Netflix simplifies its famous list of values | 4 types of stories that can build buyer trust | Qualities of effective compensation plans
June 23, 2017
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Netflix simplifies its famous list of values
Netflix simplifies its famous list of values
Netflix's slideshow of its cultural values has been admired for years, but the company this week debuted a shorter version of its values that focuses on 10 principles, including courage, passion and selflessness. Notable changes include the replacement of "honesty" with "integrity" and the addition of "inclusion."
LinkedIn (6/21) 
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Sales Strategies
4 types of stories that can build buyer trust
Storytelling techniques such as the challenge plot can build buyer trust with inspirational stories, while the connection plot can bridge relationship-related gaps with leads. The creativity plot encourages buyers to think in a new way, while the cautionary plot involves warning buyers against making poor decisions, writes Harry Mills.
MarketingProfs (6/22) 
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Qualities of effective compensation plans
An effective sales compensation plan will include incentives for sales representatives who build long-term relationships with customers. In addition, make sure that commissions are aligned with the specific strategic and financial goals that the company is pursuing.
Forbes (6/22) 
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Better content builds strong relationships
By providing helpful content through blogs, e-books or social media accounts, companies can provide value to their potential customers, which in turn builds trust. You'll also have to promote your current offers and include calls to action in order to monetize your website, writes Adam Franklin.
Lifehacker (6/23) 
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Daily Data Points
Experts discuss disappointment in economy
The low Citi Economic Surprise Index rating is a product of the cyclical nature of economic expectations and is likely to bounce back in the near future, says Ed Yardeni, head of Yardeni Research. However, Lindsey Group chief market analyst Peter Boockvar warns that if the Federal Reserve continues to raise rates, it won't take much to go from 1.5% growth to no growth, or even a recession.
CNBC (6/22) 
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Poll: Wealth doesn't reflect worker abilities
President Donald Trump said it's better to hire successful businesspeople for top posts, but most Americans disagree that wealth relates to higher job skills. A 2016 Los Angeles Times survey found that about 55% of Americans think that wealthy and poor individuals have "pretty much the same" job skills.
BBC (6/23) 
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On the Road
Hotel at San Francisco airport expected to open in 2019
Construction has begun on a luxury hotel at San Francisco International Airport, near Concourse A of the international terminal. The hotel is expected to open in summer 2019.
KGO-TV (San Francisco) (6/20) 
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Lufthansa Innovation Hub launches online check-in site for any airline
The Lufthansa Innovation Hub's website enables check-ins on any airline that provides online check-in service. Users can create their own profile and store such information as travel documents and seating preferences on the site.
Frequent Business Traveler (6/21) 
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App Update
More CRM features won't equal better results
The wide variety of feature categories included in today's customer-relationship management platforms can actually make them less effective at improving the customer experience, writes Clint Oram. "More and more screens designed to better manage your employees doesn't create a better customer experience," Oram writes.
DestinationCRM (6/22) 
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Hootsuite, Buffer are great marketing tools
Many sales and marketing teams don't know that they can easily schedule their social media posts ahead of time using Hootsuite. Other useful marketing tools include Buffer, which allows users to manage multiple social media accounts through one simple dashboard, Mariana Seiffert writes.
Tech Guru Daily (6/22) 
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Making Small Talk
David Brewster's kaleidoscope took the world by storm
David Brewster's kaleidoscope took the world by storm
David Brewster patented the first kaleidoscope in 1817, and people immediately imitated and ripped off his invention. The device was such a huge hit that it inspired poems, altercations over sales of the item and a legacy that lives on through the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society.
Quartz (6/19) 
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Your commission structure should, of course, reward net-new sales but balance that with client success and retention.
Andrew Barnett, vice president of business development at Verodin, as quoted by Forbes
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