Are you aware of your presence? | What makes 360 assessments successful? | The pros and cons of hiring contract employees
September 24, 2018
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Are you aware of your presence?
Are you aware of your presence?
(YouTube/John Baldoni)
Leaders with strong presence show support for employees through resources, coaching and appreciation, says John Baldoni in this blog post and video. "The leader supports the team, individually and collectively, by setting expectations and then following through with whatever is necessary to get the job done," he says.
SmartBrief/Leadership (9/21) 
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What makes 360 assessments successful?
Properly conducted 360 feedback collects insight from an employee's superiors, direct reports and peers after explaining to the evaluators how to rate competencies and behavior, writes Bruce Court. "To maximize the return on the 360-assessment process, there must be a connection between the competencies that are being assessed, the selected development areas, and the organization's business objectives," he writes.
Development Dimensions International (9/19) 
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How to Become an HR Superhero?
HR has tremendous opportunity to be heroes in the workplace, but might need a little help developing skills to build a successful business case. Download XpertHR's guide to learn the 10 steps to make a business case for an HR initiative.
Strategic Management
The pros and cons of hiring contract employees
Contract employees are a good fit for businesses with unpredictable staffing demands and can be less expensive and pose fewer personnel-related legal risks, writes Alexandra Levit, partner at PeopleResults. However, relying too heavily on contract work may create instability in your culture and invite government scrutiny, she writes.
Forbes (9/21) 
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Smarter Communication
Handling tough questions about your presentation
Be confident when answering questions about your presentation, but do so using important facts, especially if those facts are from prepared materials you've written down, writes Tim Calkins, clinical professor at the Kellogg School of Management. When you are stumped on a question, try saying you'll find the information rather than taking a wild guess.
Quartz (9/20) 
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Smarter Working
A weekly spotlight on doing more without working longer
Does frequency of interaction matter for collaboration?
Researchers measured the performance of three teams who interacted constantly, not at all or sporadically, with the infrequently interacting group producing the highest-quality solutions the most often, writes Adi Gaskell. "[T]he researchers believe it should highlight some of the limits of current physical and virtual workplace designs, and prompt a rethink over when we are best working alone and when we are best collaborating with others," he writes.
The Horizons Tracker (9/19) 
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In Their Own Words
Leadership lessons from 50 years of observation
Building relationships through frequent check-ins and real conversations is how effective leaders build teams without internal turmoil, writes Wally Bock about what he's learned in the half-century of experience in business. "Your conversations and relationships give you early warning when there's a problem," he writes.
Three Star Leadership (9/20) 
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Daily Diversion
Goats not welcome in Wash. national park
The US Forest Service and Washington state's Department of Fish and Wildlife are flying mountain goats out of Olympic National Park by helicopter. The park is not a natural habitat for the goats, who are damaging endangered plants and archeological sites.
Atlas Obscura (9/19) 
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