How to raise the bar for your team's performance | Empower sales staff to build customer loyalty | Build your website with SEO in mind
April 21, 2017
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Problem. Solved.
How to raise the bar for your team's performance
Effective leadership can solve the problem of mediocre performance among employees. This article offers four suggestions, beginning with helping workers understand how their jobs affect the company as a whole.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (4/20) 
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Empower sales staff to build customer loyalty
Allow your sales team to make autonomous decisions to address customer issues quickly and build brand loyalty. Train sales reps to research prospects before contacting them to reduce the burden on customers to provide information, and empower reps to say "no" to customer requests that are impossible to fulfill.
Entrepreneur online (4/20) 
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Build your website with SEO in mind
Search engine optimization should be not an afterthought but rather a prime consideration in a website's design, writes consultant Marcus Miller. He reviews considerations such as picking a domain name, structuring your website and optimizing the speed of your pages for mobile devices.
Search Engine Land (4/19) 
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6 tips for managing remote teams
6 tips for managing remote teams
(Fox Photos/Getty Images)
Bowing to the reality of the modern office environment, many major business schools now include courses in managing remote teams, writes Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel. He reviews six key principles of remote management, including the need to embrace technology, maintain a sharp focus on results and meet in person when necessary.
Entrepreneur online (4/20) 
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Being driven by fear will never be enough
Are you driving your accomplishments or is fear compelling your actions, asks Mark Youngblood. This question is essential to understanding your career path and developing the habits that will guide your career and sustain your well-being, he argues.
SmartBrief/Leadership (4/20) 
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Why pension plans may work for small businesses
Pension plans may have higher administration fees than other types of retirement programs, and many businesses have moved away from them. However, pension plans also provide benefits in terms of employee recruitment and retention and higher contribution limits, writes Winnie Sun of Sun Group Wealth Partners.
NerdWallet (4/20) 
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Tips & Tools
Consumers frustrated by website oversights
Outdated contact information or missing essential information such as business hours are major sources of frustration for customers when visiting business websites, Vistaprint Digital research indicates. Nearly 60% of respondents said a negative online experience would make them less likely to make a purchase.
MarketingProfs (4/20) 
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Just for Fun
New species of ancient reptile identified through fossilized footprints
A new species of ancient reptile has been identified by examining fossilized footprints in the Pyrenees. Prorotodactylus mesaxonichnus is an archosauromorph, the group that crocodiles and dinosaurs arose from, and lived about 247 million years ago just as Earth was coming back from a mass extinction.
BBC (4/20) 
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The toughest test of a manager is not how they deal with poor performance -- it's how they address mediocrity.
Author and speaker Joseph Grenny, writing at Harvard Business Review online
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