IBM workers ordered back to office | Takeda exec discusses HR's key corporate role | Find talent in every worker, speaker says
March 23, 2017
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IBM workers ordered back to office
IBM workers ordered back to the office
About 2,600 IBM employees will no longer be allowed to work from home starting this summer because Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Peluso has ended the option for her department. IBM, which for decades has encouraged remote working, has been consolidating departments around key geographies in recent years.
Quartz (3/21) 
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Takeda exec discusses HR's key corporate role
Gordon Cameron of Takeda Pharmaceuticals International discusses the importance of HR to his team and its critical role in developing, training and engaging employees.
Human Resources (Singapore) (3/16) 
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Find talent in every worker, speaker says
HR should look to cultivate everyone's talent, says author and speaker Ken Robinson. "Human resources are like natural resources, you have to go and find them, cultivate them, refine them," he said. (3/21) 
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Discover how to use stress for growth.
Help your employees stress smarter, recover better and perform at their best. New Corporate Athlete® Resilience training from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute is based on 30 years of research and results with elite performers. Learn to make stress work for your organization.
Aligning HR to the Business
Embrace a mixture of change, stability
Leaders should know when to pull back on change and how to maintain a balance between transformation and stability within an organization, says Zachary First, executive director of the Drucker Institute. Some employees should be looked at as resilient rather than resistant to something new.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (3/20) 
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Developing Leaders and Organizations
How to keep workplace competition positive
Competition among employees can be motivational, but an environment of fear and anxiety can lead to unethical behavior, write Anna Steinhage, Dan Cable and Duncan Wardley. "[L]eaders need to invest energy generating excitement by highlighting the potential positive consequences of competition (e.g., recognition and rewards that await outstanding performers) rather than creating anxiety by singling out and highlighting low performers," they write.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (3/20) 
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2 simple phrases that carry weight
The ability to connect with people, build relationships and pay attention to employees' lives makes a great leader, writes Ron Thomas. Simply saying "thank you" and "I appreciate you" can be as effective as anything.
ERE Media (3/21) 
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Making the Most of Talent
Make life easier for employees
Employers can make the work experience easier for employees by ensuring HR information is readily accessible and allowing workers to interact with HR on mobile devices, writes Jen Stroud of ServiceNow. "Is it easy for employees to take care of their basic HR needs and be productive in their jobs?" she writes.
HR People + Strategy Blog (3/17) 
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Burnout is the latest employment crisis
Burnout is the new employment crisis
Longer work hours, increased stress and low pay raises are creating an employee-burnout crisis, according to a recent study. Employers can ease burnout, which accounts for as much as 50% of attrition, by implementing flexible schedules, encouraging employees to take vacations and promoting wellness.
Quartz (3/20) 
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HR People + Strategy Update
Hotel reservation cut-off deadline is tomorrow
The special hotel rate deadline is tomorrow. Join HR People + Strategy at the Turnberry Isle Miami for the 2017 Annual Conference. Don't miss the opportunity to network with other HR executives and benefit from an immersive experience designed to inspire extraordinary interaction, lasting collaborative relationships and creative problem-solving.
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