Company offers an outdoor water system for homeowners | Focus on sales coaching, not training | Try these questions for better job interviews
May 23, 2017
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Problem. Solved.
Company offers an outdoor water system for homeowners
Washington-based Aquor has developed a new way to connect a hose to a house that is designed to provide an alternative to the rusty faucet connections with which some homeowners may be familiar. Aquor is growing at 30% to 40% a quarter, and it plans to move shift production from China to Washington.
Inc. online (free registration) (5/16) 
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Focus on sales coaching, not training
Coach your sales staff to improve their skills incrementally, and give them real-time guidance and feedback. Use coaching software to set relevant targets and track how performance improves.
Entrepreneur online (5/22) 
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Try these questions for better job interviews
Some of the most popular interview questions may be ineffective and could even hurt the chances of a job candidate accepting the position. Sophia Bernazzani reviews 10 of the most common questions and suggests alternatives that provide more useful insights.
HubSpot (5/22) 
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Company values need to be clear and applicable
Making company values transparent and all-encompassing increases the likelihood that all members of an organization, regardless of their level or physical location, will feel accountable and apply them in their day-to-day work, writes Terry St. Marie.
Terry St. Marie blog (5/21) 
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Vt. bill would set up retirement plan for small businesses
Vermont legislators have approved a bill to set up a state retirement plan for employees of businesses with 50 or fewer staffers. The plan would allow employers to take part in a common 401(k)-style plan.
Barron's (free content) (5/22) 
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Tips & Tools
Sales skills are a must no matter what you do
Sales skills will eventually come in handy, whether you are selling a physical product or promoting an idea. Experts offer pointers on how to go about sharpening these skills, including practicing your pitches and focusing on the long term.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (5/22) 
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Most professionals prefer email, survey finds
Eighty-six percent of professionals around the world say email is their preferred communication channel for business messaging, followed by face-to-face at 60% and phone communication at 56%, per HubSpot. Telephone engagement was cited as the most effective way to engage prospects, followed by email.
MediaPost Communications (5/19) 
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Just for Fun
Card catalogs: Gone but not forgotten
Card catalogs: Gone but not forgotten
Card catalog in 1951 (Fred Ramage/Getty Images)
Card catalogs stopped being printed in 2015, but Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden says the book system is part of an important history. "It was really the first search engine, so I think for younger generations it is an eye-opener to think about the written catalog and how far we have come in organizing data and making it findable," she says.
Smithsonian online (5/19) 
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Nobody wants to feel stressed out, put on the spot, or tricked during a job interview.
Sophia Bernazzani, writing at HubSpot
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