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August 17, 2017
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How to handle worker-caused controversy
When dealing with employees who are involved in controversy outside of work, you'll want to talk with counsel, examine the possible negative consequences of the worker's actions and make the public aware of your decisions, writes John Sullivan. Employees need to know what's acceptable and what isn't in as clear terms as possible, he adds.
ERE Media (8/15) 
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Experts: Google took a legal risk in firing engineer
Google's firing of James Damore could cause legal problems for the company under the National Labor Relations Act, which is a reminder to companies to have and demonstrate clear policies, writes Carol Patton. "My No. 1 rule for HR is that if there's an opportunity that presents itself to assert your [equal employment opportunity] and zero-tolerance [policies], then assert them," says attorney Timm Schowalter.
Human Resource Executive (8/16) 
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10 Common Myths About Labor Law Posting Regulations
Labor Law posting compliance is complicated. This free e-guide highlights common mistakes and misunderstandings so you'll know what it takes to be in compliance. In addition to posting basics, you'll learn more about the new and/or specific posting requirements that may apply to your business. Download now.
Aligning HR to the Business
Talent exec: HR can use human capital to drive value
HR can demonstrate its economic value by focusing on talent management strategies, says Sonia Fernandes, Mediacom's regional chief talent officer. "The optimization of human capital can sometimes define how we deploy all other forms of capital," she says.
HRM Asia (Singapore) (8/10) 
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Adding innovation to company culture
CSAA Insurance Group made innovation part of its culture by incorporating the term into its values statement, breaking out various forms of innovation and providing innovation training to employees, writes Soren Kaplan. After the training sessions, managers work with their teams to implement staff-generated ideas.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (8/15) 
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What Does Effective Leadership Mean?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate an effective leader? What traits are most important? We found some research that suggests leadership really is all about people.
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Developing Leaders and Organizations
Ways to make feedback effective
Improve the way you give feedback by building relationships, avoiding the word "criticism" and showing compassion and understanding, writes Jim Mitchell of Glassdoor. "Allow the feedback loop to go back and forth between the two of you as long as it takes to adequately express the truth of the feedback you have for them and to check, with certainty, their understanding of your feedback," he writes.
Glassdoor (8/15) 
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Employees, managers each have responsibilities
Leaders should meet with employees every two or three months and ask them how the company is doing, what should be improved and how leaders can help, says coach and author Marshall Goldsmith. "In between those months, what you have is mutual responsibility -- the employee has the responsibility to talk to the boss if they are ever lost or confused, and the boss has the responsibility to listen and answer any queries," Goldsmith says.
Human Resources (Singapore) (8/16) 
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Five Eye-Opening HR Stats Infographic
Employee recognition matters. If you're looking to set the groundwork for success, check out this infographic with five revealing HR stats that prove the value of employee recognition and exactly what benefits your company can expect to receive. Access the Infographic
Making the Most of Talent
CVS Health courts older employees to serve aging boomers
CVS Health aims to attract more employees over 50 through its Talent Is Ageless initiative, which seeks to recruit older team members and provide flexible scheduling options like telecommuting and job sharing. "[A]s we see the baby boomer generation age, having colleagues across the company who can personally relate to these customers and patients is a differentiator for us," said CVS Chief Diversity Officer David Casey.
Drug Store News (8/10) 
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HR People + Strategy Update
2017 Strategic Forum hotel reservations cut-off deadline: Sept. 22
The 2017 HR People + Strategy Strategic HR Forum and The Ritz-Carlton provide the perfect setting to enjoy one of the most beautiful locations in the Bay area. Be sure to make your hotel reservation soon, as the special rate deadline is Sept. 22 and rooms may sell out before then.
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