, follow key influencers and share your best content.
SmartBrief/Marketing (8/17) 
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Just for Fun
Algae might be the unlikely hero of biodiversity
A recent discovery by a team at the Australian National University has led some scientists to believe that 650 million years ago, algae boomed and contributed nutrients to a food chain that sparked larger, more complex creatures to evolve. Before the rise of algae, bacteria were the dominant life-forms on Earth, and ocean phosphate levels were low.
BBC (8/17),  The Atlantic online (8/16) 
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Organizations spend considerable resources on corporate values and mission statements, but even the most inspiring of these ... tend to fade into the background during the daily bustle of the work day.
Leadership coach Kristi Hedges, writing at Harvard Business Review online
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