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April 27, 2017
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Great presentations start with self-awareness
Great presentations start with self-awareness
Self-awareness is a critical requirement for delivering a compelling presentation, says Scott Schwertly, founder and CEO of Ethos3. He offers advice on content, visuals and vocal delivery, as well as mistakes he commonly sees.
Skip Prichard blog (4/23) 
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Sales Strategies
It's time to update the sales funnel
Sales organizations must stop using marketing techniques based on the old sales funnel developed by Elias St. Elmo Lewis in 1898, writes Joseph Dager. Instead, sales teams should embrace practices such as account-based marketing that reflect modern organizational structures and marketing techniques.
CustomerThink (4/26) 
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How to turn website traffic into sales
How to turn website traffic into sales
Companies that are attracting traffic to their websites but having trouble converting visitors into buyers by creating useful custom tools or allowing for customer reviews of products and services, writes Parker Davis. Personalized marketing and a virtual receptionist that can answer questions during all hours of the night and day can also help drive online sales, Davis writes. (4/24) 
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Encourage repeat purchases with these tips
By promptly answering customer questions and understanding what drives initial purchases, companies can ensure that first-time buyers become repeat customers, writes Richard Shapiro. Think about additional information that can be helpful to customers and try to make purchasing an individualized, stress-free experience.
CustomerThink (4/26) 
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Daily Data Points
Analyst: US economic outlook is poor
The US economy is more fragile than most experts think and is "terminally ill," with no chance for improvement aside from extremely low interest rates, according to economic analyst Marc Faber. "I'm actually amazed that people are so optimistic," Faber said.
CNBC (4/26) 
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Signs point to sluggish growth in 2017
Signs continue to point toward slow economic growth in 2017, with the Atlanta Federal Reserve and private economists predicting 0.5% and 1.1% annual growth, respectively. "What we're seeing in this first quarter is the beginning of some genuine skepticism that all that optimism was overdone," Economic Outlook Group chief economist Bernard Baumohl said of recent confidence in the US economy.
CNNMoney (4/27) 
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On the Road
Hotels embrace power of mobile apps
Increasingly, hotels are using mobile devices and apps to improve the guest experience, automating services such as ordering food or transportation. Hotels are increasing investments in technology to roll out digital tools that can serve guests 24 hours a day.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (4/24) 
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App Update
Top SEO, online sales tools for businesses
SEO PowerSuite and Awario are among the top digital tools available to sales and marketing departments today, writes Pratik Dholakiya. SEO PowerSuite offers a rank tracker for keywords and phrases and website auditor feature, while Awario tracks social networks for relevant mentions and tracks potential customers for sales opportunities.
The Advocate (Stamford, Conn.) (4/26) 
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CRM systems must adapt to meet expectations
Customer-relationship management systems must be recalibrated regularly to continue to meet customer expectations and adapt to changing sales environments, said Danny Estrada, founder of E Squared. "We need to get everybody on the same boat -- sales aligned with marketing on board with service and the management team ... to reach business objectives," Estrada said during CRM Evolution 2017. (4/26) 
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Making Small Talk
Insult comedy traces back to the 16th century
Insult comedy traces back to the 16th century
Rickles (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
The late Don Rickles' shtick traces back to 16th-century England, where the first jest book was printed in 1510. This form of derogatory humor aimed at specific groups eventually migrated to the US, including in the early works of Mark Twain.
Atlas Obscura (4/20) 
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Repeat business is not built on a foundation of customer loyalty. Repeat business by accident is a failed strategy and missed opportunity.
--Richard Shapiro, writing for Customer Think
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