Generous parental leave policies make a difference | Healthy workplaces offer 2 types of respect | Avoid these 7 truly toxic management practices
July 19, 2018
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Generous parental leave policies make a difference
Flexible parental-leave policies that include reduced hours upon return and are embedded in the workplace culture help keep employees happy and engaged. "The more we can let people know they aren't alone and know that their colleagues juggle the same things, the better," says Jen Allyn of PwC.
Human Resource Executive (7/17) 
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Healthy workplaces offer 2 types of respect
Healthy workplace environments offer both owed respect and earned respect -- the basic good treatment of other human beings and the acknowledgement of a job well done -- to keep staff happy and productive. Prioritizing owed respect over earned respect can damage employee motivation, while the reverse can promote unhealthy levels of competition.
Government Executive/Quartz (7/16) 
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Other News
Leadership & Diversity in Action
Your culture should be your strategy
Effective leaders should focus on building the best culture, asking questions and then laying out the path to answering them, says Berlin School of Creative Leadership professor Paul Verdin. "It's a very different mindset, and it means we have to be comfortable from the top down, to live in uncertainty and to admit that 'we don't know,' "
Forbes (7/12) 
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How defining terms can improve diversity
Organizations can improve diversity by clearly defining their terms and understanding the differences in inclusion and diversity, writes diversity advocate Kim Crayton. In this commentary, she defines common words such as "privilege" and "underrepresented" and offers tips on combining approaches to improve overall diversity.
Quartz (7/16) 
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Trends & Technology
Why HR should embrace AI for its human element
Artificial intelligence tools can make HR more human by providing insightful data from quick surveys and adding context to employee feedback, writes Jim Barnett, CEO of Glint. "With less time spent analyzing and interpreting data, HR teams are freed to spend more time coaching and developing leaders, managers and employees, strengthening relationships and implementing strategic and creative programs," Barnett writes.
TLNT (7/16) 
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How and why to develop a cybersecurity incident-response team
A response team for cybersecurity events makes it possible for companies to respond to issues quickly and efficiently, writes French Caldwell of MetricStream. These teams are trained, have expertise and, through practice runs, can identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited, he writes.
ITProPortal (UK) (7/17) 
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Other News
HERC webinars -- A valuable (and free) member benefit
Take advantage of the free HERC member webinars featuring thought-leadership and best practices in faculty and staff recruitment and retention. Many of these are offered with HRCI continuing education credits. Check out the webinar calendar today, sign up for those that interest you, and consider inviting your staff and colleagues to participate, too.
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HERC members receive discounts with top higher ed vendors
Have you checked out the HERC Higher Ed Recruitment Buyer's Guide? It is loaded with member-only discounts, partner insights and profiles, and recruitment resources. As a testimony of how significant the discounts are, some HERC members have reported saving more in discounts than the cost of annual membership.
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Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home.
Sigmund Freud,
neurologist and psychoanalyst
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