Diet based on calorie counts may not be healthy, RD says | Calorie counting may not be best way to track diet, RD says | More dietitians weigh in on CICO diet
November 17, 2017
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Diet based on calorie counts may not be healthy, RD says
The "calories in, calories out" diet lets people eat as much as they want as long they consume fewer calories than they burn off, but registered dietitian Sonya Angelone says that might not be healthy. Angelone says weight loss is not just a math equation and what people eat is important as all calories are not metabolized the same.
Women's Health (11/13) 
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Calorie counting may not be best way to track diet, RD says
Registered dietitian Abby Langer says calorie counting can provide an overall view of what people eat in a day but the downside is that people do not know how many calories they really need and calorie counts on packaging can be off by up to 20%. Keeping a food journal that notes the foods eaten, timing and emotions felt when eating can help people track their diet without having to dig into numbers, Langer says.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (11/13) 
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Leadership & Business
Quick strategies for a more successful career
Dress more formally than you need to and chat up high-level executives whenever possible to secure a prosperous future at work, writes Shana Lebowitz. Take every opportunity to speak up in meetings and use the end of each workday to reflect upon what you've accomplished.
Business Insider (11/14) 
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How to stay calm when things go wrong at work
How to stay calm when things go wrong at work
Ask yourself questions to prevent panicking when things go wrong on the job, former NASA flight director Paul Hill says. Focus on facts and data, and prepare yourself for the worst that could happen.
Business Insider (11/13) 
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Watch for these red flags during the hiring process
Certain warning signs can help you detect a bad working environment before you accept a job offer, Alison Green writes. If you found the hiring process to be chaotic or if managers say the company is "like a family," consider these indications of a potentially dysfunctional culture.
U.S. News & World Report (11/13) 
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Whole wheat pumpkin waffles
These yummy waffles are perfect for weekend brunching! Lively Table
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