What older applicants can do to get a job | Consider company culture when job hunting | Can volunteering lead to a new job?
July 20, 2018
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What older applicants can do to get a job
If you are over 50, emphasize your experience and accomplishments, Julie Halpert writes. Visit conferences and classes to stay informed about your industry and use LinkedIn to show engagement with modern hiring practices.
CNBC (7/19) 
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Consider company culture when job hunting
A company's culture is a key factor to consider when looking for a job, David Jensen writes. You can assess the culture in a business by analyzing employees' expressions, available facilities and company policies.
Science (free content) (7/18) 
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Other News
Higher Ed Employment Trends
Study considers gender wage gap among graduates
Study considers gender wage gap among graduates
An analysis of federal data finds that women who graduated from 114 of the top 117 universities and colleges earn less than their male peers. The largest gender wage gaps -- of greater than 30% -- existed among graduates from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Duke, the data show.
Campus Technology (7/18) 
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Higher Ed in the News
Increases to Pell Grants uncertain in Congress
Increases to Pell Grants uncertain in Congress
Funding for Pell Grants and workforce training may see modest funding increases as Congress works to reconcile a 2019 congressional spending package. Lawmakers have focused on advancing smaller funding packages instead of an omnibus bill to meet September's deadline to pass government funding measures.
Inside Higher Ed (7/18) 
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How remoteness is hampering higher education
An analysis by The Chronicle of Higher Education finds that 3.5% of US adults reside more than an hour's drive away from the nearest public college, placing them in "education deserts." These areas are largely rural and predominantly white, though 29.5% of Native Americans live with the disadvantage.
The Chronicle of Higher Education (free content) (7/17) 
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Leadership Focus
Surround yourself with honest, dependable people
Spend your time and energy with people who believe in you and are willing to offer constructive criticism, and avoid people who reveal themselves to be self-absorbed and conniving, writes LaRae Quy. "While we need different types of personalities in our life to bring out the best in us, only share your dreams and goals with people who value them as much as you do," she writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (7/18) 
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Preparing for a job interview in higher ed?
Check out our top interviewing tips and videos for faculty and staff. From interviewing in academia to job talks and Skype interviews - we've got you covered.
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