Predictions for how technology will improve HR management | HR's role in cybersecurity and compliance grows | IBM gets HR's attention with move into robotic processing automation
January 17, 2018
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Innovation in HR Technology
Predictions for how technology will improve HR management
Innovations in HR technology will let workers access information when they need it, provide analytics so employers can make good staffing decisions and improve recruitment and workforce diversity, experts predict.
Employee Benefit News (1/10),  TechTarget (free registration) (1/11) 
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HR's role in cybersecurity and compliance grows
HR will play a greater role in cybersecurity and making sure privacy laws are followed, attorneys say. HR should set clear policies, provide adequate training and establish procedures for handling employee data.
Society for Human Resource Management online (1/8) 
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See the Latest Employee Relations Trends
In the latest Employee Relations Benchmark Study, a third of organizations reported some or a significant increase in employee relations issues. It’s time to look at employee relations trends and best practices to make strategic plans for the future. Download the report now.
Social Recruiting
How to find more candidates for STEM jobs
To increase the pool of candidates for jobs that require science, technology, engineering and math skills, HR should emphasize how STEM is related to more industries than people think, writes Angie Keller, vice president of recruiting at Randstad Engineering. Add some flair to STEM job descriptions, don't limit the search to applicants who specialize in STEM and create workplace programs that promote technology skills, she writes.
HR People + Strategy Blog (1/10) 
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Why you should stay away from creative job titles
Unusual job titles such as rockstar, ninja and genius can be confusing and even lead to fewer applications from minorities and women, experts say. If you want to give people an idea of what your company culture is like, include videos, photos and other descriptions on your career pages.
Fast Company online (1/11) 
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Engagement Technology
People analytics can help you keep employees for longer
The use of people analytics can reduce turnover by determining who's most likely to leave and how the company's top talent succeeds at their job, writes Littal Shemer Haim. "While organizations must train HR professionals in new data science techniques, they must also cultivate a data-driven ethos throughout the company, making it routine for employees and managers to input relevant information," Haim writes.
International Business Times (1/16) 
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Corporate wellness looks for broader focus in 2018
Corporate wellness programs in 2018 will become more holistic and continue to tap into consumer technologies, such as wearables and virtual reality, to improve employee health, industry experts said. Some companies are offering DNA testing kits and more will use incentives and gamification to increase wellness program participation.
TechTarget (free registration) (1/9) 
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Workforce Data
How organizations can reduce executives' cybersecurity risks
Senior executives and their support staff are among the top targets of hackers. Reducing the likelihood that they will become entry points for cyberbreaches requires steps such as making them aware of risks, securing email, offering protection during business travel and bolstering IT infrastructure security.
CIO (1/15) 
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HR Learning Technology
Investments in learning technologies to grow, surveys show
Chief learning officers plan to make significant investments in new learning technologies, surveys suggest. Systems that support electronic learning and workforce dashboards are the most popular choices, and many companies also plan to spend more on instructor-led training.
Chief Learning Officer online (1/15) 
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IHRIM 2018 Select Event: Selecting the Right System and Implementation Partner for Organization Success, March 1 and 2
Hear from #AmericanAir at #ihrimselect2018 on how to reinvent your customer experience and select the right employee-centric tools. The Select Event will be jam packed with learning, sharing and peer collaboration focused on the topics that matter. Register today.
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The Power & Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in all aspects of HR systems and everyday practices. Often, technology is making decisions before people are making them. But, can technology be used to minimize bias in HR operations? Or, does it unconsciously build in bias and sabotage a company's diversity, equity and inclusion strategy? If you are curious about these questions, then this webinar is especially for you. Register today.
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