MEMS devices command higher prices, wider use | Sources: Fabless firms lob orders at foundries | China's chipmakers up their game in quality
October 20, 2017
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MEMS devices command higher prices, wider use
Microelectromechanical system devices are getting their due, in terms of higher pricing and finding new applications in automotive electronics, drones and the internet of things, this analysis notes. "We're seeing sensor fusion in the MEMS market, particularly as these companies try to put more value into the system," said Jeff Miller of Mentor, a Siemens Business.
Semiconductor Engineering (10/19) 
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ICs, Memory & More
Sources: Fabless firms lob orders at foundries
Taiwan's foundries are seeing a surge in fourth-quarter orders from fabless semiconductor companies, industry sources say. The trend is counter to the usual seasonality of the chip business, when demand slows during Q4 and drags in the first quarter of the new year, those sources note.
DigiTimes (10/20) 
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China's chipmakers up their game in quality
Semiconductor manufacturers in China are responding to the government's call for higher quality standards and paying attention to market demand, industry executives note. "We will move Chinese industries up to the medium-high end of the global value chain, and foster a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters," Party General Secretary Xi Jinping said Wednesday at the opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
The Straits Times (Singapore) (free content)/China Daily (10/19) 
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Going Green
New Maxim PMIC can extend battery life
Maxim Integrated has introduced the MAX77734 power management IC, an ultra-low-power chip that can help to extend the battery life of wearable gadgets and other products. The PMIC combines an analog multiplexer, a dual-channel current sink driver, a linear-mode lithium-ion battery charger and a low-dropout linear regulator.
Electronics360 (10/19) 
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Semiconductors in Action
Infineon offers custom MOSFETs
Infineon Technologies brought out a new line of custom metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors that pair the safe-operating area characteristics of planar MOSFETs with the low on-resistance of trench FETs. The Linear FET line is aimed at battery, e-fuse and hot-swap protection.
Electronics Weekly (UK) (10/20) 
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Team harnesses plasmons for faster data processing
Researchers at the National University of Singapore say they used plasmons to develop a converter that could enable high-frequency data processing and transmission for nanoelectronics. "By bridging plasmonics and nanoscale electronics, we can potentially make chips run faster and reduce power losses," Associate Professor Christian Nijhuis said.
New Electronics (10/20) 
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Testing & Standards
Finding defects in EUV photomasks
Optical inspection of photomasks for extreme ultraviolet lithography systems may not be adequate in detecting tiny defects that would compromise chips made with that mask, this analysis notes. The semiconductor industry has wanted to implement actinic pattern mask inspection, yet that technology remains in development.
Semiconductor Engineering (10/19) 
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Updates to JEP95: JEDEC Registered and Standard Outlines for Solid State and Related Products now available for free download
JEP95 is a compilation of some 3000 pages of outline drawings for microelectronic packages. An annual updating service and complete hard copies are available for purchase in addition to the free downloads available on the JEDEC website. Recent updates include: DR-4.27E, Design Requirements - Ball Grid Array Package (BGA); MO-329A, 288 Pin DDR5 DIMM, 0.85 MM Pitch; SO-023A, DDR5 DIMM SMT 288 PIN Socket Outline 0.85 MM Pitch.
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