RD says diet is key to recovery after bariatric surgery | RD: Food allergies can make dining out a challenge | Plate, bowl size matters for portion control, RD says
April 21, 2017
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RD says diet is key to recovery after bariatric surgery
Weight-loss surgery leads to physiologic changes that make diet an important part of recovery, especially for patients with kidney disease, University of Washington registered dietitian Debra Clancy told a National Kidney Foundation conference. Clancy said patients should start changing their diet before surgery because pre-surgery weight loss of at least 5% of total body weight is associated with fewer complications after the procedure.
MedPage Today (free registration) (4/20) 
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Association of Diet Drinks and Stroke/Dementia Not Causal
Results from a prospective cohort observational study published in the journal Stroke suggest potential associations of diet soda intake with stroke and dementia. The study could not exclude possible reverse causation, in which subjects might have risk factors for stroke and dementia and consumed low-calorie beverages to control their weight.
Dietary Health
RD: Food allergies can make dining out a challenge
Registered dietitian Joan Salge Blake says up to 15 million people have food allergies and for them, ordering from a restaurant menu can be daunting. Blake says some tips for safe dining include calling a restaurant in advance or checking its website menu, talking with wait staff before ordering, downloading apps that list allergy-safe restaurants, and looking for chain restaurants that have standardized menus and food preparation.
U.S. News & World Report (4/20) 
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Plate, bowl size matters for portion control, RD says
Research shows people tend to eat and drink more if food is served on larger plates and bowls and beverages are poured into shorter but wider glasses, said registered dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek. Contrasting the color of dishes with the color of foods also can affect portion perception, Grudzielanek said.
WITI-TV (Milwaukee) (4/19) 
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Los Angeles tech community works to improve food access
The technology community in Los Angeles is working to improve food access in food-desert areas of the city through programs such as Hack For LA and Food Oasis LA, according to Andrew Douglas, a director for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. Hack For LA brings coders together with other groups to solve civic problems and FOLA is a mapping platform that helps people find a food bank, farmers market or community garden.
CNNMoney (4/19) 
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Science & Research
Study associates diet soda intake with increased dementia, stroke risk
Study links diet soda intake to increased dementia, stroke risk
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Boston University School of Medicine researchers found that adults who drank one artificially sweetened soda daily were nearly three times as likely to develop dementia and ischemic stroke over 10 years, compared with those who didn't drink diet soda. The findings in the journal Stroke, based on data involving 4,372 adults ages 45 and older, also showed a 2.6 times increased odds of stroke but not dementia among those who drank six or fewer diet sodas a week.
CNN (4/20),  NBC News (4/20),  CBS News (4/20) 
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Study: Parents' ideas on portion size may predict children's BMI
A UK study in Pediatric Obesity found that children's body mass index was linked to their parents' beliefs on what the child's ideal and maximum tolerated food portions would be, but not their own self-reported ideal and maximum tolerated portions. The findings, based on 217 youths ages 5 to 11 and their parents, also showed that parents' estimated portion size was closer to their children's self-selected portions as pediatric BMI increased.
Healio (free registration)/Endrocine Today (4/20) 
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Pure oats OK for celiac disease patients, study says
Adding pure oats without gluten contamination to a gluten-free diet does not appear to affect symptoms or biologic measures in celiac disease patients, researchers reported in the journal Gastroenterology. The review of 28 studies showed one year of pure oat consumption, in adults or children, did not affect histologic readings, intraepithelial lymphocyte counts or serologic tests.
Healio (free registration)/Gastroenterology (4/20) 
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Increased muscle fitness tied to better memory in youths
Children with elevated aerobic fitness levels had higher memory and math test scores than those who didn't, with muscle fitness directly associated with memory performance, according to a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The findings, based on 79 youths ages 9 to 11, also showed equal working memory benefits from increased muscle fitness between boys and girls.
HealthDay News (4/19) 
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Institutional Foodservice
Fla. schools feed students from certified "food forests"
Eleven public elementary and middle schools in Florida's Miami-Dade County grow produce in "food forests," and this year, for the first time, the fruits and vegetables will be served in school lunches. The certified food forests are 5,000-square-foot, self-sustaining gardens that grow crops appropriate for the climate.
Miami Herald (tiered subscription model) (4/19) 
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Recipe of the Day
Popcorn granola
Just 5 ingredients for this fun twist on granola! Feasting on Fruit
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If you're looking at reducing overconsumption of cereal for children, one of the easiest switches is: give them a child-size bowl.
RD Lisa Grudzielanek, as quoted by WITI-TV
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