Bootstrapped entrepreneur making her mark with tea | What you should know about cold calls | Get more out of marketing automation tools
June 22, 2017
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Bootstrapped entrepreneur making her mark with tea
Since launching Evy Tea in 2012, entrepreneur Evy Chen has grown her business to a team of 18, with her bottled drinks available in more than 500 retail locations across the US. Focusing on artisan-style cold-water brews, the company's method unlocks flavors that many American-style teas don't highlight, she says.
Boston Herald (6/21) 
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Caring for Customers
What you should know about cold calls
What you should know about cold calls
(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Even if you have great ideas, your company may struggle if you lack sales skills, writes Gordon Tredgold, who outlines lessons learned after making 2,000 cold calls. It is possible to get in touch with senior leaders by making cold calls, but you may have to make a significant number of calls for each successful contact.
Entrepreneur online (6/21) 
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Get more out of marketing automation tools
To make better use of marketing automation, schedule email campaigns ahead of time and automatically subscribe to email lists the leads who sign up for newsletters or download online materials, writes Sue Barrett. Use marketing automation to score leads based on demographics and other factors to avoid wasting time on lower-quality leads.
SmartCompany (Australia) (6/19) 
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Keeping Shop
A modern approach to employee evaluation
Traditional performance evaluation techniques are backward-looking and may encourage employees to focus on numerical ratings rather than professional growth. Consider a more innovative approach that equips employees with problem-solving skills and independent judgment.
Forbes (6/20) 
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Managing the Money
Techniques to cut down on your expenses
Saving money as a small-business owner can free up more funds to invest in growth, writes Answer 1 CEO Parker Davis, who outlines a number of cost-cutting strategies. Consider outsourcing certain positions, finding another company with which you can share office space and working to optimize your marketing campaigns.
Business (6/20) 
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How to prepare for a lawsuit against your business
Being on the receiving end of a lawsuit can have harsh consequences for your business, but you can mitigate the damage by making sure you have the proper insurance coverage, advises George Khoury. Consider how the lawsuit will affect your company's reputation when deciding whether to settle or fight the case.
FindLaw (6/21) 
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Tips & Tools
To keep visitors around, try a little funny business
To keep visitors around, try a little funny business
A little humor can help designers gain some traction with site visitors and even convince them to stay the course with complicated or tiresome tasks, Victor Yocco writes. Yocco gives several tips for applying humor without going overboard, such as using personification, exaggerations and puns.
Smashing Magazine (6/20) 
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Using AI to recruit and hire
Artificial intelligence has potential for the entire recruiting and hiring process, writes Laura Mather, whether in writing job descriptions, reviewing resumes or creating interview questions.
ERE Media (6/20) 
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What's great about being an entrepreneur is that there is no set of rules to follow. You take a little vision and a little craziness, you get an idea and you work -- until it works.
Evy Chen, founder of Evy Tea, as quoted by the Boston Herald
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