3 workplace lessons from the movie "Hidden Figures" | How reverse mentoring can promote gender diversity | 4 measures that link diversity to business performance
March 8, 2017
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3 workplace lessons from the movie "Hidden Figures"
The Oscar-nominated film "Hidden Figures" demonstrates the value of diversity through the story of three trailblazing, African-American female mathematicians who helped propel the US forward during the 1960s space race. Discover three of the lessons leaders can learn from this inspiring film to increase inclusion, effectiveness and success in their own organizations.
AICPA Insights (2/27) 
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How can you better serve Millennials?
What can we learn from Millennials and their approach to work, and how do we hire, engage, and do business with our next generation of leaders? Read this complimentary eBook to learn more about this valuable segment.
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Leadership & Trends
How reverse mentoring can promote gender diversity
A reverse-mentoring program can help create a gender-inclusive culture in the corporate world. Here's a look at the benefits of this type of program, as well as guidelines for putting this strategy into practice.
SHRM Online (2/16) 
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4 measures that link diversity to business performance
Diversity's business impact can be measured by four pillars of performance, which focus on a company's ability to operate efficiently, attract and retain workers, and increase market appeal.
Forbes (2/13) 
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Racial, ethnic diversity in leadership brings higher returns
A recent McKinsey survey shows a distinct connection between having racial and ethnic diversity in leadership and a higher rate of financial return. To ensure a competitive business, organizations should be open to change, work to acknowledge bias where it exists and adopt policies to combat it, particularly in recruitment and shaping company culture.
Entrepreneur online (2/15) 
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New revenue recognition standard requires careful attention
Learn how to make significant accounting judgments and document them; collaborate with peers for consistent application; make appropriate disclosures; and communicate information related to implementation throughout your organization. Free report>
Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
Harvard Business School expands racial diversity in case studies
The US had 2.6 million companies with African-American owners in 2012, according to census data, but case studies focusing on black executives are rare at Harvard Business School. One lecturer is trying to change that, and he has written 14 case studies featuring black leaders.
The Boston Globe (tiered subscription model) (2/11) 
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Companies set numerical targets to add women
GE has joined a growing number of organizations setting goals for increasing representation of women in the workplace, which, for GE, means employing 20,000 more women in science and tech by 2020. At least 70 companies have identified goals for hiring women or say they plan to do so.
Forbes (2/14) 
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Multigenerational teams can achieve stellar results
Managers who can leverage the talents and experience of each of the five generations in the workforce will be more competitive than their colleagues. While age can be a dividing line, good managers can craft teams made up of people from each generation and drive them toward a common, business-oriented goal.
Entrepreneur online (2/10) 
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Recruitment & Retention
Study: Referrals might help black employees get promotions
Research suggests black employees hired through referral might be promoted at a higher clip than those hired through other means. The research could have important implications for companies that have considered scrapping referral programs.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (2/28) 
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How to tell whether a company truly values diversity
Many companies say they are committed to diversity and inclusion, but job applicants can dig deeper during an interview. Here are 10 questions to ask to get a better idea of a company's true values and attitudes toward diversity.
Glassdoor (2/15) 
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How to take bias out of the recruiting process
Bias can creep into the recruitment process in several ways, but hiring managers can take steps to create a level playing field. Start by revamping job requirements and rethinking your approach to sourcing, and offer relevant training to fight unconscious bias during the screening phase.
SHRM Online (2/24) 
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Quiz: In the corporate pipeline, what percentage of C-suite positions are held by women?
In recognition of March as Women's History Month, we invite you to test your knowledge about the percentage of C-suite positions held by women in the corporate pipeline. The answer will be provided in next month's issue.
Results of last month's poll question
My organization has a good understanding of our customer base, our marketplace, our competitors and their cultures.
Yes  76.37%
No  16.36%
I don't know  7.27%
AICPA Diversity & Inclusion News
Attention, minority accounting students: Don't miss your chance to attend the AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop
The AICPA is excited to announce that applications are open for the 2017 Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop. This is your opportunity to attend an all-expenses-paid three-day workshop filled with speakers, panel discussions and interactive programs designed to fully prepare you for the workforce after graduation. Reserved for underrepresented minority accounting students who plan to pursue the CPA credential, this program will be held in Houston from May 17 to 20. Applications are due March 15.
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Register today to learn inclusive workforce strategies
Register today for the Workforce Diversity Webcast Series and learn how to stay competitive and win the war for talent. With today's ever-changing workforce environment, more inclusive strategies are imperative to attract and recruit diverse talent. Diversity experts will provide knowledge on how to leverage an in-depth knowledge of how diverse constituencies think and behave differently. Join us for the second free webcast -- "Workforce Diversity: Retaining and Advancing Diverse Talent" -- on March 16 at 1 p.m. ET.
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March is Women's History Month
As we observe Women's History Month, let's honor two strong, brave and remarkable women in accounting history: Kimberly Ellison-Taylor (the first African-American chair of the AICPA) and Mary Harris Smith (the first female chartered accountant). With their great contributions to the profession, we invite you to explore and reflect on the success of female accountants today. Follow AICPA's social media channels or visit aicpa.org/diversity to learn about Women's History Month.
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We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be very boring.
Catherine Pulsifer
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