Agile methods require an organizational shift | How to find time for one-on-ones with staff | Sales leaders share enablement tips
April 24, 2018
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Agile methods require an organizational shift
Companies become more agile when organizational structure transitions from top-down initiatives to smaller groups representative of all the staff and managers who touch a project, writes Maria Guadalupe, who co-wrote a case study on the bank ING. These groups collaborate on customer expectations, understanding that the bar for customer service is set by other industries and not their peers, she writes.
INSEAD Knowledge (4/20) 
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How to find time for one-on-ones with staff
Management can spend more time with individual team members by restricting full team meetings to twice a month, writes Terry Lipovski, founder of Ubiquity, a global executive coaching firm. "This monthly meeting cadence can help you cut back on long, boring, unnecessary meetings and focus on building the relationships your team depends on to thrive," he writes.
Fast Company online (4/20) 
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Sales Strategies
Sales leaders share enablement tips
They key to onboarding new sales representatives efficiently is a repeatable training program empowered by sales enablement, according to Tushar Makhija of Helpshift. Sales enablement also gives reps a helpful guide to make the most of their interactions with prospects, said Automatic Payroll Systems' Christian Valiulis.
Forbes (4/23) 
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Qualities sales reps need to finish strong
Sales leaders can't provide representatives with scripting or processes to navigate through the finish line of each sale, writes David Brock. Instead, the "last mile" tends to require skills such as curiosity and problem-solving as sales reps adjust to the specific needs of particular customers, Brock writes.
Partners in Excellence Blog (4/22) 
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How to work effectively with influencers
Influencer marketing that includes new content creation can be very effective if done properly, writes Brittany Richter. However, brands must avoid rushing to influencers with ideas before they've properly considered the audience they're trying to influence and what their quantifiable goals are.
Adweek (4/23) 
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Daily Data Points
Higher oil prices may not hurt US economy
Higher oil prices may not hurt US economy
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Although currently high global oil prices may see even more spikes in the future, the impact on the US economy will be mixed due to the country's status as the world's top oil producer. While higher prices at the pump may affect consumer spending, price increases also help support US economic growth, writes Brenda Shaffer.
The Hill (4/23) 
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On the Road
Unlimited free Wi-Fi offered at Chicago's airports
Chicago's O'Hare and Midway international airports now offer free, unlimited wireless internet service provided by Boingo Wireless and supported by advertisers. The airports previously offered free wireless service, but with a 30-minute limit.
Chicago Sun-Times (free registration) (4/22) 
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App Update
Evaluating Salesforce's CloudCraze purchase
Salesforce's acquisition of CloudCraze will provide users with a combination of business-to-business and business-to-consumer resources, according to President and Chief Customer Officer Ray Grady. "We have this great piece of technology right now, it improves our relevancy with brands and retailers, now we're going to take that ability of commerce and bring a solution to map to the rest of our customer base," Grady said.
TechTarget (free registration) (4/23) 
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Kanbanchi, Streak CRM among top Google apps
Kanbanchi provides project-management and task-management software that integrates with Google Apps and allows for real-time collaboration among team members. Other useful Google apps include Streak CRM for Gmail, which can be used to manage deals or customer information directly from Gmail.
IT PRO (London) (4/23) 
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Making Small Talk
Pluto moon gets Earth-inspired names for geological features
The International Astronomical Union has named several craters and mountains on Pluto's largest moon, Charon, after notable figures from mythology and science fiction, including Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke.
Science News (4/23) 
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A great leader understands that different people respond to different methods of coaching, but that everyone should and must be empowered to succeed.
Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group, as quoted by Forbes
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