How to calibrate HR policies | Pregnant women commonly face corporate discrimination | Former Airbnb HR leader looks for unrecognized talent
June 19, 2018
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How to calibrate HR policies
HR teams can come together by identifying policy inconsistencies and working together to find common ground in policy and the reasoning behind it, writes Charles Goff-Deakins. "It is essential to make sure the process is repeated regularly, even as a standing item on your monthly team meetings, for example," he writes.
HRZone (UK) (6/15) 
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Pregnant women commonly face corporate discrimination
Many companies discriminate against pregnant employees by refusing them promotions and bonuses, shutting them out of meetings and sometimes firing them, according to court records, studies and interviews. "There are 20 years of lab studies that show the bias exists and that, once triggered, it's very strong," says Joan C. Williams, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of the Law.
The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (6/15) 
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Former Airbnb HR leader looks for unrecognized talent
Jabu Dayton, a former HR executive at Airbnb, says she often recruits people who would otherwise go unnoticed, including minorities and mothers re-entering the workforce. "In HR, you are dealing with people's lives and livelihoods, and there are very real consequences," she says.
Forbes (6/13) 
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Time and Attendance Buyer’s Guide
An effective, automated time and attendance solution streamlines routine tasks, reduces errors, and helps eliminate cost, productivity, and compliance problems that can result from using manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems. Download now
Aligning HR to the Business
HR can help the C-suite figure out digital
HR has an important role in helping CEOs and other executives understand the value of digital and the investments needed to stay on the cutting edge, HR leaders say. "We need leaders who can detect the 'weak signals' of change, set direction for the company, and manage the uncertainty that change and rapid transformation create," says Olivier Blum, Schneider Electric chief HR officer.
Human Resource Executive (6/18) 
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The Business Case for Employee Recognition
Recognition is crucial to building an engaging workplace culture, and the latest research around employee recognition provides a strong business case for your investment. Download our white paper to see how recognition can impact your company's bottom line.
Developing Leaders and Organizations
Do your employees have the right skills?
Prepare your workforce for the future by determining which skills are necessary, providing ongoing training and welcoming new technologies, writes Tom Brown, head of Gooroo. "Progressive HR leaders I talk to today see both the challenges and opportunities that are on the horizon and use these to shape their future workforce," he writes.
Human Resources Director (Australia) (6/16) 
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Dig deeper to find potential leaders, HR execs say
Expand the pool of potential leaders by helping employees grow and connecting the effort with business strategies, HR leaders say. "We're constantly identifying and placing emerging leaders in leadership programs and pushing them out of their comfort zone to take on challenges that hone their leadership skills," says Kai Majumdar of Hootsuite.
Human Resources (Singapore) (6/13) 
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Making the Most of Talent
How to accommodate multiple generations at work
Adapt to the learning style of each generation in the workplace, but don't forget to help these generations interact with one another, writes George Elfond, CEO of Rallyware. "Include mentoring as a way to rally your employees, encourage them to share their experiences, and develop new ideas," he writes.
HR People + Strategy Blog (6/14) 
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Siemens' talent perspective is global
Siemens' global outlook on talent acquisition spans more than 100 countries and allows it to recruit more than 35,000 new hires each year, says executive Sebastian Hubert. "Thinking globally but being relevant locally is key to success when creating impact and transforming a global function like talent acquisition," Hubert says.
Profile magazine (6/13) 
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HR People + Strategy Update
Strategies to avoid collaborative overload in the workplace
Research shows that a knowledge worker's day is occupied 85 percent by several factors. Over the past decade, collaboration and the intensity of meetings has exploded, making it difficult to find dedicated time to focus on work. Join our webinar featuring Rob Cross as he shares his research and findings on how you can avoid collaborative overload.
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