Generation Z to have a big effect on the future workplace | Survey: Some leaders aren't communicating benefits of diversity | Have you checked your biases lately?
August 8, 2018
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Valuing employees is the key to managing generational differences
Direct reports come from different backgrounds and have generational differences. The art of managing them lies in exploring what they think, while valuing their unique personalities.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (7/16) 
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Leadership & Trends
Generation Z to have a big effect on the future workplace
The principles of diversity and inclusion aren't going away in today's workplace, particularly for the more than 56 million workers who make up Generation Z. Since this group is expected to be almost 75% of the workforce by 2025, diversity and inclusion will play key roles in the future of employment.
Forbes (5/9) 
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Survey: Some leaders aren't communicating benefits of diversity
Company leaders often fail to explain the financial benefits of diversity to the people they lead, which could sabotage their inclusion efforts. Seven in 10 respondents to a survey said diversity was framed as an HR issue as opposed to a business imperative.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (7/20) 
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Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
Have you checked your biases lately?
Workplace leaders must check any biases they have that could affect how they assess employees for high-performance jobs. They could take several steps to mitigate bias in the selection process, such as using anonymous, randomized referencing systems and blind assessments to examine competence.
Entrepreneur online (7/11) 
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10 tips to make your team more gender inclusive
From giving everyone a voice to calling out behaviors that harm gender inclusivity, workplace leaders can have a huge effect on enhancing gender inclusivity. This article discusses 10 ways to accomplish this.
Forbes (7/30) 
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The racist, sexist underpinnings of AI
Artificial intelligence applications may discriminate against certain groups. This article offers several examples, such as labeling an image of a North Indian bride as "performance art" instead of "wedding."
Nature (free content) (7/18) 
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Commentary: Hold companies accountable for progress toward diversity
Some large companies may camouflage diversity issues rather than make true progress toward closing gender gaps. It's important to point out when companies turn to pink-siloing and camouflaging tactics and demand they improve.
Fast Company online (7/14) 
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Recruitment & Retention
Designing workplaces with inclusivity in mind
When designing an inclusive workplace, leaders should strive to accommodate different work styles and mental health and physical disabilities. Offices can offer smart technologies to help employees modify their personal space to suit their needs, provide multisensory safety alarms, and include ramps and easy-to-use door handles.
Forbes (7/19) 
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Generous parental-leave policies make a difference
Flexible parental-leave policies that include reduced hours upon return and are embedded in the workplace culture help keep employees happy and engaged. People need to know they aren't alone.
Human Resource Executive (7/17) 
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How women can beat social exclusion at work
The majority of women report feeling some type of social exclusion at work, which can make career advancement and building relationships difficult. Women can overcome this by learning their workplaces' social rituals and by initiating conversations before and after meetings.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (7/27) 
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Has your organization made any policy changes in response to the #MeToo movement?   
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Results of last month's poll question
Does your organization have a company culture committee with a focus on diversity and inclusion?
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Inclusion Champions in the Profession
Inclusion Champions are a cohort of CPAs who help foster discussions on diversity and inclusion in the profession. Request an Inclusion Champion to speak at your event.
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7th Annual AICPA Women's Global Leadership Summit
Mark your calendars now! You don't want to miss the 7th Annual AICPA Women's Global Leadership Summit. It will be held Nov. 14-16, 2018, in New York City. Attend on-site or online. Find out more.
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