Cooperative furthers Great Lakes education | Blankets, mats gain ground as versatile answer to erosion control | How to avoid devastating floods with a little bit of nature
May 25, 2017
Top news for the stormwater, erosion and sediment control industry
Top News
Cooperative furthers Great Lakes education
The new Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research at the University of Michigan is set up to help students and researchers at nine area universities work toward cleaning up the lakes' waters. The cooperative will employ more than 30 scientists over the next five years as it trains hundreds of student researchers and furthers the careers of postdoctoral fellows.
MLive (Michigan) (free registration) (5/22) 
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Erosion/Sediment Control
Blankets, mats gain ground as versatile answer to erosion control
Blankets and mats are an increasingly popular option for curbing erosion and runoff, including lightweight blankets and heavier turf reinforcement mats. Examples in this article demonstrate their advantages in terms of versatility as both temporary solutions and permanent installations.
Forester Media (5/22) 
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Stormwater Management
How to avoid devastating floods with a little bit of nature
How to avoid devastating floods with a little bit of nature
(Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images)
Development at the cost of nature is the identified culprit in many areas prone to disastrous flooding. But nature offers promising solutions, such as the reintroduction of grasslands to soak up water before it becomes a problem.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (5/22) 
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Ohio pipeline project generates rainwater complaints
Heavy rains that have led to farm field spillage from pipeline trenches and work spaces are the latest sources of complaint stemming from the Rover Pipeline in Ohio. Pipeline builder Energy Transfer said it is working with a state agency and a federal one to address the problem.
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) (tiered subscription model) (5/20) 
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Wetlands & Coastal Restoration
Restoration project addresses sediment, woody deposits in Minn. waters
Vast quantities of wood deposited decades ago when Duluth, Minn., was a global lumber capital have taken a major toll on fish at Grassy Point in the city's harbor and in the St. Louis River estuary. But the St. Louis River Restoration Initiative is looking to change that with a $14.7 million project scheduled for next year to remove much of the wood waste, as well as sediment from nearby Kingsbury Creek.
Duluth News Tribune (Minn.) (5/21) 
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MS4 Management
Engineers set stormwater goal for Pa. municipalities
Engineering consultants have tentatively concluded that 11 municipalities in Pennsylvania's Blair County will need to cut sediments entering waters around Altoona by 1.8 million tons over five years. The estimate would bring the cities in line with MS4 benchmarks requiring that stormwater pollutants be reduced by 10%.
The Altoona Mirror (Pa.) (5/22) 
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Policy & Regulation
Lawmakers vow to fight Chesapeake cleanup cuts in Trump budget
Virginia and Maryland congressmen from House and Senate appropriations committees will fight to maintain federal funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts, which are not included in President Donald Trump's proposed budget. Trump has said geographic environmental programs are better run by local and state authorities than the federal government.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (5/23) 
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From Around the World
Better solutions urged for India's river silt buildup
India's Ganga River, which runs through several northern states, is a good example of the flood-producing silt problem affecting many of the country's rivers. Dredging would be cost-prohibitive, and experts advise that better solutions may be found in allowing for generous flood plains and more scientific management of reservoirs and associated systems.
DailyO (India) (5/23) 
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Australia project to shore up coastal road as erosion accelerates
Australia project to shore up coastal road as erosion accelerates
(Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
The erosion threatening Australia's Great Ocean Road is being addressed with a project to move more than 20,900 cubic yards of sand. The move comes after measurements last year revealed that erosion had accelerated from a few centimeters a year to a full meter.
ABC (Australia) (5/20) 
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