CEOs need a coach that's right for them | Even in baseball, running a good workplace matters | Can Avon survive in an online world?
July 20, 2018
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Leading Edge
CEOs need a coach that's right for them
Being stuck in a rut as a CEO could mean you need a coach to help realign the company, writes Alex Vorobieff. "To get a sense of how much a coach relies on a set style or is open to the right tool for your specific needs, ask what tools and processes he or she uses and why," he writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (7/19) 
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Even in baseball, running a good workplace matters
Even in baseball, running a good workplace matters
Matheny (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Recently fired St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was long known as a poor in-game strategist, but it was his strong management of players that kept him employed -- until this year, when he lost the clubhouse's support, writes Michael Baumann. "A clubhouse is a workplace, and like most employees, ballplayers usually perform better when they enjoy their work, or at least feel invested in it," he writes.
The Ringer (7/15) 
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What Does Your Company Stand For?
Here's the thing about the Good&Co Talent Assessment app: Employees and candidates are already interacting with it. And that means you should be too. Start engaging people in more authentic ways — verify your company listing today!
Strategic Management
Can Avon survive in an online world?
Avon is trying to become a digitally driven company that sells online rather than door-to-door, shifting its focus to international markets where e-commerce is less established. Avon sold its US business and is now based in London as it seeks a survival strategy.
BloombergQuint (India) (7/19) 
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Smarter Communication
Different feedback for different employees
Getting the most from your team requires knowing the type of feedback to give to each person, writes Dan Rockwell. Experienced workers often do best with constructive criticism, while newer employees need positive reinforcement.
Leadership Freak (7/17) 
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How to be a better communicator
When communicating with colleagues, don't be long-winded, don't interrupt and don't be quick to debate everything, Art Petty writes. "Ask for feedback from trusted colleagues on your communication style, including whether you are known for sharing ideas and communicating in a crisp, transparent manner," he advises.
Art Petty (7/19) 
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Smarter Living
Get your mind and body right each Friday
Embrace flow states to enhance creativity
Activities like writing or mediating can lead to flow states, in which stresses of the external world disappear and creativity is unleashed, Vivian Wagner writes. "Flow doesn't just happen -- I must set myself up for it, giving myself the time and space and permission needed to focus solely on a task at hand," she writes.
Psychology Today (7/12) 
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In Their Own Words
Leadership lessons from a small manufacturer
Michelle Capozza, who co-owns family manufacturer Babbitt Bearings in Syracuse, N.Y., offers insight into being an effective leader, which includes being a good communicator and listener. "There's a saying that people don't leave jobs, they leave bad bosses," she says.
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.) (7/17) 
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Daily Diversion
What the handwriting of historical figures looks like
The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City is displaying handwriting of historical figures including Sigmund Freud and Marie Antoinette. Included is a note by Michelangelo in which he orders marble for the San Lorenzo church facade.
Paris Review Daily (7/18) 
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A learned fool is more foolish than an ignorant one.
playwright, actor and poet
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