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September 19, 2017
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Leading Edge
7 indicators of a close-minded attitude
Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio discusses differences between open-minded and close-minded people in his book, "Principles." Some traits of close-minded people are being concerned with being right, not asking questions and not trying to understand those they disagree with.
Farnam Street (9/18) 
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Are you called to serve others?
Praise can cause some people to stop striving, but for those with a true calling, it's a push to keep moving forward, writes Dan Rockwell. "Leadership is the calling to bring your best self in service to others," he writes.
Leadership Freak (9/14) 
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6 Essential Aspects of Workplace Culture
What are the most important elements when it comes to building a strong corporate culture that inspires greatness in your people? New research reveals there are 6 key areas to focus on to get culture right. Download our new white paper to learn more.
Strategic Management
Lego's sales decline signals a change coming
Lego's sales decline signals a change coming
(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Lego is replacing its CEO and looking to simplify operations after seeing its first revenue decline in 13 years. David Robertson, professor at The Wharton School, believes slower growth is to be expected in a more digital world and that the company can benefit from more competitive pricing.
Knowledge@Wharton (9/14) 
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Earn Your MS in Finance in 12 Months
Offered online through the AACSB-accredited Kania School of Management, the MS in Finance can help to prepare you for various professional certifications, like the Chartered Financial Analyst certification. In addition, you can earn your Master of Science in Finance in as little as 12 months. Learn more.
Smarter Communication
Cut the filler and fat from your communications
Cliches, culturally suspect phrasing and filler words such as "uh" and "like" are easy to fall back on but don't do you any favors when speaking, writes Joel Garfinkle. Instead, speak plainly, be precise and try listening rather than filling dead air with your voice.
SmartBrief/Leadership (9/18) 
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How to get company strategy across to employees
Help employees clearly understand your company's strategy by explaining key components in a simple way that highlights their specific roles, advises this article from CEB Marketing & Communications.
CEB Blogs (9/18) 
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Innovation & Creativity
A weekly spotlight on making the next big thing happen
Failure is part of Amazon's business model
Experimentation and failure are essential parts of innovation, although few companies like to truly experiment with the unknown, says Amazon executive Paul Misener. "If you're worried about the outcome being exactly what you hope it is, then you're not experimenting," he says.
Business Insider (9/15) 
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Have you ever considered starting your own business?
Yes, I’ve thought about it but never made the leap.  51.70%
Yes, I’ve started my own business and currently run it.  25.14%
No, I’ve never seriously considered starting a business.  23.16%
Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. A long time ago, I heard a quote that stated "an entrepreneur is the only person I know who’s willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week." It’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re one of the 51.7% of people who have considered running your own business but haven’t made the leap, be sure to seek out real-world perspectives on what it takes to run your own firm. The challenges are numerous and you’ll be tested well beyond your expectations. That said, the rewards can be tremendous -- ranging from control over your schedule, financial benefits, and job satisfaction. If you’re seriously considering taking the leap, an informed perspective can help you see how far you’ll really have to jump. -- Mike Figliuolo is managing director of ThoughtLeaders. Before launching his own company, he worked at McKinsey & Co., Capital One and Scotts Miracle-Gro. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He's the author of three leadership books: "One Piece of Paper," "Lead Inside the Box" and "The Elegant Pitch."
Which is more important: Having a great technology to sell or a great operation that sells it?   
VoteIt's all about the tech. It'll sell itself.
VoteOperations and execution are where it's at.
In Their Own Words
Sailo co-founder on expertise and learning
Magda Marcu co-founded Sailo, a boat-rental business, and describes the long hours and hard work required to build out a business. "Make sure you are surrounded by people you can learn from, who support and encourage you," she said.
HuffPost (9/14) 
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Daily Diversion
Not all dinosaurs laid white eggs
Paleontologists have discovered a fossilized nest in China that shows a feathered dinosaur called the oviraptor laid blue-green eggs. The research bucks the assumption that all dinosaur eggs were white, with colored eggs only evolving into species after the dinosaurs went extinct.
National Geographic online (9/18) 
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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Helen Keller,
writer and activist
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