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April 19, 2018
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Strategies for recruiting top talent
Strategies for recruiting top talent
Organizations can attract and hire top talent by using videos to communicate the culture and work environment and by encouraging current employees to post honest reviews on recruitment websites, writes marketing expert Korey McMahon. Leaders also must act quickly to secure talented workers who may be hired away by another organization if an offer is too slow in coming, he notes.
Forbes (4/18) 
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How can faculty burnout be prevented?
College and university leaders can help faculty avoid burnout by treating both tenured and nontenured professors as colleagues and supporting their work-life balance efforts, writes University of Iowa lecturer David Gooblar. Administrators also should use Universal Design to support the mental health of faculty, he recommends in this commentary.
The Chronicle of Higher Education (free content) (4/17) 
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Other News
SmartBrief’s 5th Annual STEM Pathways Summit
Join us Thursday, Oct. 18 in New York City for the 5th annual STEM Pathways Summit, a FREE high-powered one-day event for K-20 STEM leaders and decision-makers. Develop a STEM toolkit, build a learning network with peers and share success stories and lessons learned. Register to request your seat.
Leadership & Diversity in Action
How personalization can boost college fundraising
College and university leaders can use technology and data to personalize messages through email, video and websites to improve communication with potential donors and alumni, writes Marc Whitt, director of philanthropy communications at University of Kentucky Philanthropy. Some personalized touches include sending birthday or anniversary announcements or special offers to alumni classes, Whitt notes in this commentary.
University Business magazine online (4/19) 
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Does "scarcity" thinking limit college diversity?
Despite a perceived commitment to diversity, rankings and funding resources still mainly benefit more selective colleges than those more organically diverse, writes Clara Lovett, president emerita of Northern Arizona University. "Scarcity" thinking, which Lovett in this commentary describes as a belief that limits diversity at more elite schools, drives most of the problem, she asserts.
Inside Higher Ed (4/19) 
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Other News
Trends & Technology
HR's recruitment options are growing
The recruitment process can commonly include such technologies as artificial intelligence, analytics, video interviews, games and texting. There are challenges, though, such as a lack of texting accessibility for some people.
HR Dive (4/9),  Society for Human Resource Management online (tiered subscription model) (4/17) 
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How to get to a digital HR mindset in 2 days
Laurence Smith, host of HRM Asia's Digital Mindset forum, shows how a two-day HR workshop on digital transformation built people's confidence in technology and got them into a digital frame of mind. "So they decided that their biggest priority was to apply this digital mindset to as much of their work as possible, and make it both the new mindset and the new way of working," Smith writes.
HRM Asia (Singapore) (4/16) 
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"We, at Portland State University, set up a free multi-page Enhanced Member Profile on the HERC website. As a result, we saw a dramatic increase in visibility for our institution. In just one year, our profile was clicked on over 8,800 times by jobseekers." -- Greater Oregon HERC Member Christina Kraus, PHR, Employment Manager, Office of HR, Portland State University. Join your colleague Christina, and set up your employer profile today.
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HERC's job seekers outpace national averages in top measures for diversity and education level
Check out HERC's job seeker demographic data to see just how diverse and highly educated the professionals are who use the HERC site.
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The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy or too impatient. ... One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach -- waiting for a gift from the sea.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh,
author and aviator
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