Apple names replacement for diversity vice president | Mars works to improve diversity in marketing efforts | HP sends inclusive message to LGBTQ employees, potential talent
November 21, 2017
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Apple names replacement for diversity vice president
Former Deloitte executive Christie Smith will replace Denise Young Smith as Apple's vice president of diversity after the latter announced she will step down from the position after six months on the job. Smith will report directly to Deirdre O'Brien, who is the human resources chief for Apple.
Fortune (11/17) 
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Mars works to improve diversity in marketing efforts
Mars Chocolate UK Vice President of Marketing Michele Oliver said that the company is working to bring more diversity into its marketing teams through efforts that include marketing apprenticeships and unconscious bias training with its creative agencies. The moves will help Mars encourage industry changes "in a more sustainable way," said Oliver.
Marketing Week (UK) (free content) (11/17) 
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HP sends inclusive message to LGBTQ employees, potential talent
HP sends inclusive message to LGBTQ employees, potential talent
FF New York's new digital campaign for HP celebrates LGBTQ employees and tells talented people from all walks of life that they would be welcomed and valued if they came to work for the company. "Proud Portraits" is based on Harvard Business Review research that shows that one-third of LGBTQ staff conceal their personal lives at work.
Adweek (11/16),  PRWeek (11/16) 
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Fox creates council to support women, minorities in network
21st Century Fox is establishing a Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion Council to ensure Fox News strengthens its female and minority inclusion efforts and promotes a safe work environment for everyone. The council is mostly made up of members independent of Fox and is part of a response to the series of sexual harassment allegations against network members.
TheWrap (11/20) 
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Innovation in the Workforce
Precision can help you defend against claims of hiring bias
Poor record keeping can hurt organizations facing hiring bias claims. To meet the requirements of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, industry experts recommend documenting all stages in the hiring process, digitizing important factors and using precise, clear language.
Bloomberg BNA (free content) (11/8) 
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What women can do in a corporate world that's set against them
Rent My Way founder Kassandra Rose encountered gender-based bias and skepticism while fundraising for her startup, and while that hasn't changed, she offers tactics to help women advance themselves. "We are creating our own experiences, and the less time we attach to the words and actions of others, the more time we'll have to taste freedom!" she writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (11/17) 
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Leadership and Management
Why good communication really matters
Poor communication costs companies money, writes Dean Brenner, because focus, morale and innovation can suffer. Individual communication matters, but improving that across an organization requires a high-level understanding of communications challenges and the skills required to meet them, Brenner writes.
Forbes (11/15) 
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Ask a question, then stop talking
Smart questions are diluted when you keep talking, Dan Rockwell writes. Ignore your discomfort, and give the other person a chance to answer.
Leadership Freak (11/16) 
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