Take proactive approach to diversity | Brands are showing their values with inclusive Muslim campaigns | Is inclusion the new diversity?
March 28, 2017
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Take proactive approach to diversity
Organizations need to proactively discuss and improve diversity policy before crises occur, writes Heather Huhman. Some of the easiest ways to encourage this discussion are to maintain diverse leadership, include diversity in recruitment efforts and bring in younger workers who are engaging with these topics, she says.
Entrepreneur online (3/27) 
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Brands are showing their values with inclusive Muslim campaigns
Brands such as CoverGirl, YouTube, Microsoft, Hyatt and Chevrolet have been prominently featuring Muslim people in their campaigns to promote diversity and tap into a global Muslim lifestyle market worth $2.6 trillion, per Ogilvy Noor. "If you're a brand with a national footprint, you cannot win without being multicultural and catering to this audience," iCrossing's Anne Bologna said.
Digiday (3/24) 
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Is inclusion the new diversity?
Hiring a diverse workforce can often be easier than ensuring that everyone feels included, making inclusion a paramount concern in business, says Mary Rezek, founder of Saatori. Foster a safe, open-door environment and consider alternate approaches before simply doing things the way they've always been done to keep inclusion at top of mind, she writes.
Entrepreneur online (3/24) 
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Innovation in the Workforce
Rosati's Pizza president: "Don't take no for an answer"
Marla Topliff, who became president of Rosati's Pizza in 1999, discusses her journey through the restaurant industry and shares her advice for aspiring female leaders. "Believe in yourself, and don't take no for an answer," she said.
FastCasual.com (3/27) 
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Measure diversity at the team level
Software firm Atlassian is working to change the focus of diversity from corporate-level numbers to individual team composition, says Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian's global head of diversity and inclusion. This team-based scrutiny aims to allow for more accurate comparisons of diversity and more targeted attempts at improving the numbers.
Forbes (3/27) 
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Boost board diversity with internal leadership development
Ineffective internal leadership development at nonprofits, along with a tendency to favor graduate degrees, is limiting board diversity despite widespread acknowledgment that it is needed. This piece recommends "holding current executives accountable for the bench they nurture throughout their tenure and the organizational structures and cultures they develop to engage everyone in leadership."
NonprofitQuarterly.org (3/27) 
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Leadership and Management
Help your organization scale up learning
Organizational learning at scale can be tackled strategically in several ways, starting with the idea of thinking about desired outcomes, writes Elizabeth Doty. Feedback is critical, whether in its timeliness or how it is sent to the people who need to be acting on it.
Strategy+Business online (free registration) (3/14) 
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Storytelling is for leadership, not management
Storytelling expert Paul Smith says that telling stories is best reserved for big-picture leadership, such as declaring a vision or leading a change effort. Make sure you're actually telling a story with narrative and emotion, and not simply reading of a list of traits or goals, Smith says.
John Mattone blog (3/23) 
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CNN (3/2) 
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Celebrating cultural diversity is a growing trend involving many ethnicities
The #LiveTogether hashtag is taking off as a way to celebrate global cultural diversity. In March, the hashtag is meant to spread awareness of Iranian culture; April will celebrate Jewish culture; and May, Mexican culture. Several high-profile celebrities have gotten involved in hopes of spreading a message of unity. Click here to read more.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (3/20) 
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