PET sheds light on dopamine system in Parkinson's disease patients | Dementia risk higher for survivors of childhood heart defects | Researchers develop device to help brain store memory
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February 16, 2018
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PET sheds light on dopamine system in Parkinson's disease patients
Swedish researchers who used PET found that patients with mild Parkinson's disease had significantly lower levels of dopamine transporter protein DAT in their nerve endings but had relatively intact DAT levels in nerve fibers and cell bodies, compared with healthy controls. The findings in the journal Movement Disorders suggest that proper treatment in early Parkinson's disease may restore dopamine function and that DAT could be used as a biomarker in evaluating new Parkinson's drugs and treatment approaches, said researcher Andrea Varrone.
Medical Xpress/News release (2/14) 
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Clinical News & Research
Dementia risk higher for survivors of childhood heart defects
Adults who had a childhood heart defect were over two times more likely to develop early-onset dementia than those who did not have a heart defect, and the risk escalated with the severity of the heart condition, researchers reported in the journal Circulation. Adult survivors of childhood heart defects also were 30% more likely to develop dementia after age 65.
Reuters (2/12) 
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Researchers develop device to help brain store memory
Researchers have developed an implantable device that has the potential to improve memory, but it does not appear to affect overall cognition. The device has electrodes that, when embedded in the brain, act like a pacemaker and send a stimulating pulse when the brain needs help storing new information.
The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (2/12) 
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Online program helps young cancer survivors boost physical activity
A study to be presented at the Cancer Survivorship Symposium this week shows an online, reward-based intervention helped adolescent cancer survivors increase physical activity, boosting fitness, quality of life and neurocognitive outcomes. These gains were not seen in a control group that received educational materials on the importance of physical activity, ideas on how to become more physically active and a wearable activity monitor.
Healio (free registration)/HemOnc Today (2/12) 
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Industry Report
New cyclotron range unveiled by TeamBest companies
Best Cyclotron Systems and Best Theratronics, members of the company TeamBest, have unveiled their Best 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35- and 70-MeV proton cyclotrons, which can produce single particles from multiple beam lines. The cyclotrons operate using at least a 1,000-µA current for proton beams and serve as a possible neutron source for producing certain radioisotopes for research, diagnosis and therapy purposes, the companies say.
AuntMinnie (free registration) (2/14) 
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FDA OKs larger dose of Novartis' multiple sclerosis drug
FDA OKs larger dose of Novartis' multiple sclerosis drug
(AFP/Getty Images)
The FDA granted approval to Novartis' Sandoz division for its 40 mg/mL Glatopa injection for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis. The agency previously approved selling a 20 mg/mL dosage of Glatopa.
Reuters (2/13) 
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News from the Field
Survey: Patients lack information on radiology tests
A survey found less than 80% of patients were given information about their imaging procedure before it was done, researchers reported in a radiology journal. The survey found patients wanted basic information about the test rather than information on radiation dose, and half said they sought information on their own, usually on the internet.
HealthDay News (2/13) 
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Health Policy
Uninsured rate will rise by nearly 8M by 2026 following ACA mandate repeal
Nearly 8 million additional people will choose to forgo health insurance over the next eight years as a result of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act's mandate that individuals purchase insurance or face a financial penalty, according to information released by the CMS. The number of uninsured will increase from 30 million this year to 37.7 million by 2026, according to the analysis.
Modern Healthcare (tiered subscription model) (2/14) 
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Advancing Health Care
Report: Health care industry ranks low in cybersecurity strength
A SecurityScorecard report found that, compared with 17 other major US industries, the health care sector ranks 15th in cybersecurity strength and is one of the lowest performing industries in endpoint security. Researchers evaluated data from over 1,200 health care firms and found that issues related to poor patching cadence, driven by a lack of engineering resources and knowledge of vulnerabilities and software patches, account for 60% of the most common cybersecurity issues in the health care sector.
Healthcare Informatics online (2/14) 
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