Entrepreneurs successfully tackle skin care niche for men | Using Twitter to drum up business | 21 ways to boost your conversion rate
April 27, 2017
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Entrepreneurs successfully tackle skin care niche for men
After spotting a gap in the market for natural skin care options for men, Josh Meyer and Matt Bolduc launched Brickell Men's Products. It took over a month of cold-calling editors to get into Men's Journal, which "helped us get wholesale accounts, bring traffic to our site and really launch our business," Meyer said.
Small Business Trends (4/26) 
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Caring for Customers
Using Twitter to drum up business
Using search features to find Twitter users and engaging them with friendly messages can help your business find new customers, writes Emma Vaughn. "When it feels like the right time to plug your business, ask the user if they would ever consider trying your business, or tell them you'd love it if they would swing by next time they're in town," she writes.
BPlans.com (4/26) 
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21 ways to boost your conversion rate
Leslie Ye provides 21 tips on how to persuade prospects to make a purchase. Her recommendations include maintaining the optimal amount of eye contact, mirroring body language and being supportive of questions or concerns.
HubSpot.com (4/25) 
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Keeping Shop
Study: Small-business owners reluctant to embrace gig economy
Many small-business owners would rather hire full-time employees than rely on temporary work arrangements, research from Manta suggests. Businesses "mainly hire contract workers for seasonal businesses or short-term projects," said Dario Ambrosini, Manta's chief operating officer.
Business News Daily (4/26) 
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Managing the Money
Legal considerations for doing business with family
Running a family business can be a challenge, so lawyer Christopher Coble outlines several tips for managing relatives. It's important to pick the right corporate structure, avoid showing favoritism and develop a succession plan.
FindLaw (4/26) 
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Ask these questions to find the right exit path
Entrepreneurs can exit their businesses in several ways, such as by selling them to employees or third parties. Asking yourself key questions about your goals and the timing of your exit can help you settle on the right strategy for your company, writes John Brown.
Forbes (4/27) 
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Tips & Tools
Say "yes" to great opportunities, but not everything else
The only invitations you should accept are those that make you genuinely excited, Neil Pasricha writes. Saying "yes" to too many things hurts your productivity and detracts from your sense of purpose.
Fast Company online (4/23) 
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News You Can Use
Trump calls for cut in personal, business tax
Trump urges cut in personal, business tax
National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump has proposed slashing federal taxation. The highest personal tax rate would fall to 35% from 39.6%, while the standard deduction would double, and the rate for corporations and most small businesses would decline to 15%.
The Hill (4/26),  The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (4/26),  The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (4/26) 
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We both had no experience in selling physical products or in the grooming/beauty industry. If it had gone wrong, we would have lost about $15,000 each.
Josh Meyer, CEO of Brickell Men's Products, as quoted by Small Business Trends
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